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  1. We won't get to see the Zare - Gwiz super match :(
  2. Zare beats 2019 world bronze medalist Rakhimov 12 - 2
  3. Match isn't over yet but Yazdani is about to lose to Shiraev (the wrestler that Maghsoudi beat in the finals of junior worlds a few months ago), Yazdani got to his legs a few times and was even behind him but wow he just could not take him down at all. Match is over, Yazdani loses 10 - 0
  4. Ebrahimi wins 11-1 over a Russian in his first match
  5. Forutan wins 4-3 over a Russian I haven't heard of.
  6. I could be wrong but I believe Dastan is the guy who went to junior asians and lost to china
  7. Dastan is losing right now. I don't think any of the others wrestled yet.
  8. Yazdani 10 - 0 over 2013 world champ Goygereev. Finally an Iranian beats this guy lol after what he did to Esmailpour and Ehsanpour. Although I think he lose to Esmailpour in the league a few years after that 2013 match.
  9. I totally forgot. For some reason I thought his bronze was this year. It would however still be the first time an Iranian junior eligible HW beats a multiple time medalist from America at the Alans.
  10. I'm trying to say that if Zare were to somehow pull off the upset against Gwiz he would be making history as it would be the first time that an Iranian junior eligible wrestle has beaten a returning American heavyweight world medalist at the Alans tournament.
  11. Parris did a great job but i'm just saying it would be a historic moment if Zare could beat a monster like Gwiz.
  12. Would be incredible if Zare takes out American superstar Gwizdowski after beating Geno
  13. Bazri lost in the final dual 3-2. His very weak leg attacks will always be a problem for him when he faces a guy who can handle his underhook as he does not have other ways to score. Interestingly in the final at 97 after beating Mohammadian Sharipov lost to Zhabrailov 5-2. Zhabrailov is the same wrestler that Karimi ran over in the semi finals at worlds a few months ago before losing to Cox.
  14. 57 - Ramos 65 - Metcalf 74 - Green 86 - Herbert 97 - Varner 125 - Dlagnev
  15. Yazdani vs Bayat https://tamasha.com/v/BPZXB Yazdani vs Mojerloo https://video.varzesh3.com/video/204211/کشتی-حسن-یزدانی-در-نیمه-نهایی-لیگ-برتر-کشتی-آزاد
  16. Is there a video of the dual with Yazdani and Mojerlo?
  17. I think he's 19. Wrestfan posted his age in this thread. Or 18 and about to turn 19.
  18. Akgul's cardio is worse than Petriashvili's. Petriashvili can't compete with Akgul when Akgul is fresh. Btw what was Zare's first takedown? I saw the match but looked away at that part. Without that he loses 10 - 0. Definitely a very strong win regardless since Zare is a junior.
  19. Just saw the Maghsoudi - Yazdani match again. Not saying Maghsoudi is a much better wrestler but he definitely won that match. How did they give this as 2 for Yazdani after the challenge? I also thought they didn't give one of Maghsoudi's pushouts for no reason.
  20. He donated all his medals to the shrine of whichever one of those imams is buried in Mashad. I forgot his name.
  21. Our best chance for a Olympic medal at 74 is Hasanov but the weight may be too strong at this point if he goes back down.
  22. Hassan Yazdani wrestled 92 today and beat Shahbazi 10 - 0. Other interesting result was Yazdani beat Maghsoudi 9 - 9 at 65kg.
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