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  1. He would come back at 65, no way he can do 57 on a 2 day weigh in at his age after also not training for 3 years.
  2. What do you think about all this about Rahimi coming back?
  3. Japan and the IOC are denying the report strongly.
  4. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/japan-looks-for-a-way-out-of-tokyo-olympics-because-of-virus-lf868xfnd?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1611249451
  5. Indian Olympic committee has a lot invested in him. His own personal foreign coach, training abroad and stuff. Lot of pressure to win a medal in the Olympics.
  6. David Taylor will wrestle in France on the 15 January along with some other American wrestlers. Dabir said Hassan has to wrestle Taylor at least once before the Olympics, this is probably a good chance (and they might not get another one) but I doubt they will send a team.
  7. Lol am I being too harsh on Makoev? I'll just say that when I saw him make the final in 2017 I didn't think "oh wow this guy is going to be a medal threat for the next quad going into 2020". If you'd told me after that silver he never wins a world medal again I would believe you. I don't think Cox was too strong that tournament, he almost lost to Finland if I recall properly.
  8. I think Bajrang is a step behind the true gold medal calibre 65kg guys. The last time he wrestled Otoguro it was not close.
  9. Didn't Younes Emami break his nose like 2 weeks ago?
  10. lol I refuse to go above good. I would say great if he showed something more in the bronze match. We have seen wrestlers his age (or even younger) do more at better tournaments. Asgarov, Chamizo, Sadulaev, Otoguro come to mind. Wrestfan only said he only did OK anyway so be happy with good lol.
  11. He's 18. He will turn 19 about a month before the Olympics. Spectacular to me is a bit too strong in my opinion, Otoguro when he won world gold aged 19 is a spectacular result. It was a good result but in his last two matches we saw he has clear limitations right now.
  12. Amouzad wins bronze with a 4 - 0 over Andreyeu. His problem right now at this young age is against top guys he can control long portions of the match but has a hard time scoring. We saw that against Uguev and in his bronze match. Overall a strong performance, in a sense you could say he already has a better career than Atri (Atri failed at junior worlds, U23 worlds and three times at senior worlds) lol. The most impressive thing about Amouzad this tournament actually might be that Uguev couldn't turn him, because he destroyed everyone else on top.
  13. I'm sure he just wants the easiest path to a medal like others have said. No idea how it works in Argentina but he may be getting paid for medals.
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