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    OfficialObserver got a reaction from PSUMike in Dean - Nichols   
    Correct me, if I'm wrong, but it's BO NICKAL...not Nichols.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to Crotalus in Spencer Lee vs. Daton Fix   
    Fix = Dake
    Lee = Taylor
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    OfficialObserver reacted to rstrong in A Dream of Mine   
    That is both - something I didn't know and awesome.
    JT1 - This is proof positive for me! I really like the book idea, and if you assemble this kind of great stuff in your book I'll certainly buy more than one.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to OKnowwhut in A Dream of Mine   
    Great idea JT1... I hope you find lots of help!
    William Kerslake won 15 consecutive national championships in Freestyle and Greco-Roman. He won a gold medal in the 1955 Pan American Games and represented the United States three times in the Olympic Games, placing fifth, eighth and seventh from 1952 through 1960. At the 1956 National Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Greco-Roman Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma, He achieved a record setting fastest pin, taking only 4 seconds to pin his heavy weight opponent Ralph Bartleman. This feat was captured in the 1986 Guinness Book of World Records in the sports section under “Fastest Pin in National Tournament Competition”.
    Throughout his wrestling career, and afterward, he was an aerospace research engineer for NASA. He was the co-inventor of the first ion thruster for space propulsion and served as chairman of the technical committee of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
    The ‘Lone Eagle’, Michael Collins is an Outstanding American Honoree at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. He attended St. Albans, a preparatory school in Washington where he captained the wrestling team.
    After graduation from the Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., he became a fighter pilot and later as an Air Force test pilot at the fabled Edwards Air Force Base in California's Mojave Desert.
    He launched “one giant leap for mankind" as the commanding pilot of Apollo 11 and circled the moon alone aboard his Apollo command module on July 20, 1969, while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, touched down on the moon's surface in a lunar lander. Most importantly, he was a significant part of why "The Eagle has landed"
    In his book 'Carrying the Fire, Collins said:
    “I know that I would be a liar or a fool if I said that I had the best of the three Apollo 11 seats, but I can say with truth and equanimity that I am perfectly satisfied with the one I have… I have seen the sun's true light, unfiltered by any planet's atmosphere. I have seen the ultimate black of infinity in a ‘stillness’ undisturbed by any living thing. I have been pierced by cosmic rays on their endless journey from God's place to the limits of the universe, perhaps there to circle back on themselves and on my descendants”.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to SetonHallPirate in What Coach to trust with your wrestler?   
    Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the wee hours of Sunday morning, March 23, 2014...the night earlier, led by national champions Ed Ruth and David Taylor, Penn State won their fourth straight NCAA title. The entire Penn State squad boarded their flight, and suddenly, third-place finisher Nico Megaludis was wheeled off the plane on a stretcher, with some (seemingly) serious breathing issues. Guess which coach (hint: the greatest collegiate wrestler of all-time) accepted the short straw and stayed behind in Oklahoma City while the rest of the team went back to State College to receive a hero's welcome?
    I would trust any of the current Division I coaches with my son, frankly, but things like that stand out in my mind positively.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to Cletus_Tucker in Does it matter to "the ladies"?   
    WilieBoy, I'm not going to sit by and allow you to question the love and dedication, Wilma had for our boys.    That's out of bounds, and I don't appreciate it.   Ask around what happened to Dallas Diamond Page, when he stepped on my shoe.    
    I will tell you this, however, she aint on ol' Cletus' dime, any longer.   No sir, we traded in the old battle ax for a hot young latina.   Classmates with my oldest boy, in fact.   I'll tell you,   her talents were in crochet and in between the sheets. 
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    OfficialObserver reacted to wrestlingnerd in Spencer Lee commits to...   
    That's not my point. There are kids who can transform programs. I think Lee is one of them. Already his buddy Teasdale committed. Lee is the type of guy who will get a national following irrespective of college rooting interest, a la David Taylor for PSU, Logan Stieber for tOSU, Ben Askren for Mizzou, Travis Lee for Cornell, etc. It's huge for recruiting.
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    OfficialObserver got a reaction from HuskyHero133 in The Faces of College Wrestlers...   
    That's funny because I do exactly the same thing when I meet new people. I shake hands and look at their ears!
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    OfficialObserver got a reaction from HuskyHero133 in The Faces of College Wrestlers...   
    Who really cares if someone has cauliflower ear or not? It's up to each individual to prevent it on their own during practice if they so choose.
    However, what data can anyone provide to prove that cauliflower ear is hurting the sport of wrestling. That's an absurd and totally unfounded statement.
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    OfficialObserver got a reaction from NYWRESTLER94 in Will Ohio State redshirt Myles Martin   
    One man's opinion for tOSU's projected starting lineup next season:
    125 - Tomasello
    133 - Pletcher
    141 - Hayes
    149 - Micah
    157 - Ryan
    165 - White
    174 - Bo
    184 - Myles
    197 - Moore
    Hvy - Snyder
    That's a pretty darn solid line-up from bottom to top and could produce 5 finalists and a slew of All-Americans.
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    OfficialObserver got a reaction from treep2000 in Will Ohio State redshirt Myles Martin   
    One man's opinion for tOSU's projected starting lineup next season:
    125 - Tomasello
    133 - Pletcher
    141 - Hayes
    149 - Micah
    157 - Ryan
    165 - White
    174 - Bo
    184 - Myles
    197 - Moore
    Hvy - Snyder
    That's a pretty darn solid line-up from bottom to top and could produce 5 finalists and a slew of All-Americans.
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    OfficialObserver got a reaction from Yellow_Medal in The Faces of College Wrestlers...   
    That's funny because I do exactly the same thing when I meet new people. I shake hands and look at their ears!
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    OfficialObserver reacted to scribe in Palacio   
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    OfficialObserver reacted to MSU158 in Where does Sueflohn rank among best to never AA   
    Damn, your reading comprehension is literally amazing.  Where do I give a truly definitive answer.  I said he was definitely one of the best REGULAR SEASON wrestlers to not AA.  One of the best is a loose term that I think someone that earned a top 10 seed every season deserves.  He was 24-9,22-5, 29-4 and 27-6 going into each NCAA tournament.  That is a complete pre- NCAA tournament record of 102-24.  How many guys do you know that won over 100 matches wrestling for a B1G team(not including the NCAA tournament) and were never AA's?  He also did it in undeniably the toughest conference, having #1 Russell, #2 Marion, #6 Stieber and #9 Dardanes in his weight his freshman year.  He moved up a weight the next season having #4 Ness, #7 Lopouchanski, #11 Alton and #12 Grajales.  He then had his winningest season having #1 Tsirtsis, #3 Grajales, #7 English and #2 seeded Dardanes.  Finally, this past season he entered the tournament with 6 losses(5 in B1G), 3 to #2 Sorenson, 1 to # 1 Retherford and 1 to Tsirtsis.
    If this guy doesn't qualify as one of the best regular season wrestlers to not AA, I would love to see a list that puts a majority of non AA's(that obviously had 4 very successful regular seasons) ahead of him!!!
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    OfficialObserver reacted to LJB in The Faces of College Wrestlers...   
    if you don't want the ugly ear, don't do combat sports... it really is that simple... 
    in fact, ears are the first thing i look at when meeting a person for the first time... you got a little of the ugly ear then you are probably pretty ok in my book... it at least means you have sacrificed  and put physical accomplishments over less noble pursuits...
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    OfficialObserver reacted to rlw028 in The Faces of College Wrestlers...   
    Right. I don't see anything to be ashamed of in those photos. 
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    OfficialObserver reacted to Threadkilla in The Faces of College Wrestlers...   
    I don't get that people on a wrestling board can look at these photo and get upset by it. It's a combat sport, injuries are real. I've seen guy's walking off the mat looking worse. Gladiators after battle.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to dabrockster in Randleman   
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    OfficialObserver reacted to Mpchillin in Best Freshmen of 2015-16   
    Strange that you have the only national champion as honorable mention.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to LoStNuMbEr in How would Retherford have done in '08?   
    Here is the thing you need to realize though -- Metcalf won the Hodge in 2008 in the aforementioned field which may be the best overall NCAA field of any weight class of all time.  Fun fact: EVERY SINGLE 149 QUARTERFINALIST in 2008 MADE THE NCAA FINALS AT LEAST ONCE IN THEIR CAREER.  Six of them won a title.  That's not even counting all the other AAs that didn't make the cut such as returning finalist Ryan Lang
    What Retherford is doing to Brandon Sorenson Metcalf was doing to the defending champ, the future olympic champ, and a score of other insanely talented guys.  Its not even a comparison.  And this is coming from someone voting zain for the hodge this year
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    OfficialObserver reacted to dabrockster in Ohio State lineup next year at 165/174/184.   
    Very cool video of Bo after taking 3rd.
    Speaks about his daughter, wife, Dad, Isaac, and family.
    People mention a riff but I do not see it in his interview nor his emotions but what we do on and off camera can be different.

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    OfficialObserver reacted to Coach_J in So what does Iowa do now?   
    What does Iowa do?  Change with the times.  I posted this on another thread, but the whole push-shove-beat everybody up approach is past its expiration date.  You've got coaches like Cael, Ryan, Smith, Koll, etc., teaching greater technical skills combined with the old Iowa conditioning base and it's winning.  The classic "Iowa Style" is no longer producing NCAA team titles or World and Olympic medals like it once did, so why not attempt to evolve with the times?  Pushing and shoving and not opening up a leg attack is not a paradigm for success now.  Either you adapt and grow or you get left behind.  Hey, fifth in the nation is damn good, but it's not the tradition or expectation Iowa is used to and doing things like they've always been done won't meet the lofty traditional goals of the program.  JMHO.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to John79 in General Crowd Observations   
    The crowd was lacking the midwestern team flair.  Seemed to miss the large Minny, Wisky, Iowa contingents.  There was a bunch of Iowa supporters but seemed not to be as large as in years past.  The Okie State crowd was next to me and was loud and having a great time.  19k plus fans.  i cannot comment on the 200 level.  Were there more team sections up there?  What a great nigh!!
    Why hasn't Pittsburgh hosted the finals yet?  Great city, great fan base, close to Cleveland and all of western PA is wrestling crazy and arguably the best wrestling in the country.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to JerseyJoey in General Crowd Observations   
    - Clearly Penn State had the biggest contingent followed by Cornell. Surprised that Virginia Tech might have been 3rd, slightly ahead of Rutgers.
    - I have been to over a dozen NCAAs and this was the smallest Iowa crowd that I have ever seen. Obviously geography played a part, but I dont think it is the whole thing.
    - Most Mid Westerners I spoke to werent thrilled about NYC but seemed to warm up to it a little by the end of the week. I understand your concerns but it is important to the sport to move it around.
    - Very conservative and patriotic crowd. (I understand that isnt the same thing. ) I doubt Donald Rumsfeld gets that kind of reaction at a Knicks game. Was nice to see so many people singing along with the National Anthem, again you dont see that at a Knicks game.
    - There were certain types of people that many fans seemed to be rooting against. Especially when it came to stalling. Will leave it at that, but I dont think everyone gets treated the same by the crowds or the refs when it comes to stalling.
    - Definitely some curmudgeons in the crowd. I saw a few instances where some young or teenage kids were having a little harmless fun and some old timers got cranky with them. We need to think about the future of our sport. It was a VERY old crowd. Lets be more accomodating to the kids. Be nice to them, embrace their enthusiasm. If the announcers are going to ask about who has been there for 30 years and who has been a former All American maybe also asked who placed in their high school or youth states this year.
    Overall I thought the event was a nice success. Looking forward to going back to the Mid West next year. Would love to see it in the West Coast some day, I dont think LA would work but wrestling is popular in Northern California and I think we all anticipate the Arizona State program coming on strong so maybe that neck of the woods is an option.
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    OfficialObserver reacted to LordNelson in Billy Baldwin   
    I remember when he was promoting himself why stepping up political pressures on the Admin at Binghamton University and trying to save a then cut program.  He put up money and was involved in rallying the alumni and saving a dead program, once a Division 3 program, and help to resurrect it to a D1 program.  They hired a young coach named Pat Popolizio and Baldwin was involved from the resurgence.  Binghamton went from dead to a top 20 program in 4 years.   
    The last thing he is trying to do is promote himself through wrestling.  You really have it wrong.
    Again, wrestling refuses to evolve.
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