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  1. Conditioning is everything in Combat Sports, If you come in looking like you trained by sitting on the coach eating Ding Dongs (Heavyweights can be the exception to the rule), you wont do well, your past credentials are meaningless, you will be in trouble even against people with far less credentials.
  2. Just like Wrestling he has to take it as a long process, it will take 7-10 years to know how good he will be, he got caught it happens,
  3. It is good to see that Askren is taking this seriously, he looks exactly like he did when he was winning NCAA titles at Missouri, Props to him for really getting himself in great shape, to give himself the best shot at victory.
  4. Unrelated, but kind of interesting to think, Shane Griffith NCAA Champion needs a new school to continue Wrestling, add to Cornell's Yiannii, Arujau,, Dean, Darmstadt, rumors are Griffith to Penn State, But Academically Cornell is more like Stanford then Penn State is (Penn State is a good school, but not IVY League Academically) Cornell could be a contender for NCAA title, But Iowa or Penn State would be favored still.
  5. Yianni almost certainly a finalist , Dean, Darmstadt, Arujua would have a shot at Finalist, so maybe.
  6. Our Military stopped fighting to win Decades ago, If they were fighting to win you think Afghanistan would last a Week? much less 20 Years.
  7. My Bad then, I didn't know that rule.
  8. I think Griffith goes Ivy League, Princeton? Cornell? A School similar to Stanford Academically. No Inside Info, Just a Hunch.
  9. Exactly would have been 4 timer as would Hodge and others
  10. A little unfair 16 points for winning NCAA's but for example Danny Hodge, Yojiro Uetake and others won every year and they were totally dominant so the most they could get is 48 points where wrestlers after they were allowed to have 4 years could get 64 and anything can happen (I know Gable VS Owens) but some that won it every year they wrestled (I think there were 13) if they had another year probably the majority would have won 4 times.
  11. I meant Coached their team to title/s
  12. Cael Sanderson 8 John Smith 5 Tom Brands 3 Tom Ryan 1 I Think that is the entire List
  13. No it matters in a blind draw the 2 best could meet right off the bat, meaning the loser at best could only get 3rd in the tournament, and some are demoralized after losing and mentally pack it in after a loss, or in a blind draw 1 Wrestler could have to go through 3 -4 studs to get to the final and the other could get a really easy draw/path to to get to the final, that said having an occasional blind draw during the season would be fun, I think The Olympic Boxing Tournament is a blind draw and the 2 favorites have met right off the bat in some cases and they don't have consolations so A Boxer who is #1 or #2 ranked for the tournament wont get a medal.
  14. No write up about the Nations #1 Wrestler losing, except in the results, No mention of the Injury either, terrible write up. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2021/February/12/VT-over-Pitt
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