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  1. wooow Emami seriously went back to 70kg.
  2. I believe Karimi is mostly focusing on physical training recently and hasn't done much actual wrestling. Ebrahimi looked good in the league so I would either just send him or have him wrestle Karimi if Karimi wants a trial as he is the medalist from 2019 worlds.
  3. 74 is interesting. Sending Hosseinkhani without a trial would be very stupid. And why would Emami go to 74 for one tournament and look good and then immediately go back down to 70kg?
  4. Interesting that in the list they just published for wrestlers invited to the training camp they have Emami as a 70kg wrestler and Ehsanpour as a 61. Amouzad is listed as a 57.
  5. Ok I see. Do you know if Ehsanpour is at 61 or 65?
  6. Is Atri wrestling in the league?
  7. It wasn't much to watch to be honest. In the Mohammadian Shabani match nothing happened until the last minute and Zare pushed Mohebi out 3 times in the first period and got a shot clock point and that was it. This is Hassan's match against the other Karimi where he wrestled as expected against a very weak wrestler.
  8. Zare beat Mohebi kind of easily. It will be interesting if the team with Amouzad wrestles the Iran mall team. A lot of people are talking about Amouzad, he beat an unknown wrestler and Sarmasti very easily but Sarmasti is a finished wrestler. Could he beat Sadeghi just coming out of cadets? lol.
  9. https://www.telewebion.com/live/tv3 This guy on the TV is saying Zare will wrestle Mohebi at 125
  10. Do you know why this Iran mall team bought basically every good wrestler? Is winning the Iranian wrestling league with 0 fans in the arena watching and the dual today not even televised that important?
  11. Well looks like the second group of teams will wrestle on schedule. Is there any interesting matches this week or is everyone good on the Iran Mall team?
  12. He can lose weight and go back to 97. He is tall but is carrying a lot of fat. You can watch the video of his match with Taheri. I don't think he has much chance to make the team at either weight, so maybe he should go to junior worlds at 125 if they have junior worlds this year. Then he can win a third junior world gold and he would have junior world golds at 92, 97 and 125.
  13. The only thing we can know for sure and is guaranteed Zare will win 3/4 olympic golds and around 8 world golds. I'm not sure where Foroutan can fit here.
  14. Foroutan looks like he just got fat, lol. His stomach is coming out of his singlet. But it seems he changed his style a bit, probably because he is not as physically strong compared to other HW wrestlers. Taheri really did nothing the whole match aside from the 1 pushout.
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