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  1. These are the favorites, but my guess is there will be 3-5 upset winners, If Rethord or Snyder lost that would suprise me A LOT.
  2. Gilman Brock Heil Retherford Smith Massa Z. Valencia Boyd Cox Snyder Team Ok State
  3. Just a sidenote Dan Cuestas only wrestled 2 years in college and won NCAA Division 1 AND 2 both years, He was 39-2 and 32-1-1 in his only 2 seasons, anyone know why he did not wrestle his other 2 years of eligibility? If he had could he have been the first 4 timer?
  4. I doubt he had pressure to cut TOO much by his coach, his coach as probably all coaches know there is a point where if you cut more than you should you become ineffective, his coach would have been all american all 4 years, but his freshman year (Smith) cutting to 126 all year caught up to him at the NCAA tournament, his new coach (Joe Seay) wanted him to go 126 as a Sophomore, but Smith did not want to make that mistake again, so he went 134 the rest of his career then he got 2nd as a Sophomore, Redshirted then won as a Junior and Senior winning his last 90 matches after losing to a Nebraska wrestler his first match as a Junior after his redshirt year, it is better to wrestle a weight division too high than too low, Marstellar probably thought he could NOT win the spot at 165 or 174 and 184 is TOO big, so he tried to make the team by wrestling at too low a weight, he will be much improved at 165 or 174.
  5. I thought the Valencia brothers redshirted to concentrate on the Olympic Trials? but neither is on the list of trials qualifiers, also I thought Mark Hall was going to compete in the Olympic Trials and his name is not on the list of Trials qualifiers either, anyone with info?
  6. Joseph missed weight (157) TWICE at tournaments this year, he has to go 165, too much risk of missing weight or not being effective trying to lose too much weight, Nolf is a bonus point machine at 157 Nolf should stay at 157 as he is great at 157.
  7. What about people who never wrestled before college? Here is a 2 time NCAA champion who never wrestled until after high school, he did wrestle in the Army and made the Olympic team 6 months after he started. http://nwhof.org/blog/dg-inductees/dale-lewis/
  8. Nevills wrestled in the Big 10 (14) championship tournament, I would call those important/meaningful college matches, true none have competed in the NCAA tournament, regardless that is a very good potential lineup next year.
  9. Z. Richards, Sorenson and Nolf lost so far today, Big 10's are crazy tough.
  10. However, this tweet says Pac 12 (6) champions are going to National Duals. https://twitter.com/CSUBWrestling/status/698381863614705664 So I guess just have to wait and see.
  11. http://www.nwcaonline.com/nwcawebsite/news/2016/02/12/nwca-division-i-weekend-preview-february-12-2016
  12. I read somewhere that the Pac 12 (6) will NOT participate, so there WILL be 2 Wild Card teams. Probably because the Pac 12 (6) has their conference meet a week earlier than the other conferences.
  13. Kyle Snyder and Hunter Stiebler also are short of 8 matches. Snyder is 2-0 with 1 match vs Wisconsin left on the schedule and another for National Duals, so he would have 4 matches going into Big 10 (14) then 3-4 matches at Big 10's will bring it to 7 or 8 depending on the way they bracket it, so if Snyder wrestles 3 matches to win Big 10 (14) giving him 7 matches, would he not be able to wrestle at NCAA's due to the 8 match technicality? Seems silly, but if they let him be an exception to the rule, others like Nevils would have a gripe they should be able to wrestle NCAA's with less than 8 matches.
  14. Vincenzo Joseph is undefeated as a redshirt, though he missed weight for 2 tournaments.
  15. Gantt could also do well at NCAA's. I think Smith can win, Martinez no longer has the aura of invincibility, Smith is a Smith they have been doing good things in wrestling for decades, yes Smith can win NCAA.
  16. J. Cortez and K. Hayes (both redshirting) Heil, Walz, Gant, Miller. Gilman, Peters, Mayes, Sorenson, Garrett.
  17. He was probably the best at 118 at least his Senior year, but he was cutting WAAAAY too much, if he went to 126 he probably would have got 2nd to Barry Davis.
  18. I am surprised the Edinboro 149 pounder (Lugo) is not in the top 33.
  19. A spot does NOT BELONG to anyone just because they committed, It is earned by how someone is wrestling in practice, wrestleoffs, open tournaments and most importantly who the coach/s think can produce the most points at NCAA (among the power wrestling schools that are contending for a team championship at NCAA's.) I think Haines deserves a right to compete for the starting spot, but the spot is not his until he earns it, from what I read on messageboards Haines lost the wrestleoff to Tavanello (if Haines was getting the best of Tavanello in the room after that I am sure the coach/s would give him more chances, then when Snyder said he wanted to wrestle this year Haines and Tavanello conceded Snyder was better and both agreed not to wrestleoff (which if true is disappointing as no combat athlete should just concede without a fight meaning wrestloff).
  20. If they say chanting USA-USA is unsportsmanlike, I say what a bunch of baloney, NOT being able to chant USA is anti American, which seems to be a growing problem on College campuses, examples University of California Berkeley AND UC Irvine both had student groups try to have the American flag taken down from those campuses (and UC Irvine took it down for a few weeks) and the reason they gave was it is a symbol of patriotism, patriotism = love of country I always thought that is a good thing, anyways sorry to be WAAAAY off subject, but I hate the wussification of America and Anti-Americanism that seems to be going on.
  21. It seems when wrestlers get mad they throw punches, and when boxers get mad wrestle. Seems strange when combat athletes get mad they get away from their strengths, anyone else notice that? did not see the miller incident, but did see Anthony Valencia throw a punch a couple of weeks ago, he missed by a mile and it was an arm punch, so would not have hurt anyway, the point is he got away from his strength. With the very few that can do both wrestle and box I wonder what they do? would a Danny Hodge who can both box and wrestle, stick with those strengths? or would he try to kick or something which is not his strength? Just funny to think about.
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