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  1. Snyder says he will wrestle against Penn State and Wisconsin, then Big 10's and NCAA, what about the National Duals February 21st?, the top 8 Big 10 (14) schools and the champion of the 7 other conferences plus 1 NON Big 10 school wildcard, so that could be up to 4 more matches, so he could have 6 matches before Big 10's Also is Snyder going to have to EARN the spot by beating Tavanello in a wrestleoff? he is a World Champ in Freestyle, but he is untested at 285 pounds and the last time he wrestled Collegiately he got pinned, the way people are talking it sounds like people think it is a formality he gets the heavyweight spot.
  2. Penn State had their redshirts (Nolf, Nickal and Nevills) wrestle Southern Scuffle last year, and Marstellar wrestled there last year (He redshirted last year) unless it has changed the Southern Scuffle allows redshirts to compete (They don't score team points though)
  3. If Smith comes out of redshirt at 157 and Deiringer went to 174 and Crutchmer went to 184. My guess is Marstellar would still not have the 165 pound spot guaranteed as Blees and C. Rogers would want the starting spot as well, and Marstellar beating either of them is not a given. I think Deiringer stays at 165, and Crutchmer stays at 174
  4. Will Any standout redshirts be competing like Michael Kemerer, Keyshawn Hayes etc.?
  5. Question for Ohio State fans. When will they know if Hunter Stiebler will be able to wrestle this year, or if he will be able to wrestle? I looked at wrestle stats and Micah Jordan wrestled most of his matches at 149 or 157 last year and even won by pin a match at 165 against a wrestler who is 14-0 at 165 this year, which shows Micah Jordan would do fine at 149, also Keyshawn Hayes is 19-0 at 141 mostly by bonus points, so if Stiebler can't go would they take off Hayes redshirt let him go 141 and move Micah Jordan to 149? Which lineup is better this year? 125- Tomasello 133-DiJulius 141-M.Jordan 149-H.Stiebler 157-Ryan 165-Bo Jordan 174-Myles Martin 184-Courts 197-Mark Martin 285- Tavanello Or 125-Tomasello 133-DiJulius 141-K.Hayes 149-M.Jordan 157-Ryan 165-Bo Jordan 174-Myles Martin 184-Courts 197-Mark Martin 285-Tavanello
  6. It is about weight, his body cannot be effective at 157 even if he had 5 years to trim down and adjust, he should just wrestle at 165-174 at Southern Scuffle and other open tournaments this season and prepare for next season. I don't think he can score NCAA points at 157, and Deiringer has the 165 spot and Krutchmer the 174 spot and 184 is too big, even if he did get to NCAA's and got to compete the 2nd day, he would be even more weak than he is on one day meets. We know he is a good wrestler, lets see him at his natural weight next year, no point in damaging his body by making a weight that is too low. Just my opinion.
  7. http://www.blackshoediaries.com/2015/12/3/9836066/wrestling-no-1-penn-state-hosts-2015-nittany-lion-open-brackets-results
  8. If he has a problem with a 7 minute match, how in the world does he get through the 2 hour team workouts?, 2 workouts a day etc?
  9. If that happens. Ohio State possible next years lineup 125- tomasello 133- Ryan Taylor 141- Hayes (redshirt freshman 15-0 most bonus point wins, not the best competition still,so far this year as backup) 149- M. Jordan 157-Ryan 165-I. Jordan 174- Bo Jordan 184- Myles Martin 197-moore 285-K.Snyder That would be 6-7 who realistically could win NCAA individually, that is a ridiculously good lineup.
  10. Most top wrestlers in college, had excellent coaching before they were in college, a lot start at age 5-8 usually directed to the sport because a father, an uncle, an older brother someone close in the family were big into wrestling, they often had private coaching, and families sometimes move or at least find a loophole so they can attend a school with a top wrestling program rather than the school in the area they live especially if the school in the area they live has a not so good wrestling program. My guess is Nolf has had superb coaching for a while, and I don't follow wrestlers much until they get to college, of course I hear about the top high schoolers (Mark Hall, Spencer Lee etc.) almost entirely from this site's college thread. How many top college wrestlers did NOT have excellent coaching, Private coaching, family members who are hard core former wrestlers and now fans, or were NOT part of a very good program? Smith had great coaching from his family, I am sure Nolf had great coaching before college, no real advantage.
  11. Penn State backups at Mat Town, results http://s100.trackwrestling.com/tw/seasons/EventMatches.jsp?TIM=1448237012192&twSessionId=yrlrgpjykxffnpi&eventId=13758013&teamId=28267107
  12. Just a side note, Brian Murphy injury defaulted during his match against Oklahoma, just read the result, don't know how bad the injury is. Also at the Mat Town invite Penn State Freshman (I guess Nolf's backup)Vincenzo Joseph went through his opponents like they were wet tissue paper in the 157 pound division
  13. Joe Smith, if he comes out of redshirt.
  14. Redshirt freshman (1 and a half years in one of the top college rooms in the country) vs 8th grader, what do you think?
  15. Ohio State should get some NCAA points at 141, Micah Jordan is a very good wrestler.
  16. May get blasted for not putting this in the high school column, but since were talking about rankings and the kid is arguably the #1 college recruit in the nation, why is Spencer Lee NOT in the intermatwrestle.com rankings at ANY weight??? Apologize if this is in the wrong place, but what's with that? Injury? Training at USOC?, quit wrestling? very curious.
  17. http://oklahomastate.forums.rivals.com/threads/lineup-saturday.25430/#post-335447
  18. Ok State Messageboard (34 and counting) says kyle Crutchmer wont wrestle as he has a staph infection.
  19. Is the football player going to do both sports simultaneously? Or will he join the team after football season (Penn States last regular season game is November 28th and they will almost certainly have a bowl game, so if he is wrestling after football season he might not wrestle until January.
  20. I would think Benick goes at 197 Maybe these freshmen next year start 141-Niko Villareal 149- Josh Maruca 157-Josh Shields (If Shields can make 157, he is listed at 165) 165-A. Valencia 174-M. Hall 184- Z. Valencia 197-L. Benick 285-T. Hall (no relation, but very good) I guess they Redshirt most if not all of these Freshmen and have them all compete next year, not an insider, does this work weight wise? looks like a powerhouse for at least 4 years.
  21. I believe he was 1 year behind his teammates the Valencia brothers, meaning if he was wrestling high school he would be in 11th grade, so it is amazing that an 11th grader probably 16-17 years old, is wrestling this good against Metcalf who was a 2 time NCAA champion and a 3 time finalist, who is, done with school meaning a full time athlete, it is mind boggling, Pico is competitive with a 28-29 year old man in his athletic prime.
  22. My guess is most of these wrestlers redshirt, but it is fun to think about. Arizona State 125-? 133-P.Klein 141-N. Villareal 149-Pagidalao redshirt Maruca 157_J. Shields 165-A. Valencia 174-Z. Valencia 184-B. Staufer 197-Lance Benick 285-Tanner Hall Michigan basketball had their fab 5 freshmen, Arizona State could have upperclassmen Stauffer and Pagidalao and a ton of OUTSTANDING freshmen, again I think most of these freshmen will redshirt, but it is fun wondering how they would do.
  23. In 1965 Oklahoma State had 3 Champions, 2 2nd places 2 4th places and a 5th place and as a team finished 2nd A lot has to do with how the other teams do and bonus points, Ohio state for example had 5 All Americans just like Michigan, but had almost 50 points more than Michigan, I believe if you score only the 4 top Ohio State scorers L. stiebler, Tomasello, B. Jordan and Snyder they still would have more points than 2nd place Iowa.
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