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  1. I agree, I don't think it will happen.
  2. What you do not realise is that many countries have had a more severe lockdown in response to the virus than America and it has also devastated their economies. Were all of these countries attempting to get rid of their government or is that just the case for the USA and Trump? Is it just a global thing to get rid of a lot of the current world leaders? If so, why? It's not in the "elites" interest for a large portion of their businesses to be closed.
  3. As we are speaking about crime, Nurmagomed Gadzhiev is under investigation for murder. He is one of Azerbaijan's 97kg guys.
  4. Lol, so following this logic was the covid crisis in Italy where they literally shut down everything except stores that sell food a plot to remove whoever the Italian president is? Because they had one of the most strict lock downs on the planet for a while.
  5. People think Covid 19 is to get rid of Trump? Omg lol.
  6. Downey can't even beat Deepak Punia and random Turkish backups. Total mismatch.
  7. I don't think GR has as much fan enthusiasm as FS even globally, but it does seem to have a wider variety of nations that are able to consistently win medals.
  8. Ok i just saw there is a whole thread on this, lol
  9. Beach wrestling will replace greco in the 2022 youth Olympics. I also read that there are rumours that GR is getting cut in 2024. Thoughts? Are they slowly trying to phase out GR? To me it makes no sense to take out GR and put in beach, if they do that I would prefer they just add more weights to FS, not bring in another style which as far as I know is similar to FS but just on sand. I do not see them proposing beach boxing or beach tae kwon do for the Olympics lol.
  10. Cmon he speaks very generally. Who are your toughest opponents? All of them are tough. Stuff like that. He has a naturally quiet personality probably.
  11. Of course Yazdani interviews will always be a good way to go to sleep if you are struggling, he speaks very generally and will not say anything interesting. Only one was after 2015 worlds when he lost in the final he said the Gazi seemed afraid of him before the match, lol. Aside from that he is a very dry interview. At least he is entertaining in his matches, though.
  12. United world wrestling will be interviewing Hassan Yazdani on their instagram today. Obviously Iranian wrestler interviews are usually terrible and very boring (especially Hassan, but I understand they are usually worried about creating controversy) lol but will be interesting to see what they ask him.
  13. Great wrestler but I wouldn't put Cox's winning medals at 86 and 92 up there with the other multiple weight medalists/championships. The 86/92 thing is a very different situation.
  14. But there is no date for this procedure starting, right? They don't know when the first provincial competitions will be?
  15. Doubt a pencil neck like you has much chance against Otoguro
  16. Lol, that or any country that would just let him be their 97 or make it very easy for him to be on the team. Main problem for him with his age and injuries is not Mohammadian (although I am pretty sure he beats Reza) but the trial procedure in general. This won't be like last year when they set up the trials for him and he only had to win one match and he didn't end up going anyway. Gatsalov is smart avoiding wrestling all these other Russians just for a chance at the Olympics when he knows this is his last chance and he is old. If I was Reza I would have tried to do something similar although it is probably too late now.
  17. Seeing that 37 year old Gatsalov will definitely be wrestling for Armenia if the Olympics even happens. It made me think I would like to see Reza Yazdani do something similar and wrestle for another country even though I know it will not happen. I want to see Yazdani wrestle at the Olympics but I think Mohammadian is by far the best option for Iran, and it's very unrealistic to me that Yazdani at his age and injury history is going to be able to participate in this new trial system. He is going to start from Mazandaran championships to nationals to Takhti to international tournaments and more? Very low chance in my opinion. Would be great if he could just wrestle for some country where he can just be their 97.
  18. I see, I thought you counted the Olympics and him winning 1 more world gold as 2. I agree if he did win the Olympics AND won 2 or 3 more world golds on top of that you could consider him the best in the 80s range but I find that very unlikely at his age.
  19. lets say he wins the Olympics and one more world gold. That gives him 3 world golds which is the same amount Sadulaev won at 86. Difference being Sadulaev never lost as a senior or even had a close match while we have seen Taylor lose and even lose one sided matches.I think at that point Sadulaev would still pretty comfortably be above him as he was a lot more dominant.
  20. Ok lol. Taylor has been on an incredible run and I do favour him to win the gold if the Olympics goes ahead next year. But in my opinion he got this good way too late in his career to seriously be in contention for any GOAT talk. He is 29 with 1 world gold. I can realistically see him winning 1 or 2 more golds. Would be a great career but there are a lot of those guys if you look through the records that are never mentioned as some of the best ever in their weight classes. Maybe just 1 more gold if they don't do a world championships this year (which I read they are considering in November or December) and his next chance is the Olympics in summer of 2021. I doubt he will be a factor in 2024.
  21. looool who from UWW made that list? Probably Nenad Lalovic typed it in quarantine. Respect to Takhti but no way is he the best Iranian wrestler.
  22. So is the rule that if a wrestler wins a gold at the world championships he can skip nationals and Takhti? Or he just said this for Hassan Yazdani because he has been successful over the last few years?
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