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  1. Reza Yazdani ( 84 to 96), Rashidov ( 61 to 65)
  2. I know there was some "proof" that Sadulaev is older from a screenshot of a documentary allegedly showing his real birthdate, but I don't really buy it. His increase in size and improvement as a wrestler makes me think his age is accurate or very close to accurate. He just barely won cadet worlds the first time he went. After that yeah he was dominant pretty much until now. What is his alleged real age?
  3. Never been to India. Just think it would be cool as a guy like Bajrang seems pretty popular over there by wrestler standards and they are developing a decent team even though they flopped this year.
  4. I would like to see it in India.
  5. Mo will retire now imo. Release the Goleij. Dast zire ketf! Can't believe all the effort the federation went to too force this guy onto the olympic team at all costs, lol.
  6. He's taking a break or potentially not coming back. Nothing wrong with him physically.
  7. Huge tournament for Amouzad. Only fault is he didn't hit his trademark whip over in the final, lol. Start of the year he killed himself to beat Ghiasi so clearly improving fast. Will be interesting to see how 65 shakes out. Bajrang, Aliev and Mus are a bit older. Otoguro won worlds at 19 years old and is the olympic champ but I spoke to someone who does media at these UWW events and he says Otoguro doesn't particularly care about wrestling, lol. Japanese are known to disappear after olympic golds and it seems he has other interests. Taghavi's rival Yonemitsu did the same after gold in 2012. Rashidov also just lost to a young Russian, the JWC from 2021. Very interesting weight.
  8. Thanks for the info. For men's freestyle it was also 2 silvers and bronze this time also if i'm correct ?
  9. Almost wish for Atri's sake he would have got bronze instead of silver. Better way to get your first world medal after 27 attempts. Instead he was the victim of a wrestling clinic from Higuchi lol.
  10. No. I think most UWW referees never wrestled. And I assume female wrestlers from Turkey, Egypt and other countries are mostly Muslim although likely not ultra religious.
  11. He bullied atri lol. At least he got his medal.
  12. Is this Mongolia's best result at a worlds ever?
  13. Never made a wrong pick before in this thread but hey maybe today's the day. Wouldn't bet on it though. Anyone give Atri any chance against Higuchi? Even a sliver? An ounce? Personally no. Good for him getting his first world medal though. He never gave up lol. Maybe he can avenge Rahimi's loss to Higuchi but highly unlikely imo.
  14. UWW matches uploaded onto site instantly now it seems. Big improvement especially considering can't rewind the stream anymore.
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