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  1. Paris is a talented wrestler, definitely the best guy in the weight today. I am aware of what most big guys athletes in America do I have some family in California and Washington D.C lol. Unfortunately for Zare he is easy to analyse and the American coaching staff obviously had him figured out (he only does one thing) and they had an athlete with the talent and technical ability to execute the game plan to beat him. I was surprised Zare ran over the Russian as easily as he did. I agree with wrestfan they had a poor team despite winning the title.
  2. loool respect to the American. C'mon guys Zare is Goleij in HW. Even if he won here I would not have expected much from him at the senior level.
  3. I think Armenia's 125 has a bright future also.
  4. Abdollahi honestly wrestles like he's drunk or on some kind of drug. What happened to him?
  5. Judo probably takes a lot of their talent
  6. Japan's 61 is incredible I wish we had 1 guy like that. It also seems they send the B team to Asian championships because this guy was not there and neither was their 57, they won 57 with a different guy in Asia.
  7. I think he'd be too small for HW. He could always go down and win 92.
  8. Glad Cuba is here and got some medal. Unfortunately they are usually unable to afford to send a junior or cadet team to the world championships.
  9. The senior team usually shake hands also.
  10. Lol he lost a Russian in the final of the youth Olympics about a year ago but yes aside from that it is working out for him. Actually almost all of them wrestle like that some are just better at it or in weaker divisions like HW juniors.
  11. My face when Zare puts his dast under the Russian's ketf
  12. Some of these HW are unbelievable at junior worlds. I know wrestling is not about physique but the Armenian Zare wrestled looked like he was being sent to the world hot dog eating championships and ended up here by mistake. Awful wrestler. Same as the Egyptian but they are not really a wrestling country.
  13. Also America basically just eliminated the entire team. There was seriously 3 IRAN - USA matches going on at once lol
  14. Refs have been very poor past few tournaments I have watched. Challenges take like 3 hours now. I've seen multiple of our wrestlers get a single leg and drive the guy out but for some reason not get a point (even lose a point in the 92kg cadet final). I did not like the way the Abdolahi - Russia match was officiated at all. I thought if a guy is trying to turn you on the ground and you reverse to end up on top then thats 1 point? Same situation with the leg attack to step out.
  15. How did Foroutan score? Was already 4 - 0 when I started watching.
  16. Im glad he hit him the first round so we can see how good the guys really are
  17. They shouldn't have made 92. Now 2 weak weights. The top 2 at 92 are Cox and Karimi. Karimi was making 86 no problem - just wasn't good enough to make the team. Cox who has cemented himself as the top 92 is big enough to wrestle 97 no problem. I like the extra weights but at some point it goes over board.
  18. Jackson won Medved not Tbilisi
  19. Why is Maghsoudi wrestling at junior worlds? Yazdani is even in the team photos.
  20. Gostiev is Azerbaijan's main 86 right now and he is absolutely horrible. Ghasempour is going U23 again.
  21. I forgot his name. I think it's Karimi or something.
  22. Bajrang's coach is a Georgian. But he only coaches Bajrang and no body else. They have an Iranian also.
  23. Kavianinejad has to be the best young talent in Iran both styles by far.
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