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  1. The News said that the Shooter in the Alexandria Virginia shooting of Republicans playing Baseball had a 2 time NCAA Wrestling Champion on assassination list, The Reporter claimed that Jim Jordan of Ohio had been an NCAA Wrestling Champion in the 1980's. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/06/16/scalise-shooter-james-hodgkinson-had-list-republican-lawmakers-names.html
  2. Since he is going to Iowa, he would probably be sitting/Red Shirting behind Gilman, I am sure Lee would enjoy watching the NCAA Wrestling Tournament either in person or on TV and think about how he will do the following year. My guess is he Red Shirts next year (Hawkeye Report posters say he will anyways as he is undersized) and then he should do well, but will Have stiff Competition from Daton Fix, Suriano if he is still there and others, exciting prospect no doubt.
  3. Oklahoma State and Cal State Bakersfield.
  4. Like 174 where you had both Hall and BoJo at 184 Nickal AND Martin have a chance, sure Nickal is favored but Martin has beat him TWICE (out of I think 6?) and Martin has a NCAA title as well, also he wont beat Snyder, but if Snyder got injured or whatever Nevills could win, and even at 141 Keyshawn Hayes should be an high AA and possibly Champ, so it could be ALL 10 champs from these 2 schools and 3 2nd placers.
  5. Pico has wrestled folkstyle before in fact he was California State Champion in 9th grade.
  6. The Record is 170 so it would be hard this year with 122 going into the finals, even if you add 22 points for what 125 and 133 MIGHT have done. That said next year expect Nickal, Retherford, and Nolf to continue to bonus point almost if not everyone in the NCAA Tournament, and if Suriano, Joseph and Hall follow the same progression which seems reasonable and they become nearly automatic bonus point wrestlers, the record could go. http://nwhof.org/NCAA-Brackets/PDF/NCAA%201997.pdf Going into tonight Nickal has 3 falls and a Technical fall. Retherford has 3 technical falls and a fall Nolf has 1 fall, 2 technical falls and a major top teams scoring all time. http://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/penn-state-break-time-ncaa-scoring-record/61965
  7. Too many people worried about the seeding, sure some paths seem on paper easier or harder, but no one knows all the variables, one wrestler may have the match and/or tournament of his life, another wrestler who has looked great all year could make a bad move, have a bad match or be sick and just not up to par, regardless the winner will have to overcome all the obstacles to be champion. Does the seedings really matter? would anyone on here NOT watch the NCAA tournament even if it were a blind draw, where it would be possible for the 2 best guys to face each other in the first round? Enjoy the tournament, things happen even very unexpected things, pretty much guaranteed it will be a fun and great tournament.
  8. Only Retherford and Snyder are locks (In my opinion) Nolf, Martinez, Dean, and Cox are heavy favorites, but I would not call them locks. I think Gilman wins, Clark has a chance (to win) Kemmerer, Sorenson and Brooks should be in the 2-4 range, I actually think Brooks has a chance to win, Don't see Meyer having any chance to win, but he is a tough out (For Anyone) and could All American.
  9. I heard with the scoring, it is THEORETICALLY (I can"t see it happening in reality) a team could send 10 wrestlers all 10 lose in the first round, win ALL their wrestlebacks for 10 3rd place finishers and beat a team that has 10 Champions. Is this true? I guess another way of asking is can a 3rd place finisher score more points than a 1st place finisher? Example if Bo Nickal lost in 1st round and pins ALL his Wrestleback opponents would he score more team points than a Wrestler who wins all 5 of his NCAA matches by decision to become Champion? Not that I think any of this will happen, just curious.
  10. Interesting #3 seed Vincenzo Joseph gets the Stanford wrestler who beat him 18-12 at the beginning of the year.
  11. Iowa could have been really good this year if 3 things 1. Gross had NOT transferred and Wrestled at 141, They could have started with 125-Gilman, 133-Clark, 141-Gross, 149-Sorenson, 157-Kemmerer OR Flip Clark And Gross =5 possible finalist and 1-3 Champs 2. Burak IF he Redshirted Last year. Meaning 174-Meyer, 184-Brooks, 197-Burak, 285-Stoll, All 4 Possible All Americans with Brooks and Burak top 2-3 3. Stoll had not got injured. Then Marinelli might get pulled and get low AA or at least a few points. LOTS of GIGANTIC IFS I know, but just something to think about. Back To Marinelli if his Redshirt was pulled MAYBE he could have got low AA, but he is still green at this level and the year in the room should help him immensely, good move to keep his RedShirt on (In My Opinion.)
  12. Well if all the top wrestlers skipped/mff conference, then there would be NO FAN interest in the conference meets, this sport NEEDS as many FANS as it can get, most schools can't draw flies to a dump as it is, and there are only 77 schools left in division 1 with wrestling teams, with so many schools looking for any excuse/chance to drop wrestling they can get, having top wrestlers being allowed to skip Conference would be like wrestling putting another nail in its coffin.
  13. Trump is in the WWE AND the Boxing Hall of Fame true story.
  14. Oklahoma State should have 10 all are ranked right?
  15. How about Gamble with a great wrestler with no head coaching experience? Kyle Dake, Jordan Borroughs, there is precedence Myron Roderick became head coach I believe the year following his senior year at Ok State. Or How about a coach at a top high school program like Blair as he would have the inside track on top recruits from his school, and the very top High Schools have LOTS of kids who can wrestle and even excel at Division 1.
  16. Yes I meant active coaches who won Division 1 team titles.
  17. John Smith-5 All won at Ok St Cael Sanderson-5 All won At Penn State Jim Zalesky-3 All 3 won at Iowa Tom Brands-3 All 3 won at Iowa Tom Ryan- 1 At Ohio State Am I missing Anyone? Thank You in Advance.
  18. How about South Dakota State? They seem to over achieve, scrappy, they seem to get everything out of the wrestlers they have. The 1 negative is other than 133 they really don"t have top bonus point wrestlers, which is so important in the NCAA Tournament, still top 10 is possible.
  19. Next year is Ohio States best shot at an NCAA team title, 3 will be senior Tomasello, B.Jordan and Snyder, hard to replace those 3, ill still be a strong team after With M. Jordan, K. Hayes, Martin, Moore and pletcher likely All Americans,
  20. Nebraska has 6 backups at 165 NOT Redshirting And 1 backup at 174 NOT Redshirting (According to Wrestlestats) No reason they can't Wrestle Two of these wrestlers up a weight, rarely talked about, but many cut too much and actually perform better up a weight, regardless the backups are training everyday losing 10-12 pounds per workout wrestling starters and wrestlers above and below their weights 6 days a week and ALL would be happy to wrestle representing their school. They should not have forfeited those weights.
  21. Scared?? why? He may have disputed the call, but Referees know that is what ALL coaches do, dispute calls unfavorable to their team.
  22. Well prepared to be shocked, Oklahoma State has NEVER had the reputation of ducking top competition.
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