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  1. Shiraz123

    Iran Wrestling News

    Emami out, I think he's the one they wanted for worlds at 65. Also some of the GR guys like Abdevali are behaving ridiculously after losing.
  2. Shiraz123

    Iran Wrestling News

    Saeid Abdevali - World champion and Olympic bronze Keramat Abdevali - Junior world champion 2017 Saman Abdevali Arman Abevali - Junior Asian champion 2017 Am I missing anyone?
  3. Shiraz123

    Iran Wrestling News

    I think Ghasempour is world class. It's easier without Karimi and Ebrahimi there but Ghasempour is a world class opponent for Yazdani in my opinion. Even though Yazdani will probably 10-0 him, but if they sent Ghasempour to worlds he is a guaranteed medal. He is around the same level as Karimi, he loses close matches to him in Iran but based on recent form he is probably wrestling a bit better internationally.
  4. Shiraz123

    Iran Wrestling News

    Btw do you know what happened to Rahimi and Ghasemi? They are saying Reza Yazdani is not injured but he is upset because his grandmother died and then his mother got sick. Rahimi and Ghasemi have not wrestled since 2017 world cup. What is this almost 2 year injury?
  5. Shiraz123

    Iran Wrestling News

    Looks like Khadem will get a similar team to what Talei had to deal with ( No Rahimi, Ghasemi, R.Yazdani) if they stick with the trials winners here for worlds. We will see if he is a better coach after all or if Talei just had a bad team.
  6. Shiraz123

    Chamizo dominates and then decks Tsabolov

    His old coach was. He was an old Cuban guy, not sure what happened to him after the Olympics. The current coach is Russian. I wonder if he coaches the whole Italian MFS team or just Chamizo and Kudyamagomedov?
  7. Shiraz123

    Euro Tournament

    Pretty surprising to see Akgul beat Petriashvili in the final here. Don't get me wrong I think Akgul is the better wrestler, but he looked very poor by his standards here. A close match with the Azerbaijani HW who he has destroyed multiple times in the past and another one with Russia's Kushkov. Going into today I though Petriashvili might beat him comfortably, I believe he teched his way into the finals. Akgul beats him 2-1 with a pushout off of Petriashvili's shot deciding the match. If he can still beat Petriashvili while seemingly out of form then it may get ugly for Petriashvili at worlds.
  8. Shiraz123

    Chamizo dominates and then decks Tsabolov

    He's only been at 74 for a few months now, so he will take losses. I doubt he beats Burroughs just yet, especially not right now this month. That's just going off of his performances here and in Ukraine. He got gold in Ukraine but had a lot of close matches against guys who aren't top 74s if I remember right. Obviously he was better here pinning Tsabalov. Could he be the gold medal favourite by 2020, though? I wouldn't be surprised.
  9. Shiraz123

    Naifonov vs. Kudiamagomedov!

    Wfan, has Kudiamagomedov not been a giant disappointment? I recall some in Russia claiming he would step right in and win 86 when Sadulaev went up. Instead he loses constantly and then transferred to Italy.
  10. Shiraz123

    Iran Wrestling News

    Hmmm.. ok. I had not followed wrestling for a while and read the results on IAWF site and almost spat my food when i saw Bazri beat Karimi. Then I read this thread and I see it's a guy with the same name, lol. Khadem is back again also? He left for like two days. What happened?
  11. Shiraz123

    Ed Ruth to 79kg

    He was a good wrestler, he just didn't care towards the end and had his eye on MMA. Ruth was even close with Kudyamagomedov back when everyone was hyping him as being almost as good as Sadulaev (lol). By the time he lost to Herbert he had lost interest in the sport.
  12. Shiraz123

    Iran Wrestling News

    When is the final round?
  13. Anyone else feel these weights have watered down the product? 6 weights is definitely ridiculously low but maybe 10 is too much? I feel like 8 weights with day before weigh in was a better product. 92kg especially is reducing my excitement for 86kg this year, as a lot of potentially great matches are lost. Another thing, are they doing 2 day weigh in during the 2020 Olympics with just 6 weights? That seems almost criminal to make these guys do day of weighins two days in a row with only 6 weight classes.
  14. Shiraz123

    Should they cut 79 and 92?

    Talking purely from a product perspective. USA won the team title with 8 weights anyway. Russia also benefits greatly with 79, they can put Tsablov at 74 and have Gedeuv/Gadzhiamagomedov at 79.
  15. Shiraz123

    World Cup Takaways - USA

    wow you are delusional regarding James Green How is his so close to world gold? He's essentially the wrestling equivalent of those boxers who crush cans. When he hits a good opponent he completely falls apart. 2015 - Lost to Yazdani at 70kg 9-4. Yazdani himself got handled by Gadzhiamagomedmov in the finals 10-3. 2016 - Lost to Kurbanov who lost to Hosseinkhani for bronze. Hosseinkhani himself was destroyed by Kurbanaliev 8-0, who went on to win gold 2017 - Made the finals, pretty much got embarrassed by Chamizo. The weight would have to be completely empty of all top talent for Green to win gold based on his past 3 years.
  16. Since wresting works differently in American than places like Iran or Russia, i'd be interested to know how the money is split between the online broadcasting companies and the wrestlers?
  17. Alright guys let's calm down let's relax, it's only world cup at the end of the day. If some of the big countries were missing worlds/olympics then I would understand.
  18. Iran pulled out of world cup a few weeks ago due to a dispute with UWW. India is going instead.
  19. Hamid Sourian won both junior and senior worlds in the same year. I believe it was 2005 junior and senior world gold.
  20. Shiraz123

    Iran Wrestling News

    Hajaghania makes Atri look like Saitiev. If Atri can't make 57 anymore it's probably better to just send a junior or something instead of Hajaghania. This guy is the worst wrestler to be on any Iran team at any weight in a long time, including guys like Tahan and Mohammadi. Also I heard they had a plan for Ghasempour to be at 79. He could probably do well.
  21. Shiraz123

    Dan Kolov results

    He didn't actually wrestle Demirtas if people don't know. Demirtas forfeited the match.
  22. So as some you know it was officially announced by the Iranian wrestling federation that the Iran FS team would not be going to the Iowa world cup due to a dispute with UWW over the date of the GR world cup that was supposed to be hosted in Iran but has now been moved elsewhere. I know some USA fans were a bit down about this as you wanted to see another classic USA-IRAN world cup dual, however I am sure you will be delighted to hear that you will not be missing out on any great match ups as there is a high chance that India may step in and take Iran's spot! Yes, it's true. UWW has contacted the Indian federation in regards to participating in the world cup. What India-USA matches are you most excited for in this upcoming world cup?
  23. Shiraz123

    Iran Wrestling News

    How come Asian championships isn't using the new 2 day weigh in?
  24. Shiraz123

    Iran Wrestling News

    So Talaei and everyone else is gone?