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  1. Rutgers 141 pounder Ashnault (By Wrestlestat)has moved into the #1 ranking, 3 weeks before Conference with a 0-0 record. lol
  2. Warner is an outstanding prospect and he did beat Miklus which is impressive, But he was pinned by Wilcke and has lost 3 in a row and he has lost to the 17th, 30th and 35th ranked Wrestlers at 197, he would not be a factor THIS YEAR, so no point in pulling his Red Shirt, his future is bright. They would almost certainly be top 3 and maybe fighting it out with Penn and Ohio State for the team title, if they still had Gross and if Downey was given eligibility, coulda, woulda shoulda but didn't.
  3. Cornell has 3 very good Freshman at 141, 184, 197.
  4. How does a team which STILL has 4 returning NCAA Champions, 1 who gets Bonus ALL the time and 3 that get Bonus most of the time, Along with a 197 pounder who won Southern Scuffle and is wrestling the best in his life pinning most people, and a 141 pounder who is on a tear beating good people by Bonus and looking like a contender in the wide open 141 pound division, How does a Team like that JUST CONCEDE the Team Title? Ohio State is likely favored now, but not a sure thing.
  5. And Ashnault of Rutgers would/will be in the mix if he Wrestles this year (He is ranked #1 at 141 by Wrestlestat), Somebody on this messageboard said he probably won't wrestle and will petition for a 6th year, which is dangerous to put your dreams into a decision by some committee to get an extra year which rarely happens, I hope he Wrestles this year (Better to win or lose on the mat, than denied your dream by a decision by strangers), I still would pick Heil in spite of his getting pinned yesterday, but it is wide open.
  6. Is Ashnault of Rutgers going to wrestle this year? He has already used his Red Shirt, so if he does not Wrestle by Conference his college wrestling is over, if he does wrestle he is another contender in the wide open 141 pound division.
  7. 125-Suriano over Lee 133-Gross Over Brock 141-Heil over Yianni 149-Retherford over Sorenson 157-Nolf over Kemmerer 165-Cenzo over Martinez 174 Z. Valencia over D. Lewis 184-Downey over Myles 197-Wiegel over Moore 285-Snyder over Coon Team Penn St
  8. Practices can be more brutal than the matches, how can anyone who is training 2-3 times a day/3-5 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, not want to go against the best?
  9. He/Stoll is almost certainly legitimately hurt, Wrestlers have warrior mentalities and no way is a wrestler going to want to NOT wrestle a reigning Olympic and World Champion. As fans we can say he has no chance to beat Snyder, but as a competitor he is probably salivating at the chance to go against the best, if someone does not want to compete against the best in whatever sport they should not be in the sport.
  10. What about of Rutgers Anthony Ashnault CURRENTLY ranked #2 at 141 by Wrestlestat? That would be funny if Ashnault and PD3 begin their season at Conference and win NCAA, at their best it is possible.
  11. lol, Downey would be the slight underdog against Myles at 184 or Moore at 197, but I could see an upset win for Downey, but no way in the World he beats Snyder at Heavyweight, Snyder is a man among boys in the NCAA and he can and will bonus almost everyone, Stoll is a good heavyweight, but I expect at minimum a Major Decision and probably a Technical Fall or fall for Snyder.
  12. What the heck, Iowa vs Ohio State 125- Nato dec 133- Pletcher MD 141- Mckenna MD 149- Sorenson dec 157- Kem dec 165- Mainelli dec 174- B Jordan MD 184- Downey dec, If Downey does not wrestle Myles MD 197- Moore MD (if Downey goes 197 he gets a regular decision over Moore) 285-Snyder TF So Ohio State 24-12 If Downey Wrestles or 28-9 If Downey does not wrestle. Not a fan of either team, and I would not rule out a Downey loss as it is his first match of the year and he would be going against either the #2 ranked at 184 (Myles has been dominating everyone this year as has Nickal) or the #1 ranked at 197.
  13. Or he might not make the Penn State team, in College Marstellar has wrestled at 3 weights 157, 165, and 174 so he would have had to beat out Nolf at 157, Joseph at 165 or Hall at 174, he is WAY too big for 149 (he is cutting too much to be effective even at 157) and even if he could he would have to beat out Retherford, and he is not big enough for 184 and he would have to beat out Nickal, so the odds are he would not have made the starting team had he gone to PSU, not knocking him, he is doing great 28-1 this year, just don't see a weight he could start at.
  14. It would have been interesting Wrestleoffs, Would Marstellar try for 157 against Nolf? 165 against V.Joseph? or go up to 174 and try and take the spot from M. Hall? He is doing good this year (28-1 I think), so things seem to be working out.
  15. That has to suck for Cash Wilke, he is undefeated and ranked in the top 4-5 in his weight in the NCAA and he will probably not get a chance to wrestle in conference or NCAA's this season as he will be replaced by a far better wrestler than him, but also a headcase in Pat Downey, is there a chance Wilke can go to 184 for Conference.?
  16. It means he lost 2, so train hard and get ready for the next one, what else can he do?
  17. Lee TF 5-0 Iowa Brock By MD 5-4 Iowa Heil by dec 7-5 Ok St Sorenson by Dec 8-7 Iowa Kem by MDec 12-7 Iowa Rogers pin 13-12 Ok St Smith by dec 16-12 Ok St PD by MD 16-16, Wiegel by Dec 19-16 Ok St Stoll by Dec 19-19 Ok St Wins on Criteria If PD 3 does not wrestle than Ok St by Dec at 184 so 22-15 Ok St
  18. The weight to 125 would be exactly the same to wrestle Suriano as it will be for Maryland.
  19. I think it is better to lose, than to duck an opponent, if Nato loses to Suriano at least he knows what the gap is he has to make up by March, It makes it obvious he is ducking by wrestling an easier opponent 2 days BEFORE, well the following week he has Lizak and the week after that is Spencer Lee, hopefully he does not duck them as well. As for seedings hell with it, that will work itself out by itself, Maybe Tournaments should go strictly to a blind draw, that would get rid of the ducking/protecting your seed problem. The blind draw would keep fan interest in all sessions, sometimes the 2 best would meet in the first round, and the finals would still be the top 2 that emerged from the field (33 at NCAA)
  20. Rumor (On OK States messageboard 34 and counting)is Penn States Cortez is injured and will NOT compete in the Quarterfinals, don't know how bad, but my guess is if it is season ending (No Knowledge) then Penn State would pull Nick Lee out of his Red Shirt, It would be ironic if with all the Free Lee post's meaning pulling him out of Redshirt that the Lee coming out of redshirt is not the VERY good one/the one people wanted, but the fairly decent one that will possibly get enough points at NCAA to have his team edge out Ohio State.
  21. Spencer Lee losing to Bresser will go down in Sports History as an upset on the same level as the USA Olympic Hockey team of 1980 beating the Russians in the semifinals (they then won Gold) and Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson, The Jets beating the Colts in super bowl 3 etc. Today's upset will be talked about for many generations, and coaches in all sports will use it as an example of why you have to play the game, wrestle the match, run the race etc.
  22. With Iowa as with all the power Wrestling schools it is MAINLY about TEAM TITLES, the question is will pulling Lee's red shirt and the lets say possible 25-28 points he could get at NCAA help them win the team title, I don't think so, Nato would get about the same points at NCAA as Lee and Ohio State has a much stronger team in the other weights, and Penn State with their Bonus point wrestlers will also almost certainly get more points than Iowa even with Lee, next year Ohio State loses Kyle Snyder, Nato and B. Jordan and Penn State loses Retherford, both dchools will still be strong as will others, but Iowa would likely have a better chance next year or one of the next 4 years with Lee, so I would be very surprised to see Lee's red shirt pulled.
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