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  1. dougb

    RIP Joe Seay...

    This hurts, Him and Lee Roy Smith let me try to be on the Wrestling team, now the only 2 coaches I had are gone Seay and TJ Kerr, I am glad he gave me the opportunity it was fun Wrestling 5 years in college. Great people in wrestling and it is a fun workout, he helped me a lot even though I did not start/make the team. It hurts when people die, although I personally believe people just go to the next phase in Heaven/Afterlife
  2. dougb

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    He got caught with a knee to the temple, in the striking sports it can happen 1 great shot ends the fight, Someone tweeted right before the fight that he had practiced the knee to the head for weeks and would try it right away, obviously Askren was not expecting it, with punches you can watch the shoulders to know where and when the punches will come from and either avoid or move with it to take the steam off it. So many things people can do in UFC you can't defend everything, much better to be offensive/seek and destroy type fighter in that sport in my opinion.
  3. dougb

    Is Anthony Cassar the least likely champ, ever?

    Dale Lewis NEVER WRESTLED before College was a 2 time NCAA Champion. Huge credit to the Coaches to take a kid from Scratch Champion, it seems most NCAA Champions were 3-4 time State Champions with well over 100 High School wins (Some closer to 200) and you can count their losses on one hand and have fingers left over (0-4 losses total), Many started at age 5-8, I guess the one thing Lewis had going with starting in College, he had extremely good coaching from the beginning. Also I don't know if he was an NCAA Champion, but didn't Bob Roop (Who Represented the USA in the Olympics) I heard he was like Zero wins and 30 losses in the 10th Grade? Also I heard Myron Roderick lost most of his matches in 10th grade, many by pin and then he won 2 State Titles (Kansas I think) Then he won 3 NCAA Titles.
  4. dougb

    Jarod Verkleeren Withdraws from PSU

    That makes sense, was not a starter on his College team, so leave school and concentrate on winning World/Olympic Titles. GENIUS THINKING
  5. Joe Seay never Wrestled for the Cowboys, He Wrestled for Kansas State, E.C. Gallegher NEVER WRESTLED, but He was the Wrestling Coach at Oklahoma State (EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL), I hope John Smith coaches for 20-30 more years, but based on Gallegher's Success, when Smith decides to retire, and the same with Brands at Iowa, Maybe they should go with someone who has never wrestled and see if he can emulate the success Gallagher had as a Wrestling coach. few if any have suggested a person who has never wrestled to lead a top program, but 11 NCAA titles and 19 Undefeated seasons, maybe that is the way to go, results speak louder than words, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_C._Gallagher
  6. dougb

    Penn State - How Do They Look Next Season?

    What about Kaleb Young 5th at 157 in NCAA ? I think he is a Sophomore. Also Do they burn incoming Freshman Assad's shirt when they have Cash Wilke? Also does Spencer Lee take an Olympic Redshirt?
  7. dougb

    170 points

    A lot depends will Spencer Lee take either an Olympic Redshirt or his regular Redshirt, Same with Penn State Hall AndJoseph, And Oklahoma State Daton Fix, A million other things can happen in a year, Injuries, Transfers etc.
  8. To compete for the team you have to be signed up for 12 units (NCAA RULE), If you just want to work out that is entirely the coach's decision, I went to Bakersfield when Coach Kerr was there, so good luck at Bakersfield.
  9. dougb

    Chance's Chances

    No wonder he is as good as he is, with a name like that he undoubtedly got teased continuously growing up. LOL
  10. dougb

    Smith lays an egg

    Wrestling may not seem so important to him now, so close to the family tragedy. Condolences to the Smith family.
  11. dougb

    #2 Oklahoma State at #5 Missouri...

    Mauller What a great Wrestling Name, a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago there was a Pro Wrestler called the Missouri Mauller, now there is a Wrestler named Mauller Wrestling for Missouri, Wonder if the coach tells him before the match, go out and Maul him, LOL
  12. Dale Lewis Won 2 NCAA titles, he NEVER WRESTLED IN HIGH SCHOOL, https://nwhof.org/blog/dg-inductees/dale-lewis/
  13. dougb

    Teasdale leaving Penn St

    Pittsburgh has a VERY GOOD 133 pounder in Micky Phillipi (As you know) If Teasdale were a 133 he would be unlikely to go to a school that already has a good 133.