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  1. I think his big jump at 86 was from 2017 to 2018 and onwards. He looked much better to me in 2018 worlds than 2017 worlds (despite not winning in 2018), since then he's looked like he's hit his prime and been fully comfortable at the weight. I don't think 2021 Yazdani is noticeably better than 2019 Yazdani, for example. If you're talking about wrestling Taylor specifically then yes, he wrestled him smarter this most recent time. Still think Taylor is a much more complete and well rounded wrestler and will always pick him until I see him decline. Stress on Hassan probably gets worse the more he loses to him also. According to Dabir (head of the Iranian fed) he was kind of freaking out backstage in Tokyo. Can't be easy for him going into this with the prospect of going 0 - 4 against his rival.
  2. Well you have one basically guaranteed gold with Taylor, after that i'd say Burroughs. 1 - Taylor 2 - JB 3 - Cox 4 - Dake 5 - Gilman (Below here I would be very surprised if they won, so kind of hard to rank) 6 - Yiani 7 - Snyder 8 - Fix 9 - Green 10 - Gwiz
  3. https://www.instagram.com/iawf.ir/channel/ You can watch them all here if you have your binoculars, I was gonna watch but thenI saw how bad the stream was. Just wait till first of november for worlds to see how they do. They should get that idiot who takes the pointless pictures of them training every week that they upload to their site and tell him to switch his camera to video mode. A wrestling match has to be one of the easiest things on the planet to film but these guys can't get it right, I am not asking for deep sea wildlife footage.
  4. While that may be true I don't think that group of people included any UWW officials, cautions under UWW rules aren't based off who shoots more. If you're getting backed up in FS and going to your knees on the edge to avoid step outs then it doesn't matter if you take more shots and your opponent never shoots like Yazdani, you will be called for passive. If its more like the second match in Budapest then neither of them will be put on the clock because there was constant scoring. But if its like the first or third match with Yaz mostly moving Taylor around trying to get step outs then Taylor is going to be called passive. Just how they call it.
  5. No, that's not how freestyle cautions work. If the match looks the same Yazdani will not be put on the clock.
  6. lol, wow. Kind of good, I want to see that match again actually.
  7. Naifanov beat Kurugliev today in the world team trial, so Hassan will be separated from him and Taylor.
  8. Interested to see Japan's 65kg, he teched everyone at junior worlds
  9. Oh, he shouldn't abandon it. That would be disastrous for him and he would likely get teched or pinned. He can play around with other styles (like he did at Asian champs) but against Taylor I agree wrestling any other style than what he did in Tokyo is a terrible idea.
  10. Correct, Yaz only pushes. He pushed so we'll... He's only lost to DT since 2016. He needs to become a better all around wrestler if he wants to compete at the world and Olympic level . cool it pal
  11. Correct, he is coming to push him again. Yazdani knows he has no chance in any other aspect of wrestling against Taylor outside of being stronger and pushing, which is why he is essentially guaranteed to lose to him for the 4th time.
  12. Going to have to do more than that if he wants to beat the more technical Taylor and his two genius coaches
  13. Watched some of the Medved, Veisi at 57 who is the guy who actually won our junior trial (Gholizadegan came third) came 5th but didn't win a match due to small brackets. He came 5th by losing twice, lol. TBH he is pretty bad, I was wondering how he was considering Gholizadegan has done somewhat well recently winning two senior tournaments. From what I saw at the Medved he only does underhook pushing, never shoots and gets countered easily. Big Firouzpour came third, got teched by Mamedov in under a minute in his second match. Foroutan came second at 125, Lost 7 - 1 in the final to Khramiankou from Belarus. Funny match, Foroutan literally must have got to his legs around 8 - 9 times but either gave up his own takedown from there or the Belarus wrestler just escaped. As I said ages ago in terms of finishing takedowns Foroutan must be 1 of the slowest wrestlers in history and he paid for it here. Foroutan would have been better off just trying to underhook push his way to a win.
  14. Firouzpour has a decent weight for his debut at 92kg at the Medev with Mtisuri and a bunch of Russians. Him vs Goleij at 97 in the future will be an incredible match, lol. And that's funny about Ebadi. Iranian coaches seem to think they always have to involve themselves somehow with these decisions.
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