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  1. With Snyder's loss to McIntosh, it is looking like Snyder will get the 4 seed. So it is very likely we see a Cox/Snyder semifinal match up.
  2. Who cares about intermat rankings when there are coaches polls now?
  3. It is hard to read their forums..they give no credit to missouri for the win..they only say that Missouri stalled their way to victory. .I'm pretty sure MIZZOU had twice as many takedowns as Iowa..
  4. I recall Waters and Kyle Bradley beating McDonough and DSJ a few years back to win the dual..would not surpr8ss me to see Eblen pull off something similar
  5. He opened up against Peters..hopefully he brings the same fire..the team is well aware of what Brunson had to say about them being untested
  6. No. 2 #Mizzou wrestling will take on Illinois in the quarterfinals of national duals. Illinois calls MU “untested” www.illinoishomepage.net/story/d/story/no-7-illini-head-to-national-duals/38712/M2HxT09ucE2Fy8fr_mijKw
  7. I personally having seen Ficker live in action thought it was funny. There is nothing wrong with it, as you see it in ever sport except maybe golf
  8. Take a look at the freestyle match this summer between Dardanes and Steiber and maybe the bump up makes more sense..Nothing happens if he loses to Ness, but if he loses to Dardanes its a diff story
  9. They don't have an undefeated dual record so they aren't in contention for the B1G dual title..I don't see why they should hold back..Steiber will already rank behimd the previous 4 timers, might as well give the fans something to be excited about
  10. Kyle Dake post on Twitter: "Word on the street is tOSU has Logan Steiber bumping up to face Dylan Ness." Logan's Response: "Last home dual of my career, can't hold anything back now" Please wrestling Gods let this transpire
  11. Agree with this besides the Ness/Lavallee match..I'd predict a pin by Ness and I think Mellon wins the match against Kroells..both have similar wins/losses
  12. http://floridastate.247sports.com/Board/36/Contents/How-to-access-ESPN3-when-your-ISP-does-not-provide-it-5072487
  13. Houdashelts loss to Kindig was on a controversial call against a familiar opponent..he was 3-0 against him before that..houdashelt lost to tsirtsis in the semis last year on a last second escape in tb's..Mayes took it to Tsirtsis this summer consistently taking him down with blast doubles..albeit a 14-9 loss it was avery close match..I don't see Drake losing the match with tsirtsis again he just hasnt had the chance to
  14. I'd bet that Askren makes more money than any of the guys on the world team..those matches are not about momey to him..he is trying to promote the sport but it is hard when very few people will risk it
  15. Waters beat McD when he was undefeated..but as we all know Gilman and Clark are better than McD and Ramos..
  16. What are we considering 2nd tier? Not in the top 100 coming out of highschool?
  17. Waters does much better hours after weigh in..look at the difference at the scuffle where klimara almost wins and the next match he shuts down Garrett
  18. If academics he would have came back when the new semester started..since it more than likely had already started he should have wrestled today
  19. This is ridiculous...no wonder why wrestling has so few fans..I cannot make out a single thing on those brackets, the feed keeps buffering, and no one is able to give updates because of it..
  20. And Sorenson wins in TB2, gaining an escape and riding out Tsirtsis
  21. Iowa threads predicting Sorenson pulls the upset..Personally I'm not sure why anyone would believe this is going to happen..Kindig apparantly was dogging it and H. Steiber is not the man of old
  22. A 12k stipend is no reason for USA wrestling to make these events mandatory for the #1 wrestler..all that is going to do is push these guys away..they are #1 in the country for a reason..maybe they don't want to face the top competition on purpose in order to lessen familiararity
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