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  1. Think you have the wrong wrestler maybe. Kurtanidze was born in 72.
  2. Unfortunately he is going in the wrong direction. He wrestled Cox a lot better last year. Maybe because that match was in the middle of the tournament and this time he had a whole night and day to sit around worry about it. Or maybe Khadem gave him a better plan, who knows. Kurtandize was at least a few years older than Heidari. That 2004 match was his third Olympic games. Karimi is a year older than Cox.
  3. Sometimes the other wrestler is just better. Russians have the best coaches in the world and Rahimi eliminated their wrestler in 2014,2015 and 2016. Esmailpour used to do the same thing every match but he always won against Americans except for one loss where he went up to 65 briefly and was too small. If Karimi wrestles Cox at 97 it will be even worse in my opinion. His chance was at 86 where Cox was at least drained from the cut but he lost anyway. I will say it again Karimi almost always loses to good wrestlers who are physically stronger than him, because his style is very based of physicality (not saying he is a pusher like Goleij). Actually I would not be surprised if he won a bronze at 97 with the right draw. He beat Sharifov no problem.
  4. Seeing the same names over and over in these national championships. I thought Goudarzi retired after the trials controversy? Same for Jokar. Saw past cadet world champ Aeini at 57 but it seems he lost anyway.
  5. This is another thing. Only Taghavi (2009 and 2011 gold) , Sahin (2007 and 2008 gold) and Ramonov (2014 and 2016 gold) have been able to win more than once at this weight. Sahin was the only one who could do it back to back.
  6. 61 was probably the strongest weight in 2017 worlds The podium was Aliyev, Rashidov, Khinchegashvili and Bonne. All world champions.
  7. He definitely said Nader Hajaghania at 10:53. To be honest he could probably beat Hajaghania right now.
  8. Lol he always finds a way to mention the Tedeev stuff, I've read a lot of interviews with him (they are always entertaining, unlike most Iranian wrestler interviews) and this is far from the only one where he recalls that win. Honestly I was wondering about him as a wrestler. Do you know how good he was? I'm sure the Tedeev win was a fluke over a out of shape opponent, like when Gedeuv came to Iran and lost to Hasantabar. But it doesn't seem he ever even competed outside of Iran. I'm guessing he was just a random national level wrestler. Agree about Yazdani's preperation for worlds last year. Not sure what they were thinking when they didn't have him wrestle outside of Asia after the Paris world championships.
  9. Hassan's interviews are generally always similar. Very respectful and polite, won't say anything controversial. In contrast his coach (not the national team coaches you see with him at worlds, I mean the guy who taught him how to wrestle and trains him when he is in his hometown) is a lot more forward in his interviews. I remember after the recent trials he said Yazdani could have beaten his opponent by more but did not want to. Here is a short documentary on him and the conditions he is training these wrestlers in. He particularly loves to recall the time he beat Elbrus Tedeev in the Iranian league :)
  10. Even some wrestlers from juniors who were invited to try and make the u23 team did not bother. Maghsoudi and Foroutan were both invited to the trials in FS and neither of them showed up to the weigh in.
  11. Lol Dabir is talking like a random fan on the internet. I agree with Dabir that his weight was among the weakest Olympic weights but Hassan has beat some very strong wrestlers: - Ghasempour - 3 times, never in danger of losing any of the matches. A lot of fans don't know Ghasempour, especially non-iranian fans, but trust me if Hassan gets injured he will show everyone how good he is. - Karimi - Valiev - Kurugliev - Naifanov - Sharifov - Didn't looked too weak when he beat Snyder somewhat comfortably last week - Yasar - World medals from 70kg to 86, junior world champion at 66. Also how is he saying that he hopes Taylor doesn't make it to the Olympics? Lol very motivating for Yazdani that the Olympic champion who's the head of the federation says has such faith in him that he hopes one of his opponents is unable to compete. I think that comment was the main problem.
  12. Hassan Yazdani. It could be claimed the comments were highly controversial.
  13. Seeing a lot of anger over Dabir's comments on TV today regarding Yazdani
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