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  1. OfficialObserver

    Best wrestler to never win the Hodge?

    Folks, there is certain criteria for the Hodge Trophy and they are as follows: The main criteria for the determining the most dominant wrestler are: -record -number of pins -dominance -quality of competition. Secondary criteria are past credentials, sportsmanship/citizenship and heart which are used if the primary criteria are similar.
  2. Match Notes: 1. Referees did not decide this match 2. Reviews took so long because the system wasn't working properly - not because the refs were inept or indecisive 3. The wrestling was pretty good, but pretty conservative by both guys 4. The right calls were made on the locked hands situations 5. The hands to face call was a no brainer - you can't NOT make that call 6. Ugly match, but the refs did a pretty darn good job of managing a tough situation with (literally) things flying at them from all directions
  3. OfficialObserver

    Big 10 Championship Pick Em'

    125 : NaTo 133 : Micic 141 : McKenna 149 : Retherford 157 : Kemerer 165 : IMar 174 : Hall 184 : Nickal 197 : Rasheed 285 : Coon
  4. OfficialObserver

    How many "minus points" can one team lose in a dual?

    You could also have Flagrant Misconducts or Two Unsportsmanlike Conducts on the competing wrestlers and lose more team points. A flagrant misconduct results in the deduction of 1 team point and the opposing team gets a 6 point victory. Same goes for a wrestler who gets called for Unsportsmanlike Conduct twice during the match. So, theoretically, if that happened to all 10 wrestlers for the same team, then the dual would end 60 to -10
  5. OfficialObserver

    Ohio State vs. N.C. State stream?

    Opponent does not get choice of position on the restart when Concussion Protocol is in place. Even if the injured wrestler begins on injury time and then the trainer says they want Concussion Protocol, then the injury time is wiped clean and concussion protocol supersedes the injury time.
  6. OfficialObserver


    NCAA DI Tie-Breaker Criteria 1. Matches won (5-5 in this case) 2. Total number of 6 point team victories (pins, forfeits, DQ's) 3. Total match points scored from decisions, major decisions and technical falls PSU = 95 OSU = 88 Going into the heavyweight bout OSU was down 85-73 in match points scored. Therefore, Snyder had to win by 13 to give OSU the victory on criteria.
  7. OfficialObserver

    Why become a D1 ref?

    I will speak personally as to why I officiate: 1. I love the the sport and it's been a part of my life since I was 8 years old. I wrestled all the way through college (at the D1 level) 2. The athletes deserve good officiating and I make it my personal goal to make sure they get that each time I step on a mat. 3. The friends you make and the relationships you build are priceless. 4. The money is OK, but certainly not life-changing To answer the question many are asking about how much money we officials make...it's tough to answer. I will go this route: DI Duals range between $300 - $1000 depending on the conference, travel, per diem, mileage, etc... DII Duals range between $200 - $350 typically with travel usually not provided DIII Duals range between $125 - $250 typically with travel usually not provided Open tournaments typically pay $300 - $500 for one day events and $500 - $800 for multi-day events NCAA DII and DIII events pay $150 per session plus $45 per diem, mileage and travel and they put you up in a hotel NCAA DI nationals pay $200 per session plus $45 per diem, mileage and travel and they put you up in a hotel Most seasons I typically make $12,000 - $15,000 while working 1 event per week. *Side note - most refs who are doing post-season events (DI conference championships, regional events and national tournaments) are all pretty solid officials who are also pretty darn solid people. Most have very good jobs, do well in life, have a good family and are just overall good people. We take our job very seriously and - we know we're underpaid - but we also strive to get every call correct. The biggest hurdle we face is that the vast majority of people don't know the rules like we do. It's been said before by many others before me that "I've never missed a call reffing from my couch."
  8. OfficialObserver

    California likely boycotting Ironman

    Regarding the Nevill's skin situation...I was there in the room when this all went down. The infected area was right on his face and didn't look good. He did have a note that said he had impetigo. One of our guys didn't like the way it looked and sent him to the doctor on-site for a second look. The doctor didn't think it was impetigo and thought it was Herpes instead. Our doctor asked Adam if he could get a hold of the Nevills's doctor so that he could speak to him. It took a little while because of the time difference, but our doctor did speak to Nevills's doctor and his doctor could not say that it wasn't Herpes because he couldn't verify that a skin culture had been done.Furthermore, per the date on the skin form, he hadn't been under antibiotic treatment long enough anyway. The bottom line is that the Ironman committee and doctor did everything they could to keep Nevills in the tournament. It's a crappy situation, but it wasn't handled absolutely correctly. We cannot put hundreds of wrestlers and 24 officials at risk because of one individual. It would be a shame if California schools boycott this great event because one coach didn't like the outcome of a professional and expert decision that was made in the name of safety to ALL those competing in the tournament.
  9. OfficialObserver

    Most Popular Wrestlers

    I should have included Dake for sure. That's my bad. But Pico is focusing more on MMA, if I'm not mistaken. I assume you mean Mark Perry?
  10. OfficialObserver

    Most Popular Wrestlers

    Most popular names in wrestling right now in no particular order...sort of: Gable Cael John Smith Burroughs Snyder Taylor Brands brothers Cox Stieber Retherford Oliver
  11. OfficialObserver

    Rule change proposals

    Pertaining to independent review, this is a bad idea for wrestling. We officials want to get every call correct and let the wrestlers decide the outcome. What people fail to realize/understand is that not every review is black and white. Most of the time we only have one camera showing us one angle. We do not get the multi-angle ESPN/BTN looks that you all are getting while watching from your couches. It's pretty easy to make all the right calls from your couch - I've never missed one! Furthermore, there has to be enough evidence to overturn/change a call. Keep this in mind, especially at the National tournaments and conference tournaments - THE BEST REFS WILL BE ON THE MAT BLOWING THE WHISTLES. If that's the case, who will be conducting the independent reviews? It will be lesser qualified officials than those who are on the mat. This is not a good idea. Think about it this way...if you're the VP of Sales for your company are you going to trust a Customer Service Rep to do your job for you?
  12. OfficialObserver

    Rule change proposals

    Headgear should be mandatory for practice and optional for matches. 95% of wrestling is done outside of actual competition. Cauliflower ear happens in practice - not during competition. By making it optional for competition it will also cut back on equipment delays during competition and potential technical violations for pulling on the headgear. Remember, the Hall vs. Valencia NCAA semifinals match was decided because of the headgear!
  13. OfficialObserver

    Should College Weight Classes be Reviewed?

    NCAA wrestling needs 11 weights. This would help to eliminate the tie-breaker criteria because there would be no 5-5 match splits in duals. One team would always win more individual matches than the other. Proposed weight classes as follows: 121 129 138 149 158 167 177 190 205 225 HVY
  14. OfficialObserver

    2019-2022 Championship Sites

    There is definitely UBER in Las Vegas. Used it multiple time in December for the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational
  15. OfficialObserver

    Illegal Cutbacks (re: Clark vs Tomasello)

    Regarding the illegal move called on Clark...that move is illegal by application as soon as both feet leave the mat. It's not as easy to catch in the moment as some may think because, even though, we officials are looking at the action, we may not be looking for that specific maneuver/action. It usually happens quickly and we're more focused on locked hands, who's in control, getting in position for potential nearfall, etc... It was a good call by the official, who happens to be one of the best we have.