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  1. Casey Cunningham would be a great choice, he has been a huge part of Penn States success, but no way he ever gets to be Penn State Coach with Cael Sanderson there who just signed a contract extension and Sanderson is relatively young so he could be there a long time, Does Cunningham want the challenge of being a head coach and taking a program from scratch though, If he does decide to become coach at Morgan State he will be extremely successful (In My Opinion)
  2. Good Point, I did not think of that, I looked at the Physical Standards and even For Navy Seals, Green Beret etc And thought Wrestlers would be the best of the best of the military. but yeah previous injuries, would disqualify most of them
  3. LOL, Most who complete 4-5 years of College Wrestling could easily be special forces, at least the Physical Standards would be easy to achieve
  4. I never wore a Head Gear in Practice and don't have Cauliflower Ears, I know many who always wore Headgear in practice and got them.
  5. Also Carter Young who many think could potentially be very good, he seemed to Small and Weak for 141 (He had a hard time getting out of the bottom position and could not finish even when he got deep on the opponents legs), would be better at 133, and Dix I think would be favored at 141 so it might be best for the team, But I hear his mindset is he wants to avenge his losses to RBY and I am sure he does not want to look like he is avoiding RBY or anyone else. It will be interesting to see what weight he will go at.
  6. I never wore headgear in practice, By Rule I HAD TO wear Headgear in Matches, they always felt awkward and annoying.
  7. Me, I have 1 cousin who wrestled in High School, No one else in my has even gone to an Amateur Wrestling Meet or Invitational even to watch.
  8. My bad, No just a big mistake on my part, I meant Ukraine borders Poland.
  9. Also A Polish name as many people from Poland have names ending with Sky or Ski, Poland borders Poland so that may explain why names ending in Sky or Ski are often Polish or Ukrainian
  10. I will pick the Wisconsin Wrestler Hamiti, just for the sake of picking an underdog. Tough Weight to have the most points though.
  11. Yes they both moved up because YOU have a hard time respecting anyone under 149, And just think some people (Including Me) think Dake moved up for the Challenge of winning in 4 Weights and the Challenge David Taylor presented. We were ALL wrong, They moved up solely because they were worried YOU would not respect their Achievements, LOL
  12. I was hoping Carr would go 165 Tonight Carr VS O'Toole would have been interesting. Oh Well
  13. What if no one goes undefeated? I think there will be undefeated Wrestlers this year, So its a Hypothetical question.
  14. Hamiti is a True Freshman and I heard he did not Wrestle his Senior Year due to Covid, And he has a 17-0 with 88% Bonus Points Record against Division 1 Wrestlers. Is this correct? If yes AMAZING
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