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  1. Happy to see VT Reload.
  2. I'm sure he did say that (after the fact), and I don't disagree with him. We'll have to agree to disagree. He told his business partners he owns real estate with in Ames and told his wrestlers at ISU that if ISU had invested in wrestling the way PSU was willing to, he would have stayed in Ames.
  3. $ talks. With the public feud between Dresser/Brands, and reported falling outs between Brands/Zaddick+ St. John, things just got really interesting in the state of Iowa.
  4. A lot of posts here about Cael leaving because he know Iowa State's limitations... at the time, Iowa States athletic department was not in the same position they are in now to invest in wrestling. At that time Pollard was fairly new and we didn't have the funds to invest what we are now. ISU desperately needed upgrades to basketball and football facilities, which are the main money makers. With renovations to those that put us in competitive with other schools and the new influx of $ from Big12 TV deal, we're in a position where we can invest in it now. If ISU was in that same position financially when Cael left, I believe Pollard would have matched PSU and he would still be at ISU.
  5. Sorry Nomad. I vaguely remember seeing a tweet about it awhile ago (maybe from Willie Saylor..?), he was probably being facetious. It might not have even been Willie. I'm getting old.
  6. I'd be more interested on if they identify as a wrestler and/or the impact they felt wrestling had on their lives. More interesting to me than how successful of a competitor they they were.
  7. I'd buy a book and be willing to spend in the price range you mentioned. Sounds very interesting.
  8. Not a huge splash hire but I think it is a good move. He had some good guys coming in @ GCU.
  9. 1.) Title IX is the biggest hinderance to college wrestling, period. Without changes in the ways it is interpreted, we won't see any growth in Div I wrestling. 2. A lot of money would help, but the SEC athletic departments already have more than enough to start up wrestling programs.
  10. Wrestling this weekend at the last chance OTT qualifier, and not under the Cowboy Wrestling Club name. US Senior Last Chance OTT Qualifier MFS 74 Chance Marsteller (College) Pennsylvania Unattached 03/27/2016 08:35 a.m. 03/27/2016 08:35 a.m
  11. Interesting read, thanks for posting.
  12. A young boy and his grandmother were paying respects to his grandfather at a local cemetery. The boy walked by a headstone that read “Here lays a great Hawkeye wrestler and a role model to children everywhere.” The little boy looked up to his grandmother and asked “Grandma why did they bury two people in there?” Q: What is the difference between a litter of puppies and Iowa Hawkeyes fans? A: Eventually puppies grow up and stop whining.
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