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  1. On 7/22/2022 at 5:01 PM, 1032004 said:



    Casey Cunningham would be a great choice, he has been a huge part of Penn States success,  but no way he ever gets to be Penn State Coach with Cael Sanderson there who just signed a contract extension and Sanderson is relatively young so he could be there a long time, Does Cunningham want the challenge of being a head coach and taking a program from scratch though,  If he does decide to  become coach at Morgan State he will be extremely successful (In My Opinion)

  2. On 4/30/2022 at 11:23 AM, TheHeel said:

    Yes, they can pass the pt tests easily, but special forces in particular will disqualify someone for previous injuries. 




    here is a list of injures/conditions that disqualify you from serving in the military:


    • Abdominal Organs and Gastrointestinal System
    • Blood and BloodForming Tissue Diseases
    • Body Build Deficiency
    • Advanced Dental Diseases
    • Ears and Hearing Loss
    • Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders
    • Loss of Function in Upper Extremities
    • Loss of Function in Lower Extremities
    • Miscellaneous Conditions of the Extremities
    • Mental Health Issues
    • Eyes and Vision Loss
    • General and Miscellaneous Conditions and Defects
    • Genitalia and Reproductive Organs Diseases and Defects
    • Head Trauma or Defects
    • Heart and Vascular System Defects
    • Height and Weight Deficiencies
    • Lungs, Chest Wall, Pleura, and Mediastinum Defects
    • Mouth Disease
    • Chronic Neck Pain or Immobility
    • Neurological Disorders
    • Nose, Sinuses, and Larynx Defects
    • Skin and Cellular Tissue Defects
    • Spine and Sacroiliac Joint Defects
    • Systemic Diseases
    • Tumors and Malignant Diseases
    • Urinary System Disorders


    clearly not all apply to former college wrestlers, but in particular head injures and joint injuries are a huge deal. How many college wrestlers make it out without a joint injury? 10%?

    Good Point, I did not think of that, I looked at the Physical Standards and even For Navy Seals, Green Beret etc And thought Wrestlers would be the best of the best of the military.   but yeah previous injuries, would  disqualify most of them

  3. 18 minutes ago, Billyhoyle said:

    NCAA rules require it be worn in practice. I agree with you that athletes should wear it, and more college coaches should enforce wearing it.  I'm glad my coaches did at every level including college.  Do you see football players practicing without helmets on in contact drills?  Having deformed ears is not a sign of being tough-it's something that limits the appeal of the sport. 



    Yep!  I was surprised when I found it was mandatory...I was thinking...If it's required in practice why do so many people have ****ed up ears. 

    I never wore a Head Gear in Practice and don't have Cauliflower Ears,  I know many who always wore Headgear in practice and got them.

  4. On 3/22/2022 at 8:33 PM, Hufarted said:

    I'm going to roll with Daton Fix at 141. Let's face it, he's never beating RBY to take the title at 133. He probably can't pull down to 125, but if he does he probably would lose to Spencer Lee. I wouldn't be surprised if Fix moves up to 141 next year to chase his elusive title, should be easier since Nick Lee is graduating. 

    Also Carter Young who many think could potentially be very good, he seemed to Small and Weak for 141 (He had a hard time getting out of the bottom position and  could not finish even when he got deep on the opponents legs), would be better at 133, and Dix I think would be favored at 141 so it might be best for the team,  But I hear  his mindset is he wants to avenge his losses to RBY and I am sure he does not want to look like he is avoiding RBY or anyone else.  It will be interesting to see what weight he will go at.

  5. 11 hours ago, Plasmodium said:

    According to ancestry. Com, the name is Ukrainian, Belorussian and/or Jewish.  I was surprised to learn that many ex US service members are equipping themselves and heading to Ukraine.

    Also A Polish name as many people from Poland have names ending with Sky or Ski,  Poland borders Poland so that may explain why  names ending in Sky or Ski are often Polish or Ukrainian

  6. 2 minutes ago, TheHeel said:

    I have a hard time respecting anyone who wrestled below 149 in college. Word has it this is why Yianni went up. Also, Dake. 

    Yes they both moved up because YOU have a hard time respecting anyone under 149,   And just think some people (Including Me) think Dake moved up for the Challenge of winning in 4 Weights and the Challenge David Taylor presented.  We were ALL wrong,  They moved up solely because they were worried YOU would not respect their Achievements,  LOL

  7. 6 minutes ago, flyingcement said:

    14-2 David Carr.  Even when Jacques got in a nice shot, Carr turned it into his own points.  

    14-3 Iowa state after the first five matches as we move into the heavier weights were Missouri has the advantage on paper.  

    I was hoping Carr would go 165 Tonight Carr VS O'Toole would have been interesting.   Oh Well

  8. 13 hours ago, JerryCallo said:

    Well - perhaps - but  there IS a minor thing like being undefeated and winning the NCAA's, right?  I think there are a few folks out there he has to beat before that happens.  Namely, Wick, Marinelli & Hamiti - to name a few.  

    Oh - and there is also the defending NCAA champ at that weight - lets not forget him.  

    What if no one goes undefeated?   I think there will be undefeated Wrestlers this year,  So its a Hypothetical question.

  9. On 1/27/2022 at 2:54 PM, Elevator said:

    Who thinks so?

    Here how it might look:

    125                         Davis DEC Hildebrand  Iowa up 3.

    Since Spencer Lee is recovering from surgery, Barry Davis can finish those donuts and gets the nod at 125. Davis has a little more old school tricks from neutral than Hildebrand has defenses.

    133                         RBY dec Tom Brands   3-3

    RBY is too fast and too slick for Brands – go behinds in every period and might scare a major.

    141                         Nick Lee de Randy Lewis PSU up 6-3

    Lee has shown us that he can adjust to the magic leg style and wins in OT like he did in the 2021 NCAA final against the Riddler.

    149                         McIlravy dec Bartlett   Tied at 6.

     Bartlett can keep it close, but the boot scoot comes through late.

    157                         Zalesky dec Bearclaw  Iowa back on top by 3, 9-6.

     Zalesky overcomes the cool name and gets the decision.

    165                         Joe Williams v. Berge   Iowa up by 6, 12-6.

    Berge has excellent defense, yes, but Joe finds an opening with a blast double.

    174                         Carter Starocci dec. Royce Alger Iowa up 3, 12-9

    Royce has some tricks, but Starrocci’s defense and re-shots wins the day.

    184                         Aaron Brooks dec Chris Campbell  All tied at 12-12

    Would this be a great match, but Brook already has shown he beats Olympic medalists. 

    197                         Ed Banach v. Max Dean PSU up 3, 15-12

     Similar styles, but Max too tough in top for Ed.  Max has seen the tape against Mark Shultz and exploits the weaknesses.

    285                         Lou Banach v. Kerkvliet  PSU, 18-12

     Kerk finishes it off with quick feet and a bruising ride.   Iowa fans wonder if they should have put out Mocco, but it would not have mattered.


    This PSU dual team is one for the ages!

    Iowa's ALL TIME team would win a MINIMUM of 8 Matches and 10 is  likely, 4-5 Pins and 6--7 Bonus, Remember even Penn States 4 NCAA Champions on their current team are not yet at their career peaks yet and this is supposedly based on the College Primes of both teams and since all the Iowa's Wrestlers are completed with their NCAA Careers  It is the absolute best they EVER were,  Whereas even Penn States 4 NCAA Champions are still developing,  This is a mismatch.  

  10. On 3/31/2021 at 5:13 PM, shieldofpistis said:

    Tom Ryan is losing steam.  He should get credit.  He may have won three more titles had Penn St not repeatedly recruited and coached historically good teams.  The Buckeyrs offered the Penn State super teams the most resistance until Iowa played the 6 and 7 year senior strategy to get 1 ncaa title and 2 big 10 titles from Penn St.  But next year Penn St will win again, and then the next.  

    Penn State will likely be favored with 4 returning Champs,  but Iowa won this year and has everyone back, So A Penn State Team Title Next Year is NOT a lock.


  11. Unrelated, but kind of interesting to think, Shane Griffith NCAA Champion needs a  new school to continue Wrestling, add to Cornell's Yiannii, Arujau,, Dean, Darmstadt,   rumors are Griffith to Penn State, But Academically Cornell is more like Stanford then Penn State is (Penn State is a good school, but not IVY League Academically)  Cornell could be a contender for NCAA title, But Iowa or Penn State would be favored still.

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