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    ohcomeon reacted to HuskyHero133 in Hunter Stieber   
    This isn't middle school wrestling.  We're talking about guys (NOT kids!) who have devoted their entire life to wrestling and likely won't agree to be sat unless the doctors and athletic trainers force him to sit.  If they did not stop him from wrestling, Hunter demanded to wrestle and said he was good to go, then what are we talking about?
    You guys really think you know better than Steibers own Doctor, coach, and parents? Please.
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    ohcomeon reacted to FreezeWrestling in Hunter Stieber   
    I love ignorant posters that look at a situation from the outside. You have no clue what is exactly wrong with Hunter nor do you have any idea what communication was made between parents, doctors, coaches, and athletes. Tom Ryan is a standout guy and would never jeopardize someone's life health over a national title. 
    Even though I don't know the situation, I do know of similar cases where doctors have told athletes that they will not hurt it any more than what it is and you can wrestle based off of your pain tolerance. Obviously Hunter has a high pain tolerance and is much tougher than all of the posters on this board. Heck, he has more toughness in his left elbow than Lemonpie has in his entire body....coward
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    ohcomeon reacted to Cletus_Tucker in Hunter Stieber   
    I thought Ryan made the right decision based on the limited information we have been given.   I like he allowed the young man to compete and put himself in a position to go out on his terms and then when all efforts were futile, Ryan pulled the plug.   That's about all you could ask from a coach.   Kudos on a great move and showing both compassion, understanding, and making the tough call when he had to end the young man's dream.   
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    ohcomeon got a reaction from Coach_J in Ben Askren Rant   
    Good point.  Perhaps my analogy is off base.  
    Every decision on the playing field/wrestling mat has risk and reward.  My point is that a defensive, low risk style of wrestling is still wrestling, entertaining or not.
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    ohcomeon got a reaction from HurricaneWrestling in Dive termination   
    You stay out of this headshuck. This isn't Facebook I can do what I want!
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    ohcomeon reacted to denger in Leg Wrestling   
    NCAA TV ratings hit new records last year, so I don't think this is true. 
    Besides statements like "my brother said it put him to sleep", what evidence is there to support this? 
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    ohcomeon reacted to sockobuw in Leg Wrestling   
    this DI wrestling stuff must be easy. there should be backs points scored all the time. if these guys would just go for it the bottom guy would just roll over.
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    ohcomeon reacted to Twisterwrestling in Leg Wrestling   
    Maybe our sport would be easier to watch if we didnt constantly change the rules. Giving points to people from the ref only happens in wrestling. No other sport just gives an athlete or a team points for doing nothing. Could you imagine if in the Super Bowl we just gave the Seahawks a touchdown because the Patriots had to punt on 2 consecutive possessions?
    Points do not equal excitement or entertainment. Sometimes a 1-0 match can have more action than a 15-0 match. Wrestlers fighting for position and working for scoring opportunities is what I think is exciting, not the ref awarding points because the guy who earned his points backed up a few steps. 
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    ohcomeon reacted to tigerfan9311 in Leg Wrestling   
    Alan Waters must not be too bad.  He's a leg rider and has the most TF's in Mizzou history.  Sure, he didn't get any backs against Gilman, but he got them against Delgado and he teched Boyle at the Scuffle 15-0.
    I think bottom technique has improved, not gotten worse.  That's why you see less turns.  The best leg riders are also very good at reversing if they get legs thrown in on them.  Waters gets reversed occasionally (both Delgado and Gilman), but he also gets a lot of reversals (Garrett and Gilman).  Seems like riding legs is risky against the best guys, but the payoff can be great.  Sort of the opposite of stalling, I would think.
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    ohcomeon reacted to MSU158 in Not wrestling related but big news notwithstanding   
    Absolutely related to wrestling.  I used to use the Vulcan neck pinch whenever the opportunity presented itself.  Paralyzing your opponent makes it a lot easier to win.
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    ohcomeon reacted to ohcomeon in Dive termination   
    You stay out of this headshuck. This isn't Facebook I can do what I want!
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    ohcomeon got a reaction from sockobuw in Dive termination   
    Guys, if you're truly a fan of the sport of wrestling, then you embrace both the exciting and the boring parts of the sport.  By attempting to change the rules to eliminate certain defensive tactics, holds, and strategy, you are effectively trying to eliminate a part of wrestling itself.  This is fine, but you're really not a fan of the sport and its intricacies, you're just another jabroni with a short attention span.    
    The original poster isn't a fan of wrestling; he's a fan of action.  He's the same type of person that watches NASCAR hoping for car wrecks, the type of person that watches basketball for the alley oops, and the kind of person that watches football for the hail marys.  You might as well just switch over to watching the UFC, where elite talent (Ben Askren) is ignored simply because his style of fighting doesn't sell tickets.
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    ohcomeon reacted to ERBPAC in Dive termination   
    One of the most exciting things about folkstyle wrestling is the scramble. Removing the leg pass (or making rules around it) removes a lot of scrambling opportunities that I find entertaining to watch.
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    ohcomeon reacted to GranbyTroll in Dive termination   
    Fixed that for you. 
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    ohcomeon reacted to OBJoeB in Dive termination   
    Ankle pass has been around for a long time (it wasn't new back when I was in high school and that was 20+ years ago).  Learn to defend it.  Then there won't be so many complaints about it.
    As for calling it a waste of time & frustrating for the spectators, I can think of a few worse things.  At least the guy doing the ankle pass is doing something, beats the heck out of the staring contests that make up 1/2 or more of some matches.  Sure beats the high spiral ride that is nowhere near getting anything resembling a turn and is just "wasting time" and is not spectator friendly (unless it is your guy racking up the riding time, I guess), at least the ankle passing guy is doing something that could score a takedown.
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    ohcomeon reacted to ohcomeon in Dive termination   
    I'm convinced 99% of this forum hasn't wrestled above a junior high level.  
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