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  1. No biggie, they were pains in our sides before moving to District 6. Great match, I wish we had some answers at 141 & 157.Hopefully help is on the way.
  2. 1x state champ, I believe Juniata was AA at that time. They were a District 3 small school powerhouse for years. He's a 4x medalist.
  3. I have it 19-16 PSU. Total homer pick honestly. I think PSU has to get 125/133, very possible. If we had anybody with a pulse at 141 we could probably get out of there without a fall. 149 I gave HS the win. 157???? 165 Hammond wrestled a great match vs Walsh last night. 174, 197, HWT all to PSU.
  4. No offense to Heflin but he kinda grabbed lightning in a bottle last season. I didn't expect that from watching him in prior seasons. Mac's never done it for me, and I'm a huge PSU fan. He's a nice guy to have in your lineup but never a centerpiece. Obviously we've been a little spoiled ;-) Cox just sets the standard...
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