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  1. They only fought once, https://boxrec.com/en/proboxer/8684
  2. The Hearns VS Hagler Fight was over in the 3rd Round about 8 Minutes, It was all out war the Whole Fight, even though it was over in 3 Rounds it was am Amazing Pace, Rarely Seen.
  3. With The Spanish Flu in 1918 just like the current Pandemic, The first wave killed mostly elderly, the 2nd Wave in 1918 killed Mostly 20-35 Year Old's as the Virus Mutated and went after people with stronger immune systems https://www.history.com/news/spanish-flu-second-wave-resurgence They are saying it is important for ALL NCAA Sports that Football be played, but even if the Virus does not go after younger people, A LOT of NCAA Football Players (Linemen ) have an underlying condition Obesity, I read about a 22 Year Old Florida State Football Player who had it and has recovered, he said it was the sickest he ever was. So this should be discussed. With Wrestling Very few if any non heavyweights would be considered Obese, but when you are in really great shape, you are redlining it with your Immune System, That is why Athletes who are in great shape get sick so often Also COVID 19 is a respiratory Virus, which tend to be worse November to February, same as Peak Wrestling Season. Many who have recovered from Covid 19 have damaged T-Cells and Less Lung Capacity. I know EXTREMELY LITTLE about Pandemics and Viruses, but all these things seem VERY important, but is rarely discussed, seems all doom and gloom for sports for at least a year and maybe more. Is there anyone who knows about this kind of stuff? It looks like the worst is yet to come.
  4. I wrestled at 142 and 150 (1 Time in a Duel at 158 and weighed 141 for that one LOL) When I did the underwater weigh in AND the Calipers I was always 4.5-4.9 ate whatever I wanted Shakes, Large Pizza's etc. Just ran 7 up to 12 Miles every morning lifted 3 times a week, and did the team workout, usually 6 days a week, The highest I ever got during the off season was 153, I never cut weight, just worked out a lot Ran Cross Country (Ran in the Morning, Wrestling in the Afternoon and Wrestled Simultaneously, Ran Track immediately after Wrestling, When I went home for the summer worked out at the Boxing club. Note the Weights were different then 118,126,134, 142, 150, 158, 167, 177,190 Heavyweight Unlimited NOT 286
  5. Yes AND The School as well. https://www.whio.com/news/local/urbana-university-will-close-ceasing-enrollments/NKEGT4EMKFDRLH7KZSMDVAQ6NY/
  6. I saw this, LSU has No Wrestling Program anymore, but this gives you an Idea of how NCAA Football Carries the Other Programs. https://www.axios.com/newsletters/axios-sports-09309f8c-9702-4cc6-b640-b4c2523f76b6.html?chunk=1&utm_term=twsocialshare#story1 Do ANY Wrestling Schools make Money ?(Penn State, Iowa, Ok State ETC? ) Thank You in advance.
  7. Zahid was NOT affected by the NCAA Cancellation, as he was not going to compete in it anyway.
  8. They should just let ANY Student who takes a Full Class Schedule (Usually 12 Units) Compete as many years as they want (Maybe have a maximum of 4 years on scholarship) If they are Financially able to do it why not? You get a great workout, have fun and improve, some will be late bloomers, maybe pretty good at age 18, but incredible in late 20's or early 30's, eventually have someone win 10-15 or more NCAA titles, Have College Wrestling Versions of Boxers George Foreman and Bernard Hopkins winning titles at age 40's to 50's, Not going to happen, but it would be great.
  9. Will this be over by Next Year? The Spanish Flu of 1918 was 3 Years, The Plague of 1347 was 7 Years, A Doctor/Virologist said it would take 2-3 Years for a Vaccine as this is new and there is none yet and they have to experiment on Animals first, He said it will almost certainly get a lot worse before it gets better. It did not seem very optimistic.
  10. I think he would get him checked, ALL Coaches would.
  11. Well their telling people, to do something other than shake hands, no high fives or fist bumps either, they (Some Doctor on TV) suggested waving or thumbs up from 6 feet away, so I guess at least that Doctor would not recommend Wrestling, I really love watching the NCAA Wrestling Tournament, but Health is Paramount.
  12. Zalesky one of the very few ACTIVE NCAA Division One Wrestling Coaches with NCAA Team Title/s on Resume. Sanderson 8 Smith 5 Zalesky and Brands 3 Each Tom Ryan 1 Am I missing any ?
  13. What about the Stories Dan Gable would beat everyone up to and including Heavyweight on his team?. Myron Roderick challenging Wrestlers on his team and supposedly only Uetake and Jack Brisco got the best of him?. Side Note Gable and Roderick were always on or coaching Teams that Had NCAA Champions and/or High All Americans at weights above them. John Smith destroying his younger but much bigger brother Pat who was a 4 x NCAA Champion? There are stories like this that are often told (I am sure many posters here have heard them) of Smaller Wrestlers beating much bigger and also high level. Could be hyperbole to exaggerate their greatness by fans pf these legends (Not that their greatness needs exaggerating) So Maybe Spencer Lee is like that (Though he can not be considered on those wrestlers level at least not yet)
  14. Actually the Tokyo Marathon went ahead, but ONLY the top 100-200 Men and Women runners ran (Those invited to race/The Elite Runners from all over the World Kenya, Ethiopia)
  15. Rasheed has not wrestled well this year, but at his best he would be contending for an NCAA title, 125, 149 and 157 have been Holes all year, though 149 has been wrestling a lot better lately going to overtime with Sasso and Lee, maybe he can get a low AA if everything goes perfect (LOL,I just called an outside shot at AA a Hole in the Lineup, that shows how good Penn State has been) The Problem is Iowa has a chance at 10 AA's and 184 is the only one who is not expected to AA although he could. 125, Iowa huge advantage, lots of bonus points. 133. fairly even 141. Advantage PSU possible NCAA Champ Iowa Low AA 149 Iowa possible champ PSU low AA is the ceiling 157 Iowa 4-6, PSU unlikely to score 165 fairly even, Slight Edge PSU 174 Fairly Even slight edge Iowa 184 Advantage PSU 197 Advantage Iowa, though Potential for PSU if he can show past years form 285 Advantage Iowa, not sure if Kerk wrestles, some say high AA which could make it even.
  16. Looked it up, he will be 88 in May, I saw him Crush an apple on TV about a year ago.
  17. Sweet Caroline is played before all the BIG Boxing matches in England, and it was played before the Fury VS Wilder Fight last night in Las Vegas, Probably because most people know the Lyrics so they can sing along. Fury was brought to the Ring by a 1961 song by Patsy Cline, Crazy https://heavy.com/sports/2020/02/tyson-fury-throne-walk-out-deontay-wilder/
  18. This thread is HILARIOUS, going from TOP High School Wrestlers don't know who John Smith is, to do videos even exist from 1987? LOL, Lets run with this how about did Buses/Vans/Cars or planes exist back then, or did teams get to the tournaments/matches by Horse Wagon? too funny.
  19. At Penn State, is it a given Kerkvliet will beat out S. Nevills? I see on the Threads it seems most people think Kerkvliet will get the spot, S. Nevills was 169-1 In High School, and 28-2 in College the 2 losses were to good Wrestlers and one was what was kind of his Senior year in High School (He graduated 6 months early and was training at PSU,) Nevills is 9-0 so far this his Freshman season, Kerkvliet ALSO won everything in High School and was 4 time State Champion, He is 5-0 in College 3 by fall and 2 close decisions, Not being an Insider this looks like an Interesting Wrestleoff, similar credentials (In Folkstyle/College Style) so why do MOST threads seem to indicate the spot is Kerkvliet's? Thank you in advance.
  20. When I saw the title of this thread, I thought Jaden Abas would of been one of the 3 Redshirts pulled, as he has a good record 18-4 and he comes from a Wrestling Family who had lots of success in the sport, He did not, but since this is a thread on Stanford, how did Abas lose a 16-0 Technical Fall to a 7-4 Wrestler, I have seen fluke pins and upsets where the underdog stays close and edges the favorite out, but I cant remember a 16-0 Tech fall, where the Underdog (And looking at their Records and past History that is an upset) totally dominated the favorite, does anyone know what happened in that match (It was 11-24-19 at the Roadrunner Open) Thank you in advance.
  21. 1980's Oklahoma State beats Iowa 24-6, But Iowa won the NCAA Team Title.
  22. https://nwhof.org/blog/dg-inductees/dale-lewis/
  23. This hurts, Him and Lee Roy Smith let me try to be on the Wrestling team, now the only 2 coaches I had are gone Seay and TJ Kerr, I am glad he gave me the opportunity it was fun Wrestling 5 years in college. Great people in wrestling and it is a fun workout, he helped me a lot even though I did not start/make the team. It hurts when people die, although I personally believe people just go to the next phase in Heaven/Afterlife
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