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  1. Davidovi, the Italian who Amouzad destroyed at world cup did decent here. He had a close match with Suriano who is good.
  2. Looool you guys are too much
  3. 74 is guaranteed by Dake, 86 is guaranteed by Taylor and you will get 1 more somewhere
  4. This American team will win at least 3 golds in Tokyo from what I am seeing
  5. our guy little karimi would slice through him brother
  6. Loooool cmon classic Ehsanpour loses at the last second to Indian superstar Rohit If @irani never asked that question about if he's any good I wouldn't have given that answer and none of this would have happened
  7. Rohit will win, everytime I talk negatively about a wrestler they end up doing well.
  8. Is that not the same guy? Ehsanpour isn't that good lol but as far as I know India isn't deep at 65 like Russia or something, they have 1 strong wrestler at the weight and he wasn't at that tournament according to the article. If Ehsanpour loses to his backup he's getting crossed off like Karimi. They almost crossed off Ehsanpour, Karimi and Taheri in one tournament but Taheri has a high IQ and avoided their trap.
  9. From searching his name on YouTube he was wrestling in cadets and juniors two years ago. He's a young wrestler, didn't win anything in those age group tournaments either. Actually our cadet wrestler (also called Karimi, lol) won gold at the weight he was in at Asian cadets in 2018. From what I see if Ehsanpour loses to him then that's a very bad loss.
  10. I think that's the first guy eliminated now at 97kg for the Olympics in Iran. Feel sorry for him, he's a good wrestler but had to go up 2 weight classes because of Yazdani then because of the 6 weights. Things always go wrong for him in Olympic years, we all remember last time when he started losing to everyone. To be honest he won that match with Moore, they didn't give him his two for the takedown. It doesn't matter though, anything less than a convincing gold here would have not been enough. 92kg for the worlds after the Olympics. If Cox isn't there he can probably win it. He weighed 93kg here according to an instagram page that is pretty reliable.
  11. That Italy tournament and the Snyder win in particular seems to have gave Mohammadian a huge edge over the other 97kgs in terms of how the coaches see him, even if it is over a year since now.
  12. He's wrestling him today, not sure why they don't use the two day format for the ranking tournament. They should wrestle within the next hour or so.
  13. Ok, if you select a weight and then press results you can see all the upcoming matches for that weight. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/matteo-pellicone-0?tab=results&weight-category=a5c8b1a4-7b4f-11eb-929b-080027c03e17 https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/matteo-pellicone-0?tab=results&weight-category=a63307de-7b4f-11eb-929b-080027c03e17
  14. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/matteo-pellicone-0?tab=schedule
  15. Considering the controversy about the upcoming trials and the coaches not making it clear how many times the wrestlers will have to wrestle each other why didn't the coaches just say that if Hassan wins the first match he will not need to wrestle Ghasempour again because he is the returning world champ and we are giving him that advantage. Who could have a problem with that? Even the American system which is a good example for our system gives an advantage to a returning world medalist (gets to wait in the trial finals and only wrestle one guy). Iranian coaches try to hide everything too much when everyone knows what they want to do (if Hassan wins they want to end the trial after the first match, if Ghasempour wins they need to wrestle again) and it ends up causing trouble that could be avoided with honesty.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbQE6l8zSGs&ab_channel=UnitedWorldWrestling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZl88QyRLJo&ab_channel=UnitedWorldWrestling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jr-B9SYDGgs&ab_channel=UnitedWorldWrestling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5m6gA5X7mU&ab_channel=UnitedWorldWrestling
  17. Yeah they still go on about Esmailpour beating him on instagram, lol. That was Esmailpour at his peak while Bajrang was still very young, I will give him that even though I think he is overrated. Nasiri beat him at least once, maybe more.
  18. Turkey will wrestle Israel no problem
  19. It would be really great if Ehsanpour beats Bajrang. He probably won't but still. Tired of hearing about Bajrang all the time lol.
  20. No greco team in Rome. Italy is weak in greco so they didn't send a team according to Bana, lol.
  21. Big Firouzpour will have a better career than little Firouzpour , I promise that lol. Come back to it in a year or two. This year they both need to go back to juniors anyway because they can't be on the Olympic team. I know "little" Firouzpour is actually the older one so that's assuming he is still junior. Is Nejati still a junior?
  22. What are our chances to get a gold in greco? And which weight do we need to qualify?
  23. Is Abdevali going to try and make the team or was that basically the Olympic trial?
  24. When they had that 4 person trial at 74kg which Hosseinkhani won do you remember who Firouzpour beat and lost to? Or did he lose to everyone?
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