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    OfficialObserver reacted to TBar1977 in Fire The Official   
    My complaint IS with the folks who A) refused to clean up the mat and towel J Den off and B) who refused to call him for fleeing.
    J Den can't control the perspiration, obviously. I watched 20 of his matches in the past 24 hours to see if this has happened before. It has, but nothing to this level. Not even remotely close. They may as well have just drenched the mat as they were SLIDING, not wrestling. SLIDING is for curling, not wrestling.  
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    OfficialObserver reacted to doubleleg121 in Fire The Official   
    I didn't feel Taylor backed off, I felt he got over aggressive and reckless. Taylor reminds me a little bit of Metcalf when he first hit the international scene. His folkstyle go-go-go mindset, which is great to watch, gets capitalized on at the international level. Metcalf had to learn when. To pull the trigger a lot and when to pull back a little. Taylor going like he did after cox like it was a state of urgency allowed the point gap to increase. He only needed one good score and had over 2:00 minutes. Cox wasn't going to be able to execute an offensive attack. He had plenty of time but looked like he was in a hurry. Just my opinion.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to treep2000 in Lehigh next year   
    I like wrestling... therefore, I root for all teams.  Even though my "allegiance" is to tOSU, being from the Buckeye state and knowing a few folks there personally, I like wrestling > any single team alliance or fandom. 
    I'll be rooting for Lehigh, as they are typically a classy program, and based on the above, should have a solid year next year.  They need to keep the local PA guys from getting away somehow, and all it takes is one stud to help make that happen. 
    However, next year, the buck stops with PSU as 1st, and tOSU as 2nd.  This two-horse race will dominate next year, BUT, it will make all the other teams that much more hungry, and better, thus making "USA Wrestling" even better. 
    The future is bright for our sport.  Mark my words... 2020 will be a VERY interesting OLY games.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to 21guns in Chance Marstellar   
    He is winning every day, one day at a time.  He's already a champion in my book.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to unbiased in Chance Marstellar   
    Better then Pico's.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to MSU158 in Inside the Relentlessly Intricate World of Tom Brands   
    Why is it that almost every time I hear that Iowa fans want Brands gone, it is not FROM an Iowa fan?
    Honestly, nearly every Iowa fan I have spoken too is very happy with Brands. In fact, most are knowledgeable enough to realize the shift in powers in wrestling hasn't been an Iowa issue as much as a geographic one. PSU and tOSU were inevitable giants as soon as the right coaches took over. Iowa and Brands have made a conscious effort to minimize this advantage very recently and it has shown in some marquee Ohio and Pennsylvania recruits.
    Simply put, these guys are the best fit for Iowa and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. And if they do, it will be because they want to and NOT from any imagined fan pressure.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to Grecojones in Most Popular Wrestlers   
    Donald Trump
    Tom Cruise 
    Jon Jones
    Neil Degrass Tyson 
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    OfficialObserver reacted to TBar1977 in Really Enjoyed The Dean Heil Can't Be Beaten Era   
    Quality post. Nobody hates Dean Heil. The fantasy match was offered and extensively debated for a whole week only to be immediately followed by Heil losing a match 11-0 to a guy who would might not be starting in college this year. An "era" thread was practically demanded by the Wrestling Msg. Board Gods. 
    (this is where someone, not a good poster like you treep, but someone, is supposed to inform me that freestyle and folkstyle are two different things)
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    OfficialObserver reacted to unbiased in How does this Poke first half of the lineup sound?   
    I disagree 100%!
    Heil has never been in a match that wasn't close.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to swoopdown in Should Burroughs Move On?   
    Sure Burroughs should move on .... hopefully to additional championships.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to IronChef in Should Burroughs Move On?   
    Clearly a troll. I refuse to believe there is a real person like this who has the ability to read and write.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to Swayz in Should Burroughs Move On?   
    Burroughs is one of the best people I have ever met!  He is humble and I know he hurt following Rio,  but not because of how he did, but he fully accepts the responsibility of carrying that USA flag on his shoulders.    Anybody that has visited with him for any significant amount of time realizes how much family means to him....but I will say that we all know how much a wrestling family means as well,  and just like a regular family the wrestling family is full of know it all individuals and experts,  but also it has those that understand the pain and sacrifice this man gives to help provide for his family.  Not placing at Rio was not having $$$   to put food on the table.   Endorsements were there and there are many other ways (like camps) to make money,  but Jordan's character or skill set being attacked at this stage is crazy.   Hell compete til you are 50 if you want!   If he is enjoying it...why quit?  So many of us wish we could be out there on the mats when we watch wrestling,  but many of us have bodies that have failed us in time.  
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    OfficialObserver reacted to Billyhoyle in Should Burroughs Move On?   
    Seeing as this is in the college forum, I agree that he should move on from college if he hasn't already.  
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    OfficialObserver reacted to nom in Should Burroughs Move On?   
    Silly thread. Burroughs still kicks ass.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to LemonPie in How good is Fix going to be in college?   
    Fix and it's not close
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    OfficialObserver reacted to BigTenFanboy in Molinaro, Ruth, Wright without Cael   
    IMO in the short term the team would be successful, however the team would lack organization, structure as the program would not progress to an elite level. Egos amongst the team would probably be difficult to manage and there would be a lot of infighting. Close calls by the refs would get missed and not called. Close dual meets that would be winnable via strategy would be lost. Kids would have to rely on themselves for motivation as well as have to look elsewhere for advice and guidance. Over time the team would fall apart. I've seen HS teams that were handed top level talent and by the end due to lack or organization and poor coaching the team fall apart. I've seen well coached teams with less talent beat poorly coaches teams with great talent. When you put the two together, that's when magic happens. 
    Yes, Cael gets great talent, but what makes him a great coach is how he maximizes and gets the most out of that talent as well as positions them to be as successful as possible. He seems to have the ability to take great wrestlers and get them to the next level. He creates a winning mindset and an environment where his wrestlers can be successful. This is all things the Cael haters tend to "forget" or "ignore."
    IMO without Cael
    Molinaro probably is a 4x AA but doesn't win a national title.
    Ruth probably doesn't win 3x... Maybe 2 or 1.
    Wright maybe wins 1.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to Housebuye in Spencer Lee interview, talks about crowd reaction to his loss   
    Don't try to justify it. Yelling at a high schooler for losing is ridiculous. Mocking his parents is even worse.  
    They should be embarrassed.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to Konquest in What weight is Tsirsis next season?   
    Here is what happened to Tsirtsis in the course of a few months: 
    -his sister died tragically
    -his best friend died tragically
    -his coach got fired
    -he got hurt
    -his school, not the NCAA, told him his grades weren't good enough to wrestle, and wouldn't budge, even considering his awful circumstances.
    That is a biblically sh-tty year.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to MSU158 in AWN All-Rookie Team   
    So that 1 single factor overshadows the 3 losses that Hall had?  Zahid wrestled 5 of the AA's and 39 matches in total.  I am sorry, but that 1 razor thin loss doesn't negate those 3 losses to me when looking at the entire body of work.  If you want to ONLY use the NCAA Tournament, which sadly many do, that is up to you.
     To me Zahid had the best season.  Sort of like UNLV when they were undefeated(with a similar 34-0 record) all year only to lose to Duke in the Final Four.  Very few believed Duke was definitively better solely due to that one win.  Now, they won what mattered most and no one could take that away.  I am sure Zahid would trade the ROTY for Hall's medal in a heartbeat.  But, how he lost his only match of the season doesn't put Hall over him for the whole year in my opinion.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to MSU158 in AWN All-Rookie Team   
    At first I agreed with you until I read the presser part for why they picked Zahid.  He went 38-1.  No other rookie came close to that.  His one loss was a razor thin one that came down to an incidental headgear grab(and great awareness by PSU staff).  Hall had 3 losses during the season and only wrestled a portion of it officially for PSU.
    I know many of us fans have tunnel vision and ONLY count the results at NCAA's but, for a whole season, Zahid was the best freshman of the bunch!
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    OfficialObserver reacted to gowrestle in Dake   
    Yeah, that's a story often told. What's tough is going to work everyday working your butt off, doing a job that has no glory, because you have to provide for your family. What's tough is being an active member of the military, and leaving your family for a year to protect American freedoms. What's tough is being a parent and learning your child is terminally ill. Those men and women wearing blue patrolling the streets of Chicago are tough. Toughness is owning a business laying awake at night worrying if you are going to make payroll. Yeah, wrestling is physically challenging but those guys delaying their entrance into the real world will finally learn what tough is when they eventually do. 
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    OfficialObserver reacted to silver-medal in Ohio State Next year   
    As a Buckeye fan, I agree.  There's no way this team should be a huge underdog for next year's NCAA tourney but the PSU juggernaut dwarfs a team with 3 former champs, a 3x top three finisher, a title fave at 197 and Micah.  PSU's lineup is astonishing.
    The Okie State comparison makes no sense to me.  Ohio State has a much more proven high level lineup yet no one will install them as favorites.  
    The Nickal v MyMar thing simply points out how styles affect outcomes.  Clearly Myles Martin's quickness and upperbody ability have proven difficult for Nickal.  Same reason IU's Jackson upset Nickal as well.  I don't know why we have to argue over who is favored to beat who.  It's wrestling.  It will sort itself out.
    PSU returns what should prove to be one of the all time great squads in NCAA history....10 possible AA's with a boatload of title contenders.  Ohio State has numerous title contenders but not the same level of bonus capability and a few softer spots in their lineup.
    Next season should be fun for both these teams.  More importantly, PSU fans, you need someone to challenge you to affirm your squad's greatness.  If there's no other team out there than can be considered a contender, there's a lot less joy in victory.  Embrace the rivalry.  You need it.  
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    OfficialObserver reacted to MSU158 in Video of Gregor Gillespie's UFC debut just now   
    The difference between MMA and dogfighting is the Fighter CHOOSES to do it. Would I want a child of mine to do it? No. Do I respect those that do and there decision to do so? Absolutely. Some guys are actually gifted at hitting things, taking hits and avoiding them. If they think it is the best way to use their physical abilities to earn a living while they can, good luck to them!
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    OfficialObserver reacted to treep2000 in Should College Weight Classes be Reviewed?   
    To answer the original question bluntly:  YES.  The weight classes should be reviewed, and YES, an 11th should be added between 197 and 285 (or back to Unlimited). 
    The entire thread is being derailed by the preposterous notion that "this is the way it's always been, so buck up and wrestle" kind of mindset. 
    As fans and former participants in this great sport, we have to ask ourselves:  "What are we trying to accomplish?".  The answer is, and should always be "To Grow the Sport".  If you want to protect this tiny little community and make it "exclusive" for just the few thousand enthusiasts across the country, then I believe your perspective is outdated.  These are the same folks that subsequently complain about not having the ability to watch on TV every week, or the fact that 's dual meet had a whopping 150 people attend.  In order to grow the sport, we need to make it easier for more competitors to... well... umm... compete.  Right now, its disadvantageous for a top notch 220 to choose wrestling, if their options are to potentially ride the pine behind a "decent" full-size 285'er or get a scholarship to play strong safety for a different school (tuition paid). 
    By offering more options, and more choices, we maximize our sport's self interest.  Imagine how easy it would be to transition from a 220/225 collegiate weight class to 97kg internationally?  It feels as if those who are opposed to adding this interstitial weight class are doing so for the sake of obstructionism, and have yet to provide a credible and compelling reason to NOT add it. 
    Reasons TO add this new weight class:
    * Tiebreaker Issue resolved (nearly completely)
    * Adds more options for our future generations in the 200lbs+ size
    * Caters to where we're heading physiologically (i.e., our population is getting "bigger")
    * Grows the sport, in terms of both participants, and fans (by 10%, one would argue, overnight)
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