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  1. The Residence Inn is nice and probably the closest to the Q,bars and restaurants and casino
  2. You do look really lean in the top photo. But not so great in the mug shot https://gossip.thedirty.com/gossip/cleveland/chris-massive-myers/#post-1617368
  3. Hall loses his first match after having his red shirt pulled in Carver. Bo beats the same guy who beat Hall in the same arena at less than 100% but Hall should be ranked ahead of him?? As far as Bo not having the offense. He did beat I Mar twice to win Ironman. I will take a healthy Jordan vs the field
  4. Snyder turned 19 this past December
  5. Gilman took zero shots. But after having watched Tomasello I was shocked that he didn't take more. He usually is a non stop attacker. This may have been the strategy by tosu to slow things down. obviously backfired. The official was very slow to call stalling. But he was consistent all night. Making the call the same all night.
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