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  1. What about Jered Cortez doesn't he have 1 more year of eligibility? I do not see him on the Penn State roster on Wrestlestat, he could probably help many teams meaning possibly be a All American.
  2. Cool, now hopefully the Fayetteville campus will add wrestling as well, that Campus is an SEC Conference school in Football and Basketball and has plenty of money for a wrestling program.
  3. Every School should have a Wrestling Team, It is great to have sports where people can work very hard often to exhaustion and actually see the results.
  4. Probably just the traveling cost's (Just Guessing) but they can have the majority of their Matches/meets/tournaments at home, that is what Hawaii has been doing with the majority of their sport teams, it can work.
  5. North Carolina State has 2 Athletes with very similar names Jamel and Jamal Morris(almost certainly twins based on the roster picture) One was 28-5 One was 20-6 not sure which one Smith wrestled.
  6. Yes, Undefeated I believe he was 19-0 during his Freshman year which he redshirted. lloked it up 19-0 with his best win against North Carolina State's Jamel Morris who was 28-5
  7. Myron Roderick became Oklahoma State's coach at age 23 and won 7 NCAA Team Championships in 13 years. http://okstate.com/news/2011/12/28/OSU_Loses_Legend_Myron_Roderick.aspx
  8. No I did not skip a grade, parents just put me in kindergarten when they did, 1st grade I was 4 for a couple of weeks then 5, I was nothing special in academics or sports, I did Redshirt in college though, so I had 5 years with the team 4 and the redshirt, It never crossed my mind to redshirt k-12 just to have an advantage in sports, I think it is silly for a kid to be 19, 20,21 (With exception of older kids who were in WW 2) in high school just to get awards against younger kids, 1 year or 2 matters at the high school ages, staying back for 2 years for sports is an unfair advantage kind of like cheating in my opinion, Sounds like I am being 2 faced, but if a kid is left back a year or 2 for Academic reasons and sports gives him the incentive to complete school and go to college it is a good thing, rather than the kid dropping out and getting into something negative (not a lot of options for most without at minimum a high school diploma) I am very old age 54 I heard nowadays they pass kids along if they are not doing well academically, just what I heard.
  9. There is no answer to the titled question, Lee had 2 losses, Cael had 1 as a redshirt, lets just enjoy the career of this exceptional talent, see how his matches with Daton Fix (another exceptional talent) go if they wind up the same weight.
  10. Maybe they will someday. Maybe 2029-2030 after the 2028 Olympics in the USA.
  11. I started College in August at age 16 (for 2-3 weeks), My Birthday is September.
  12. What happened to the Arizona State recruit from I think Minnesota his name was Lance Benick he was supposed to be a 184 or 197 pounder, he was #1 in his weight Nationwide in High School and came in with the Valencia's? Thank you in advance.
  13. This shows a positive benefit of of wrestling (and other sports as well) many of these kids got left back a year or 2, but through the hard work learned in sport and love of the sport (wanting to compete means staying academically eligible) many kids left back a year or 2 feel dumb, have low self esteem and many turn out to be flunkies in society including jail and early death due to negative lifestyle, but through hard work coaches staying on them to see them pass the classes (By requiring them to study at the tutoring center after practice) they stay eligible and many/most get degrees, this is the way sport REALLY saves kids (And should be brought up when they try to cut a program), look at the kid who the original poster is talking about EVEN IF he did get left back 1 year in k-12 LOOK AT HIM NOW besides being an NCAA Champion in Wrestling, He is also a student at an IVY League school (A very hard and big accomplishment in itself) Wrestling aside it is great to see kids who were left back a year or 2 overcome the adversity, learn the value of hard work (Often through Sport) and go on to attend college and get a degree.
  14. Danny Hodge a 3 time NCAA Champion (Rules only allowed 3 years of eligibility back then) Didn't he pin all his opponents in the Championships? if yes that would give him 90 points if it was the same 33 man brackets back then (More if he had pigtail match/s) so if he had 4 years he likely would have had 120 (plus up to 12 pigtail points = up to 132)
  15. Iowa had 101 points in 3rd, at 133 they did not qualify a wrestler, Former Hawkeye Seth Gross won at 133 with 24 points which would have brought Iowa to 121, and if PD3 had gotten eligible they almost certainly would have got 2nd and if PD3 scored 21 or more points (Very possible) they would have won (This is if both Gross and PD3 competed for Iowa). If Suriano who scored 20.5 points Penn State would have had 162 points still 8 points shy of the Team scoring Record. Just side notes, coulda, woulda, shoulda's but didn't.
  16. How about 125. Pic (HIGH AA 1-4) Possible Champ 133. Fix (HIGH AA1-4) Possible Champ 141. Brock (HIGH AA1-4) Possible Champ 149. Gfellar (mid AA) 4-6th 157. Lewallen (Mid AA) 4-6th 165. Joe Smith (HIGH AA) Possible Champ 174. C Rogers (Mid AA) 4-6 184. Jacobe Smith, Moore, Marsden? (Low AA) 6-8 197.Wiegel (MID AA3-6) 285. White (MID AA 3-6) Note C.Rogers and Gfellar are pinners = bonus points This is an OPTIMISTIC but Realistic if everything goes right which it rarely does.
  17. A Little off topic, but when will the NCAA 2018 Wrestling Brackets be released? Google sends me to a lot of places mostly previous year brackets, when I ask. Thank You in Advance.
  18. Maybe, but with lots of free time, sometimes people will put things off, with limited time you are forced to stay on top of things and you have to do it, you don't have the luxury of putting things off. That would be an interesting study, How Athletes do Academically with very limited time VS with lots of free time, I did better Academically when I was busy with sports.
  19. As for the season being too long, well if the season was shortened the athletes would join club teams and wrestle in the non season anyway, everyone is looking for an edge to elevate themselves to the next level, if the season is 20 weeks an ambitious athlete is not going to be sedentary for 32 weeks waiting for the next season (Which would be a terrible idea anyway, if someone goes from being sedentary to College Wrestling workouts injuries would be a near certainty. An athlete may look forward to a few days to a few weeks off at the end of the season, but most will be too motivated to take off a lot of time, ( I do know an NCAA Champion who took 6 weeks off a year, but that is probably the long end for a top wrestler.
  20. FUN Is the number 1 reason anyone should do sports, My guess is if you asked Dan Gable, John Smith, Cael Sanderson, Jordan Borroughs etc. why they did Wrestling FUN would be at the top of the list, the Awards and Accolades look great on a resume, but to do something 3-5 hours a day, 6-7 days a week for many years FUN has to be Paramount, true the better you get, the funner it becomes, even the very top almost certainly took their lumps at the begging by someone more experienced, older, bigger etc.
  21. Why is Anthony Ashnault ranked #1 at 141 pounds heading into the Conference meets when he has not had a match this season? Thank you in advance.
  22. Cornell actually has 3 very good Freshmen in addition to 141, they have very good Freshmen at 184 and 197 all 3 could be High All Americans.
  23. Not following this anymore, I guess we will see on March 3rd and hopefully March 15-17th, I am sure his competitors want him to be okay, because if they win the title with him not there people would always be saying If Nolf was there healthy you would not have won (also just decency of not wanting to see someone hurt and not able to pursue their dreams, EVEN if it makes the path to your dreams easier).
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