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  1. If Martinez goes to 165 and Deiringer stays at 165 what a match that would be.
  2. Iowa will be very strong as usual 125 Gilman 133 Clark 141 Grothus (IF a big IF he can make weight AND be EFFECTIVE) if not Gross 149 Sorenson or Grothus 157 Kemerer (if Grothus makes 141) if not Sorenson or Grothus and let Kemerer redshirt. 165 Paddock 174 Meyer (beat some very highly ranked wrestlers this year) 184 Brooks 197 Burak 285 Stoll
  3. Oklahoma State will be strong contenders for the NCAA team championship, just have to figure out where to put all the talent. 125 Klimara 133 Harding or #1 high schooler Kaid Brock 141 Heil 149 Collica- heard he only wrestled at 157 to help team 157 Smith or Marseteller (if he can make 157 AND be EFFECTIVE) or C.Rogers 165 Deiringer 174 Krutchmer 184 J. Rogers 197 Boyd 285 Marsden this is strictly a guess, no inside knowledge, lets see how the incoming freshmen do at Southern Scuffle before taking redshirts off.
  4. They may be down for a year or 2, but they will be a top 5 team again shortly, not knowing anything else my guess is MOST kids in Minnesota want to wrestle for J. Rob and next years top recruit is almost certainly going to be Mark Hall THEE standout wrestler in Minnesota and the whole nation, so my guess is Minnesota will have an edge in getting him and once he signs many other top kids nationwide will want to go there, and 2-3 years Minnesota is a top team again.
  5. Track wrestling does not list his(Eblen of Missouri) points scored in the 2 matches he won, I know he was DQ'd in his last match, but do they take away the team points he did score, or is it just a mistake that has not been corrected yet?
  6. Chris Dardanes NO WAY in hell he misses weight, he has probably been wrestling literally half his life or over and is a senior, so this is probably the end of the road for him, AND his team has an outside shot, if him and his brother, Ness, Storley and Schiller wrestle to their potential. Kenny Courts i cant imagine him being that selfish with his team having a chance at a team title, if he does not make weight and it cost's his team the title he would not be popular with teammates and might want to transfer. Jesse Delgado maybe if he loses he wont want to risk injury as even though he is a senior, he may have Olympic aspirations, his team is not expected to contend, still I think the competitor in him will make weight. Nick Sulzer team not contending, I think he makes weght, he is a senior, like Dardanes it is probably the end of his competitive wrestling days, I think he goes all out. Bo Jordan He will make weight, team going for a title, he is one of the captains, he has dreams of being a 4 time champion. I don't know why anyone would miss weight, for an NCAA tournament, to me the thought of missing weight when you are competing is bizarre, in 5-10 years after they stop competing most of these guys will be 20-50 or even more over their competitive weight, after this they have decades to not have to worry about their weight, it may be a hard cut for some, but they have done it all year, may as well go a couple more days.
  7. In addition to the 4 time NCAA individual champions, how many won 3 NCAA titles when there was only 3 years of eligibility? (i seem to remember reading 13) wrestlers like Yojiro Uetake, Danny Hodge etc. would have been heavily favored to win a 4th title if the rules were the same as now. I think wrestlers who won the maximum amount of titles possible given the rules of the time should be acknowledged, as Pat Smith, Cael Sanderson, and Kyle Dake should continue to acknowledged if their is a rule change allowing 5 years of eligibility and someone gets 5 titles.
  8. dougb

    Josh Kindig

    The small 4 conference that has 3 of the top 4 programs in history. http://mwolverine.com/Top_20_NCAA_Wrestling_Programs.html This is apparently only through 2012, however even if the 3 traditional wrestling conference did absolutely nothing since, they would all be in the top 4 programs in history, and will be for awhile.
  9. A couple of things, first I read he was outstanding in academics even when he was having problems, 2nd from what i read it was basically he had a few fights, which at a different time would be no big deal, but with the wussification that some are trying to instill, they make it a bigger deal than it is, thus the legal system calling a couple of guys getting into a fight assault and battery. If someone tells me they never had a fight I would say to myself where did he come from and that is not a good thing, Having a few fights growing up is healthy in my opinion, even if you don't agree, the fact that he is now wrestling is a positive way to get out his aggression, 1 on 1, no weapons, both well trained, same size etc. I do not know the details of this case other than the googled article, but like the saying goes, do the crime = do the time, but once he is free let him be, hell yes if he is a student taking a full load, he should be allowed to try out/compete for any college he wants to
  10. The wrestlers, fans etc. were ALREADY there, The event was indoors, why not keep the tournament going until its conclusion? that way maybe the weather would clear up, by the end of the tournament and it would be safer for all to drive to where they have to go afterwards (hotel, home etc).
  11. This is crazy, Big 10(14) gets 12 at 133, every other (74-75 schools COMBINED get 13 allocations, make it (if 77 schools) have 3 conferences (by geography) of 16, 1 conference of 15, and 1 of 14 (keep the best big 10 at 14) have top 6 in each weight go to NCAA so that makes 30 in each weight class, have 3 wild cards per weight so the most any conference could have from 1 weight is 9, that would be much fairer.
  12. That would make 78 or 79 Division 1 schools when Fresno is reinstated, hopefully get up to 80 schools, have 5 wrestling conferences with 16 teams each, have the first 6 in each conferences weight class go to the NCAA tournament, and each weight gets 3 wild cards selected from wrestlers who did NOT place top 6 in their conference, so the maximum # of wrestlers from any one conference would be 9. It is absurd to have 12 wrestlers in one weight class in a conference of 14 schools get in (example big 10 133) now if they added 2 schools and got 9 in that would be reasonable as it is the best conference, but being able to get in at 10-12 while other conferences only get 1 is unfair.
  13. dougb

    penn state

    Could happen, I am just guessing.
  14. dougb

    penn state

    Penn State next year could be 125-Conaway 133- Mega 141-Gullibon 149-Retherford 157-Nolf 165-Hammond 174-Nickal 184-McCutcheon 197_McIntosh 285-Nevills
  15. Never cut weight, just trained hard, eat a LOT and go at the weight I was, usually was 2-3 pounds under. I believe cutting does more harm than good, and it is better to be a weight too high, than a weight too low. George Foreman when asked about getting down in weight, said would a lion lose weight to fight a house cat? If attacked on the street and you had to fight do you want to be drained, tired from cutting weight? or at natural weight full of energy, well trained? Combat sports are a skill, which trumps size, note Cael Sanderson and Kyle Dake moved up a weight their senior season, and were at least as if not more dominant as they ever were, what weight did Pacqaio, Mayweather start their careers, probably 20-30 pounds less than they are fighting at now and they are considered the best. Also you can workout harder and get more out of the workout and RECOVER faster if not cutting and if you recover faster, you can get in extra workouts (running, lifting, drilling 5-6 times a week) not just the mandatory team workout.
  16. I say PROBABLY the matchup, as they apparently seed AFTER today's matches, so going by the rankings would be 1 vs 8 and 4 vs 5 winners meet in semis 2 vs 7 and 3 vs 6 winners meet in semis
  17. That did not work, PROBABLE matchups Quarterfinals Iowa vs Chattanooga Minnesota vs Cornell Ohio State vs Lehigh Illinois vs Missouri Semifinals Iowa/Chattanooga winner vs Minnesota/Cornell winner Ohio State/Lehigh winner vs Illinois/Missouri winner.
  18. Wont be official for a day or 2, but if they go by rankings these are PROBABLY the matchups, scroll down the first page of this links thread. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Forums
  19. If all the favorites win this weekend, I believe the next round will look like this Iowa vs Oklahoma or Chattanooga Missouri vs Illinois (125 Delgado vs Waters) Ohio State vs Lehigh Minn vs Cornell Then Iowa vs Ok/Chat winner vs Minn/Cornell winner Missouri/Illinois winner vs Ohio State/Lehigh winner So Delgado could get Waters, Tomassello and Gilman all in a row on February 21-22 if Illinois upsets Missouri and the favored teams win their matches, then 2 weeks to big 10(14) and 4 weeks to NCAA.
  20. If ducking makes one a great coach, there are a lot of great coaches. J. Rob is a great coach his record and longevity are UNDENIABLE, but it is NOT because of depriving fans of seeing marketable matchups, avoiding top matchups is disappointing.
  21. There is a good chance L. Stiebler will face Dardanes in National duals on February 21st, and he will almost certainly face him at Big 10(14) conference, and maybe a 3rd time at NCAA so 3 times in the next 6 weeks where he has to face him if their teams collide in the National Duals and they both keep winning, so lets take it as he is giving himself a major challenge with Ness like Askren did years ago against Kish. as a fan I want to see him wrestle Ness tonight and Dardanes in the 3 post season tournaments mentioned, if he was just wanting to duck Dardanes he could sit out and say he is still recovering from the flu or wrestle at 149 an easier assignment then top ranked Ness at 157. He is challenging himself not ducking. I like it.
  22. Only if everybody has an equal chance, using that logic Logan Stiebler has only a 1 in 33 (or 77-1, 1 for each team) chance of winning NCAA, I don't pick Snyder to be a finalist, but if I could go to Las Vegas and risk $1 if Snyder does not the finals, and they offer $300k if he makes the finals, I would put $1 down. Snyder probably has between 10-25% chance of being a finalist this year i in 10-1in4
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