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  1. My Bad then, I didn't know that rule.
  2. I think Griffith goes Ivy League, Princeton? Cornell? A School similar to Stanford Academically. No Inside Info, Just a Hunch.
  3. Exactly would have been 4 timer as would Hodge and others
  4. A little unfair 16 points for winning NCAA's but for example Danny Hodge, Yojiro Uetake and others won every year and they were totally dominant so the most they could get is 48 points where wrestlers after they were allowed to have 4 years could get 64 and anything can happen (I know Gable VS Owens) but some that won it every year they wrestled (I think there were 13) if they had another year probably the majority would have won 4 times.
  5. I meant Coached their team to title/s
  6. Cael Sanderson 8 John Smith 5 Tom Brands 3 Tom Ryan 1 I Think that is the entire List
  7. No it matters in a blind draw the 2 best could meet right off the bat, meaning the loser at best could only get 3rd in the tournament, and some are demoralized after losing and mentally pack it in after a loss, or in a blind draw 1 Wrestler could have to go through 3 -4 studs to get to the final and the other could get a really easy draw/path to to get to the final, that said having an occasional blind draw during the season would be fun, I think The Olympic Boxing Tournament is a blind draw and the 2 favorites have met right off the bat in some cases and they don't have consolations so A Boxer who is #1 or #2 ranked for the tournament wont get a medal.
  8. No write up about the Nations #1 Wrestler losing, except in the results, No mention of the Injury either, terrible write up. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2021/February/12/VT-over-Pitt
  9. The teams are not close (Iowa is too strong for Penn State THIS YEAR) enough for it to be a Duck, I am sure Iowa is taking precautions for legit reasons.
  10. Alaska-Anchorage and Hawaii have Sports with full Schedules, They usually have more Home than Away, and the Away has to be by plane not Bus Or Van, It can be done as is proven by their other Sports, they could have Seasons where they only travel 2-3 Times maybe Midlands or Southern Scuffle, Conference and NCAA. If they host the Conference meet that would be only 2 competitions Traveling, or just have a unique experiment where they train like crazy, with very few competitions, it is rare, but some Athletes like it that way, Train Extremely hard and Don't think about tapering except for NCAA. Unlikely, but just throwing it out there a way places far away can have a team, I like everyone having a chance to participate and try to overcome the obstacles placed in front of them, The Athletes at these school would likely have less opportunity to compete.
  11. Dan and Adam Cuestas, Joe Gonzalez, John Azevedo and Jesse Reyes won NCAA Division 1 Titles at then Division 2 Cal State Bakersfield, Dan Cuestas won 2 times all these were in the early 1980's
  12. Wow, That is great news, A nothing to lose year, My Bad
  13. I would advise Athletes to Redshirt this Year, if they have an available Redshirt, Too much uncertainty, If 1 person on your team, or the team you are against get it, then everyone has tp quarantine for 2 weeks Maybe be forced to miss NCAA, or Conference, meaning you can't go to NCAA, or if you are a Top Wrestler and you don't get COVID, but a lot of your competitors get it including projected High All Americans, lets say there is an outbreak at Big 10's and 5 or of the 8 Projected All Americans have to be quarantined, if you win everyone would say it is watered down, Still a great Achievement for many, but if you are a top Wrestler, wouldn't you rather the top competition being there and winning? of course every year some Top Wrestlers get injured, but many could not be able to compete through no fault of their own. I would advise athletes to Redshirt, and just have Wrestlers who do not have a Redshirt available compete. Since many Top Wrestlers Redshirt as Freshman and have already used it, there would still be many outstanding Wrestlers who don't have the Redshirt option competing. I expect many to disagree, but it is my opinion.
  14. An Athlete Absolutely can tell a Coach what Shirt he can or can not wear when , he goes fishing, A player on the Oklahoma State Football Team Told The Head Coach he did not like the Shirt he was wearing (As it advertised A TV station the Player he did not like) when he went fishing, So the Coach made a Public Apology (Which gained National Media) said he was wrong, that he would not wear that shirt again and from now on he would get the players approval before putting on a shirt. I am sure EVERY COACH would do the same and not one would tell the player to f___ off.
  15. If they can play Football (And they have been playing this year) they should be able to do any Sport (I know Wrestling also has contact as part of the sport) if they play Football and cancel the other sport, it would look like they used football as a money grab as it along with basketball produce most of the revenue, if that happens it would give Football players more leverage in asking to be paid. For what it is worth Bethune Cookman which does NOT have a Wrestling team just recently it announced no sports until at least the beginning of the 21-22 school year in September 2021, will others follow? https://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/college-gridiron-365/os-sp-bethune-cookman-cancels-sports-20201027-rhuxld54bzbtbb2usied6raide-story.html
  16. This isn't fair, for every one female that would want to Wrestle in College, there is what? 100, 500, 1000 males (I have no idea, but the ratio would be overwhelming) Wrestling is all good it teaches Teamwork, Hard Work (Do any College Sport Teams work as hard as Wrestlers? I doubt it) Meritocracy (You get out of it, what you put into it, and if you work hard you will improve, (Wrestling is basically who works hardest improves the most) Goal setting, etc. Wrestling basically shows us the importance of the values we were all taught in school. Wrestling basically gives people a chance to participate regardless of size with some rare exceptions like too small though International has lower weights. The more spots not available will leave many with nothing to do, which is not good, what just concentrate on Academics? Party? EVERY COLLEGE SHOULD HAVE A WRESTLING TEAM.
  17. Or maybe multi Division Championship, example let the Winners of Division 2 and 3 get to wrestle in the Division 1 Championships, NAIA as well, but they are a different organization, so that is unlikely. A little off topic, but if the cuts are based on whether or not Football is played, would that mean the Programs WITHOUT Football teams are safe? If you don't have a Football team anyway obviously you wont lose money because Football is not played.
  18. Even if we lose a year or 2, almost everyone likes sports, so the Politicians (By way of taxpayers) will bail out the NCAA.
  19. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/power-five-ads-inevitable-2020-college-football-season-will-not-be-played-this-fall/
  20. I can't see it, some schools are having Classes ONLY Online as it is not safe, Imagine the Lawsuits if they have them play when at the SAME TIME they are saying it is not safe to go to class, much less Physical sports like Wrestling and Football, and knowing many Football Linemen have an underlying Condition (Obesity), also COVID is a Respiratory Virus which tend to be worse in Winter. Article on Football player who had it. https://www.crimsonquarry.com/2020/8/3/21353270/iu-freshman-brady-feeney-still-struggling-after-covid-19-diagnosis
  21. Condensed Talent, Good For Fans, HORRIBLE for Participation, Maybe they can add Division 2 and 3 and NAIA and Just have one Division?
  22. He got into Stanford which is similar to the Ivy League academically, plus he is a high level athlete, My GUESS is he gets in.
  23. Princeton? has some good Wrestlers and is like Stanford Academically.
  24. My Friend Irleis "Cubanito" Perez knows Haugen , he went to Haugen's wedding, Perez had signed to fight then Champion Haugen for the Title, and then Bob Arum had Perez sign to face Pazienza in his first Defense (Contingent on Perez beating Haugen) Haugen's team decided to fight Pazienza and NOT Perez, Haugen's OWN TEAM said they wanted to fight Pazienza, because Pazienza was an easier fight for more Money, So Perez and Haugen NEVER FOUGHT, they were good friends, but Perez was upset (Which Haugen's team said they totally understand) They were interviewed together by Al Bernstein and Perez Called Haugen a Chicken Champion who was more interested in making money. That was the end of that friendship.
  25. https://news.trust.org/item/20200507181015-t4pa3
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