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  1. What happened to Gantt?
  2. Does anyone know total shots taken by each team? I think Mayes had more takedowns than entire Iowa team. It must be frustrating for Iowa crowds when most exciting moments are results of escapes for Iowa and stall calls on Mizzou. Great win for Mizzou.
  3. Should be 5-5 in wins with Waters, Mayes, Houdeshelt, Eblen and Cox winning for Mo. Bonus points favor Iowa so a win for Iowa at home 17-15 is possible.
  4. Looking for 2 suite seats or LL for all sessions for NCAA tournament. Thanks.
  5. The difference between Martinez and Ness and their matches against Kelly, is that Martinez isn't waiting for Kelly to make a mistake or fall into some trap as Martinez put Kelly in bad positions and constantly pushed Kelly. It is hard to believe that Ness was playing oppossum last night as someone suggested especially against a much lesser opponent. He didn't look 100% and is probably still recovering. It should be a great match when he finally faces Martinez as I think Martinez will surprise him.
  6. I think that Green maybe Isaiah's toughest match thru year end due to Green's athleticism. I think that Isaiah will certainly have his hands full with both Ness and Miller, but should be able to score some big points with those two. As far as Massa is concerned, the last 2 matches I have watched of his, it appears that he doesn't want to be on the mat. In fact, I would say that Taylor would have fared better his senior year of high school against Jordan this evening. He has the talent to AA though but must get the desire back.
  7. Martinez by 3+ points. Should be a great match.
  8. Great family and great kid. The area he is from is one tough area to get out of cleanly.
  9. Good projections. I would go with Synon over Harding and Collica over LaVallee.
  10. If we had more wrestlers like Martinez, Ness et al who light up the scoreboard, this sport wouldn't be in such dire need of donations/contributions each year.
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