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  1. Do you think this was a financial choice? They may not get another chance to wrestle outside of Asia until the Olympics. Seemed like a good chance to get some experience.
  2. Is the 2012 and 2016 Iran greco Olympic team the only time in history a country sent the exact same team ( i know some guys moved weights) to two olympics? It must be in at least past 20 or 30 years, right?
  3. Taylor, but if Burroughs wins it would be the most impressive win in wrestling that I can recall in a long time.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHqAaObBtmK/?igshid=1th7kzgojvxvc What is Lashgari smoking, lol.
  5. Armenia might be the last country to get it, the guy who made the vaccine is a Turk.
  6. World championship is cancelled for world cup. Khadem is wishing he was still head coach now, this was his dream situation.
  7. Dont worry, young guy Ghiasi will save Kermanshah's wrestling in the upper weights ( unless he stopped wrestling).
  8. I assume you mean 92 at the end Rahimi's post on the 57kg trials: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHSVqtNhECU/?igshid=1dxlcl1a26qe8 He put the pressure on Atri, lol
  9. I would have picked Mohammadian to beat everyone aside from Sadulaev and Zare to beat everyone aside from Akgul and Petriashvili but with a decent chance to beat both. That was before I saw how they wrestled at trials, though.
  10. If worlds happens: 57 - No medal 61 - No medal 65 - No medal 70 - Bronze or silver 74 - No medal 79 - Bronze maybe? 86 - Gold 92 - Gold 97 - Should win a medal but if he loses again like last year I think we can conclude his style doesn't work at the world level 125 - No medal
  11. Zare can beat Taheri with his usual style of just pushing but the match will probably always be close, because Taheri is a strong guy who doesn't do much so its hard to push him around the mat. Wrestlers who are more technical and take more risks and actually try and get takedowns will do better against him, Foroutan beat him two weeks ago with two takedowns from two leg attacks. And Foroutan is not even very strong in that area so god help Taheri if he has to wrestle Petriashvili or Akgul. Basically Zare has the wrong style for Taheri.
  12. Against good wrestlers (or just physically strong ones) Zare only does pushing. I know he is not Goleij where he only pushes against everyone, he does do some other stuff but it is mostly against weaker opponents. When he wrestles someone good he will have to add more than just pushing. From the way he was progressing and the wins he has as a junior ( Petriashvili, Hadi, Mohebi, Gwizdowski, Makhov and others) it seemed like he could just push his way to gold even in the senior level. Maybe he still can but after yesterday I think he may need to add more.
  13. Hopefully that fat guy who wrestled for Azerbaijan is not at worlds. But I think he transferred back to Russia.
  14. Ghasempour has said he weighs 85kg I am pretty sure
  15. Taheri was kind of fortunate that they put Zare on the shot clock twice. But still Zare couldn't score on him. Crazy to think of some of the names Zare has beat yet he loses to Taheri. And yes Foroutan beat him and was clearly better even if the score gap was not too wide in that league match. Probably angry he didn't show up now. Maybe that American would beat Zare again after all? Lol I also wonder how much impact the corona has on the results of these trials. I think it benefits "weaker" wrestlers more if both guys have not been able to train properly. And one word on Shabani, if that guy had better leg attacks or if they can improve him in that area he would be a monster. Right now I see a lot of his leg attacks just turn to pushouts.
  16. Definitely not me before today, I would have thought Zare would win very easily. But when we saw how they both wrestled Hadi I was more interested. That's a crazy result, though.
  17. Lol are they trying to steal this match from Shabani?
  18. Well done Ghasempour. I was a bit worried before the match he would struggle with Mohebi's strength and size.
  19. Mohammadian - Goleij - terrible match! And the commentator saying in the last minute saying if Goleij does 1 leg attack and takedown he wins. Does he know who he's talking about?
  20. Hard to say, Amouzad initiated the movement and they got up immediately after. It's not like Atri was on top of him after so you could say it's a takedown. Probably 2 - 2 is fair.
  21. I didn't see the full Atri match, just that sequence at the result. Next rounds will be interesting if he is out of shape. I thought Mohammadian won comfortably but yes he did as little as possible. Did they give Ghasempour the same place Ebrahimi had? Waiting in the final?
  22. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHM7CSmjz9C/?igshid=1p5rtjqc3lz1g A lot of controversy on Atri's 4 - 4 win over Amouzad. Maybe they will have them wrestle again? They have that power.
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