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  1. This is actually true according to the protocol and I didn't think of it. Japan removed their whole women's team from the Asian champs because some of them were in contact with someone who had covid, none of them even tested positive. If UWW finds out about this do they tell the Iranian fed that none of them can come? I'm sure all these guys have been around Zare recently.
  2. I think it's the same in Iran for the general population, i'm sure they are not retesting everyone who has had covid before they start going out again. Most likely they recommend a certain period to stay home then you are fine. The problem is these guys are in a special situation unlike the average person who goes on with his life in that every time they enter the national training centre from the outside world they need to test negative for covid. If he keeps testing positive for months then he's basically doomed as far as the Olympics go because they wont let him train. But on the other hand today is Tuesday and I would not be surprised at all if he tests negative as soon as Thursday, depending on when his last negative test was before he tested positive yesterday.
  3. I'm not an expert but where I live they recommend 10 days from the day you test positive. 3 weeks seems extremely excessive, especially for a guy with no symptoms. I think there is a good chance he tests negative soon and he can be back late next week. Edit: And how often do they test the national team members? If it's every few days then we can know he just got it and will miss at least a week or so. If it's every few weeks or once a month for all we know he might be at the very end of having covid and could test negative within the next few days.
  4. How long is the isolation period they recomend in Iran after a positive test?
  5. You deserve a gold medal yourself for being knowledgable about heavyweight greco
  6. I had covid in January (very minor symptoms) and I believe I was told that I am immune to it for a while. If so then it might be a good thing he got it now instead of 1 week before the Olympics. And I assume he does not have any serious symptoms for him to take a long time to recover. Tbh this is only bad for Taheri, if he wins gold coaches won't care, he will be in the same position he was after Kolov (it's Asia) and if he doesn't win gold it's probably over for him. I think this would be resolved in Poland anyway unless Taheri does not win gold which I think he will. If Zare is actually sick then yes he has a big opportunity.
  7. Unfortunately because this is Iran we may never see the match
  8. Maybe forget about Amouzad for this year - he lost in the semi final of the junior world team trials at 61kg today! Firouzpour (86), Abdollahi (97), Veisi (57) and Elahi (70) are some names I recognised that made the finals.
  9. Yazdani I know is 20, Akmataliev is early 20s (wrestled juniors in 2017)
  10. I didn't mean wrestle off, although I guess they could do that. But with not long left I would not add weight cuts for them to wrestle domestic matches against each other when they need to wrestle outside of Iran also. Send 3 of them ( Yaz, Ghiasi, Amouzad) to Poland or something and just see what happens. Or maybe if Ghiasi does bad in Asia just send Yazdani and Amouzad. It's just that I think Atri will have an easier time in the Olympics compared to worlds because of the smaller brackets. I still wouldn't pick him to medal but despite it being the most important tournament in the sport I think his chances are better than usual. According to Atri Amouzad does well against 65kg guys in training anyway. Or maybe they leave Amouzad at 57 and work on Yazdani for 65, he definitely has potential in my opinion if he can manage the match a bit better. I expect nothing at this weight anyway and I don't want to make it sound like I would be upset if Yazdani went. His style is at least entertaining.
  11. Should they give Atri the 57 spot and try Amouzad at 65? Whatever happens I hope they don't kill this kid with weight cuts. He's already confirmed he is going 65 right after the Olympics anyway.
  12. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CNhkduhHpyZ/?igshid=hty8cdddygnm If anyone wanted to see Masoumi's son
  13. You guys know me lol I will be focusing on the junior FS trials. But yes off to the next tournaments.
  14. Forfeiting bronze is even more stupid to be honest, the guy above you could fail his drug test then you will be wishing you wrestled the match. This is how American qualified 65kg in 2016! Yes it is unlikely but if you are not qualified you have nothing to lose by doing 1 more match. And their 57kg wrestled and won his pointless gold medal match against China so I don't know why they forfeited the other gold medal matches, maybe cause the guys are older like @wrestfan said.
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