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  1. I would prefer it if there were less overall wrestlers but more weights as long as you keep the top guys but they won't do it because they want as many countries to win medals as possible. Same reason they have double bronze which is a joke and makes 0 sense. They don't want every podium to be some mix of Russia,Japan,USA,Iran,Azerbaijan,Georgia, etc. I'm not sure what the exact reason is for the different weights in GR and FS but I don't think it has anything to do with not being able to agree to weights. Maybe they think wrestlers will see that the number of weight classes is so low and choose a style to wrestle based off of their bodyweight? Lol.
  2. I agree but it would be nice to get all 6 weights. You never know a weak/average wrestler gets a dream draw, someone gets injured or something and a guy who you would think would do poorly ends up with a medal.
  3. This was the Asian championships. The only thing you receive is a medal if you come top 3. The Asian championships take place every year. The Asian Olympic qualifier is a separate tournament that takes place during Olympic years. If you come first or second you receive an Olympic spot for your country in that weight class.
  4. This tournament had nothing to do with qualification. Actually Zare has two wins ( tech and pin) over the guy who just pinned Hadi.
  5. Bazri is more suited to basketball
  6. Agreed, I would prefer Zare for the Olympics.
  7. Catastrophe for hadi as he is pinned by kazakhstan
  8. Hosseinkhani lost to Jitender 2 - 2 Dastan lost Bazri won over the Kazakh who always loses to Iranians but looked even worse than usual
  9. Maghsoudi was very weak. Most somewhat good wrestlers can score on Bajrang before his cardio takes over the match. Maghsoudi wasn't even close. And the final definitely confirmed to me that right now Bajrang is among the most overrated wrestlers in the world. He is good but no chance for gold, in 2019 worlds if he was on the other side of the bracket he would not have won a medal. He needs another good draw for bronze or silver. Otoguro had him completely figured out.
  10. Maybe you are right but a wrestler does not need to be anything special to be Iran's best wrestler at 65kg right now. I wonder if they will even qualify the weight.
  11. Yes Maghsoudi is the junior world champion. And Bazri should beat Punia. No
  12. That's it for the results I believe. I demand that USA Wrestling forfeits the third place trophy immediately.
  13. Hand over the third place team trophy USA Wrestling.
  14. He's talking about the world championships. Type Khutaba (SYR) into the youtube search and all his matches come up.
  15. 125kg has been qualified for Iran. The Syrian on Mohebi's side of the bracket failed his drug test.
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