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  1. And don't forget The True Freshman Phenom Gable Stevenson Facing The #1 Heavyweight in the Nation according to Intermat Sam Stoll
  2. Stoll is a Wrestler/Combat Athlete, wouldn't DUCKING an opponent go against the mindset of a Wrestler? I know Ducking HAS ALWAYS been a problem in Boxing usually for Business Reasons the Promoters and Managers don't want to put their so called star in with a High Risk opponent unless they get Money they can retire on. Apparently Minnesota's Lizak ducked Rutgers Suriano, they say coaches protect their athletes seed by not letting them Wrestle people they have a reasonable chance of losing to, but in the case of Stoll and Lizak the lower seed is ducking the higher seed, meaning they have everything to gain and nothing to lose, Why does this happen? I would think Wrestlers would not want to Wrestle for coaches who don't let them Wrestle the top people, even in a loss you find out what the gap is, Lets say Stoll loses by 5, then he knows there is a 5 point gap, now just work hard and try to close the gap by Conference and just go for it at NCAA.
  3. Darn and that was the best matchup of the dual, I hope he gets better and is ready for Conference and NCAA.
  4. Jerry Brisco said Myron Roderick would wrestle the Wrestlers on the team and the only ones he could not handle were Jack Brisco And Uetake, Sidenote as Athletic Director he would go to the Wrestling Practice and help out, one Wrestler who was NCAA Champ the previous year, interrupted him and Myron Roderick said TAKE ME DOWN, And Roderick got the best of the NCAA Champion and Myron Roderick took the NCAA Champion down, Roderick was in his mid 50's with a huge beer gut, amazing.
  5. Would Hall And/Or Joseph take a redshirt next year with the Olympics coming up to work on Freestyle? Joseph could take an Olympic Redshirt as could Hall, Hall has not used his regular Redshirt as well.
  6. If he can't make 125, he probably redshirts, not really needed NCAA team point wise, and even if he beats Roman Bravo Young in a wrestleoff (Not a given) it is not a significant upgrade.
  7. All Heresay, but I heard Chandler Rogers ALWAYS kicked Marsteller's backside when they worked out at Oklahoma State Just what I heard, ZERO inside Knowledge) I know practice and a match are different, but Marsteller in the Southern Section Finals is not a given, And Yes Marsteller is wrestling better now than then, but even so with practice partners you can throw out the odds as each knows every little twitch the other does before a move, Marsteller did beat C. Rogers 9-7 last season at NCAA, But Happy New Year, enjoy the Tournament.
  8. AGREE 100%, but his future is bright, he will have a reasonable chance, Will be interesting at NCAA's with him, Cassar, and the young Stevenson.
  9. Penn State according to Wrestlestat Penn State is Redshirting 3 Wrestlers, Teasdale has been injured and is just getting back, Teske was a big High School star (I don't follow High School much, but I have heard of Teasdale and Teske who were Blue Chip prospects) any chance Penn State pulls the Redshirt of Teske and/or Teasdale? Thank you in advance.
  10. Just do it the traditional way, start at 125 and end at Heavyweight, Maybe have Stevenson a True Freshman going for an undefeated season.
  11. 68.5 would put Cornell PROBABLY in the 3-5 range, Is Ben Darmstadt (Unsure of spelling) out for the year? If not can Him or Honis challenge at Heavyweight to make the team stronger? Recent examples of 197 pounders going to heavyweight and being more successful at Heavyweight White of Oklahoma State And Cassar of Penn State (though Cassar did beat the #1 ranked 197 pounder last year, so he may be as good either weight) Thank you in advance.
  12. Bakersfield used to be a Power, they won lots of Division 2 Titles and if Division 2 Schools could score at Division 1 they would have been top 5-6 several times in the 70's-80's and in mid 1990's they were 3rd in the team title Division 1 (Division 2 Wrestlers were allowed to compete in NCAA Division 1 Championships, but not allowed to score team points) They had excellent Wrestlers The Cuestas Brothers, Azevedo, Jesse Reyes, Darryl Pope, Marvin Jones, Rich Bailey, Junior Saunders, Eric Middlestead, Stephen Neal and more.
  13. Their Practices might be tougher than NCAA's My guess is they ALL have days when a teammate gets the better of them, but that is great, you know if you don't go hard, you will get your backside handed to you. (Stating the obvious I know)
  14. The point was, a kid who might want to go to a school, who had aspirations to compete and maybe win NCAA's, can not go to a school even if he wanted to if the school. (Note my knowledge of the Sanderson situation is here say and vague,) My point was a Wrestler who wants to Wrestle and go to NCAA's (And what College Wrestler Doesn't?) can not go to the School they might want to go to, if they are barred (And not because of any school violation) So the School wont be able to get good recruits, so the School is at a major disadvantage in recruiting and being successful, and when Wrestling programs are not Successful the powers that be are more likely to try and drop the program, Many College Wrestling Coaches can not even guarantee a recruit the school will have a team in 4-5 years. By having a School be ineligible for 5 years is like making sure a Program is handicapped before they start.
  15. Why is that? Seems like a STUPID RULE, It has to CRIPPLE A SCHOOLS RECRUITING, Come and wrestle for us, but you can't compete for Conference and NCAA titles, that rule basically eliminates the schools chances for top recruits who aspire to be NCAA or multiple NCAA Champions. What is the reasoning for such an idiotic rule? How would a Coach compete recruiting wise with this limitations? Didn't a situation like this already happen? Top Recruit Cyler Sanderson wanted to wrestle for his brother Cody Sanderson who got the job at Utah Valley, but was told Utah Valley athletes would not be allowed to compete in NCAA for 5 years, So Cyler Sanderson wanting to compete for NCAA titles went for his 2nd option to wrestle for Iowa State as his brother Cael was an Assistant at the time, Cael Sanderson did become head coach at Iowa State and Penn State and Cyler followed Cael to Penn State, and Cael hired his brother Cody as an Assistant Coach, so everything worked out in that case, but still this story shows not being able to compete at NCAA's puts schools at a disadvantage as far as getting top wrestlers. JUST LET THEM COMPETE AT NCAA'S IMMEDIATELY. I would love to hear what the rational is for not letting a school compete at NCAA's
  16. Always good to add Wrestling, but I would like to see more "BIG SCHOOLS" have it Texas, Texas A & M, Notre Dame, UCLA, USC, Alabama, Every SEC School, Every Big 12, Pac 12 ETC. EVERY POWER 5 SCHOOL
  17. Imagine how good they would be if he could coach? Maybe he could pick up a few books on teaching wrestling? (SARCASM)
  18. If you Replace John Smith there is A MAJOR DANGER of the program becoming like former powers Oklahoma and Iowa State, FALL WAY OFF, a lot of Great Wrestlers are Not great coaches. Current Coaches with NCAA Titles Sanderson-6 John Smith-5 Tom Brands-3 (combined 2 teams and won first 3 years and none since) J. Zalesky-3 (Won first 3 years with many Gable Recruited and developed Wrestlers) Tom Ryan-1 (the year Sanderson basically sacrificed the year by redshirting most of his top point scorers) Dake and D. Taylor will get TOP recruits based on their Wrestling name, they are more recent, but NOT as big a name and like almost everybody their Wrestling credentials fall short of John Smith, though Dake would be ahead as a college wrestler in credentials, but Dake has ZERO Olympic Gold Medals as does D. Taylor, The Oklahoma State Tradition also helps recruiting, Still the odds of them being a better coach than J. Smith is close to Zero.
  19. Why wouldn't he? Was he injured in the match vs ISU on Saturday?
  20. Yes, but the Last 2 Iowa Hires won NCAA Team Titles their First 3 Years (Neither has won after their 3rd Year, So if the next Iowa Coach wins NCAA his first 3 years, He will be a highly sought after coach IF/When he gets axed, But it would be unwise to get rid of T. Brands, History shows he will take any Wrestler with potential to score NCAA points with him, Certainly N. Brands and almost certainly S.Lee, Marinelli, Kemerer etc.
  21. Darn, I was looking forward to Fix Vs Gross, I am shocked it did not happen, oh well I hope Gross recovers from whatever injury he has, so we can see these 2 go at it later in the year, sucks, but better to see them when both are healthy.
  22. Olympic Redshirt? Anthony Valencia is a good College Wrestler no question, but he has as much of a shot to make the Olympics as an Igloo has in Miami, Florida, I could see his brother (Zahid) in the Olympics, but Anthony should concentrate on NCAA"s
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