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  1. well ok then...... when a guy is stalling we can have him stand in place and not defend the blast double for a 2 point takedown.

    you "earn" a stalling call if the guy won't WRESTLE.




    Setting aside your questionable use of punctuation and capitalization, what does it mean to you for a guy to wrestle?  I'd like to know what you think the difference between wrestling and stalling is.  

  2. We could start by allowing and rewarding them, but that is another thread entirely.  While I agree that you can't force wrestlers to be exciting with rule changes, and that trying that is a bad road to follow, this is more about keeping all situations in line with the 'goals and objectives' of the sport (i.e. staying off your back)


    How can you explain to someone why a wrestler is allowed to hang out on their back, even when they are being held there with their opponents leg on top of them, without being penalized? 


    Wrestlers aren't hanging out on their back.  The situation you are referring to is being called correctly and always has been.  See Herbert Askren NCAA finals.


    Here, I'll do the leg work for you: 


    That sequence of events can only be interpreted as action.  


    Let's create anti-granby rules as well, as the situation isn't in line with the "goals and objectives." 


    In folkstyle wrestling, if you aren't being held on your back for 2 or more seconds, your opponent doesn't deserve anything.  Not a stalling call, not a takedown, not nearfall.

  3. I have no problem with the way D3 is done. These are regional programs with limited budgets. This allows a few athletes from each region to experience nationals. If you're in a tough region and can't qualify, you can always choose to go to another region.


    The D3 format is more similar to many high school states and I would much rather have every region represented than ensuring the absolute best 18 kids get in.

    "If you're in a tough region and can't qualify, you can always choose to go to another region."


    What?  Your position is that if a wrestler is being screwed out of a spot at nationals, he should transfer to a completely different school?  


    I'm fine with having each region represented, but not at the expense of quality wrestlers having to stay home.  Adding wildcards is necessary here.

  4. Rule changes are part of the sport, if we didnt constantly adapt and change our sport would die off and it almost did a couple years ago. So what did we do to fix that? We changed some rules around.


    And btw, this proposal would encourage more action in scramble situations. If you dont like the idea of growing our sport then YOU can go watch WWE where theyve been doing the same thing for 40 years.


    Do you remember why the sport almost died off?  Because of the rule tampering that FILA did in the years prior attempting to "adapt and change" the sport.  You didn't change some rules around, you switched them back to resemble more closely how they originally were.  You were fixing what you broke.  


    This proposal doesn't encourage more action.  It rewards wrestlers who can't figure out how to stop a counter.  

  5. It seems like you forgot that this is division 3...A division where there are no scholarships (remember, most schools can't offer academic scholarships to their top athletes).  If you want to complain about the quality of competition, you should have gone D1 or even D2.  Nobody actually cares who wins the Augsburg vs Wartburg dual at nationals.  The top kids will end up all americans or national champions, no matter what region they qualify out of.  


    I'm sure the 18 man bracket instead of 32 is because of lack of $$$ to run the larger tournament/fund more qualifiers.  32 would be nice, but this is what we live with for a non-revenue, no scholarship division.  


    Effectively, they already have a 32 man bracket with 14 byes.  My problem is that the wrong wrestlers are qualifying for Nationals.  The top kids aren't ending up as AA.  If you want to create unfair regions, fine, but you need some sort of wildcard system so AA quality kids aren't staying home.  When AA kids aren't given an opportunity to prove it at Nationals, their entire team suffers.  


    Maybe you don't give a **** who gets a team trophy at D3 nationals, but the kids on those teams sure do.

  6. Lack of action?  How about we only reward high amplitude body locks and suplays?  Why stop there?  Let's have scantily clad women walk around the mat between each period.  Wait, I know what's better, instead of a wrestling mat, let's have them compete in a ring with ropes and turnbuckles so they can jump on each other from the corners.  How about fancy costumes, masks, and ridiculous story line as well?  


    If you want more action, go watch the WWE or the UFC like the rest of America.  Stop trying to change the sport with silly rules. 

  7. Why dont they just make it a 32 man bracket with at large bids?


    I have no idea.  That would be much, much better than what they have now.  Currently, they have 16 man brackets with 18 guys at each weight, resulting in 2 pigtail matches.  Furthermore, these pigtails are drawn randomly, so top seeded wrestlers are having to wrestle pigtails just to get into the bracket, which IMO is also a joke.  


    The playing field will never be fair at Nationals so long that Augsburg is able to qualify their entire damn team because they wrestle in a region full of HS quality kids.

  8. Guys, if you're truly a fan of the sport of wrestling, then you embrace both the exciting and the boring parts of the sport.  By attempting to change the rules to eliminate certain defensive tactics, holds, and strategy, you are effectively trying to eliminate a part of wrestling itself.  This is fine, but you're really not a fan of the sport and its intricacies, you're just another jabroni with a short attention span.    


    The original poster isn't a fan of wrestling; he's a fan of action.  He's the same type of person that watches NASCAR hoping for car wrecks, the type of person that watches basketball for the alley oops, and the kind of person that watches football for the hail marys.  You might as well just switch over to watching the UFC, where elite talent (Ben Askren) is ignored simply because his style of fighting doesn't sell tickets.

  9. Fabulous post.  Conservative wrestling is just outstanding risk management.  True fans of the sport understand this, and Tsirtsis has mastered it.  You can change the rules to try to eliminate quality, conservative, defensive wrestling, but then it really wouldn't be wrestling any more, would it?  The beauty of this sport is that men and women of all different body types can find a successful style that works for them, and at the end of the day, all that matters is wins and losses, not how those wins and losses were achieved.

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