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  1. Yeah they send him to everything lol. He's a very talented wrestler I think, just seems to lose in stupid ways. Maghsoudi beating him at junior worlds is one of the biggest fluke wins I have ever seen. No disrespect to Maghsoudi but he was nowhere near Bayramov's level. How is the league this year in FS? Did one team buy all the good wrestlers like last time or will we see some interesting matches? And when does it start?
  2. He said on instagram on the post about this event that he wants to be included. I'm sure they will do that because Zare - Gwiz is not interesting. And i'm assuming the organiser has some guarantee/word from the Iranian federation that Iran will send their number 1 team, if not I wouldn't invite them. No one wants to see Taylor vs Bazri, lol.
  3. Apparently Steveson is coming at 125, not Gwiz. That surprises me. A lot of respect to Steveson for putting it on the line, he doesn't really need to do this seeing as he's won his olympic gold and gone/going to WWE and those fans won't know/care. Does more for Zare if anything. Mostly agree with you, but think USA is a good favourite over us at 65. Their 65s aren't medal calibre but they're a step up from Yazdani and Ghiasi. This will be interesting though, i'm sure they're not going to force them to make the actual weights (nor should they, i'm not complaining), so I wonder how that will impact the matches. Cox at 92 with a weight allowance will be tough for Ghasempour. But you could say not having to make 65 helps Yazdani since he fades hard. To be honest, looking at it, there's not a weight where Iran is a huge favourite.
  4. Team USA vs Team Iran on February 12 in Texas
  5. LOL. I would have said something nice about him but watching 130kg greco, no lol, i'd rather set myself on fire. Not for me. So he luckily escaped lol. Lopez winning 4 was cool but outside of that I don't care. I saw a bit of his match against Norway or some Scandinavian country the other day and I think that's enough for the next 4/5 years. That's a tough division to watch. Maybe UWW should let those big guys just trip each other or something. Good for him though. He is definitely a big strong boy, If I was him i'd try get into movies as a background bodyguard type character or be one of those big guys that does security for the celebrities. Probably pays better.
  6. Hater...LOL.. cause he picked a different guy to win. You weren't so firm on Saravi winning yourself. I don't think Greco is even popular enough for the guys to have foreign haters. Relax, no need for stuff like this.
  7. Brazil isn't considered a football country from what I understand. Haven't won a world cup in 20 years.
  8. ok. Well I don't know much about football but UAE is a small country. Think Iran will dominate them easily.
  9. Ok. I hate football lol. Is UAE a good team?
  10. Gatsalov is "only" a 1 time olympic champ, not 2 time. Was more than good enough to win more though.
  11. He'd gas for sure if he doesn't finish it early, and I don't think he techs Bajrang early, but I duno.. Would you be surprised if he got a big lead, faded hard, but just about held on with some creative cheating to win a close one by a point or on critiera? It is a fun match, wish it would have happened at least once.
  12. Just saw the Gerai match. He could have shook his hand at least after losing like that.
  13. The thing i'm upset about is that we never got to see Bajrang vs Musukaev at a worlds or olympics. That match up is fascinating to me. Does Musukaev destroy him before he gets tired? Cause i'm sure Musukaev out classes him when both are fresh, but there's no way he can wrestle with Bajrang for 6 minutes without fading hard. If he can't tech him, can he get a big enough lead to hold when he inevitably gasses? It's a shame we never got to see that match, I really wanted to just because of how different their strengths are.
  14. That's a good way to put it. I have spoken about how Bajrang generally seems to have lucked into some easier brackets over the years but this recent one without him was one of the most 1 sided brackets I have ever seen.
  15. Don't think so, he already beat Rahimzadeh easily before. Definitely better than Yazdani and Osmonov. Yeah i'd put him as a good favourite over all those guys.
  16. He would have strolled to the final on the other side of the bracket, lol. But yeah it's a tough weight. Seems Russia, Japan, Armenia and the Mongolian were all close when they wrestled amongst each other. Yianni was a clear level below those guys.
  17. Probably theofficial stream from UWW, and I disagree they are pretty good, outside of occasional mistakes and pronunciation errors which are understandable. Much better than the Scottish guy they bring sometimes, or even worse in 2014 when they had the french & scottish guy. Actually I enjoy these American commentators better than Hadi Amel and his nonsense catchphrases.
  18. What happened in the repechage match? I missed it.
  19. Goleij is Goleij lol he will never shoot on anyone decent, at 25 he's a different situation to Zare who was in his last year of juniors this year (I know he looks like he's 47). Goleik "added" leg attacks if you accept him shooting against weaker wrestlers, he didn't even do that before. He was shooting like Ghasempour against Shariatnia in Iran, I think it was the Takhti lol. Seems he's such a physical force and good at hand fighting and moving guys around that he can still be dangerous for even the likes of Snyder and win medals. 97 will be interesting. Hopefully Odikadze declines considering how old he is and stops bullying our wrestlers. Wouldn't be surprised at all if one of our guys steps up and knocks off Snyder, but Sadulaev is out of reach I think. Worlds are in Belgrade, Jokar is probably still frazzled by what Quitana did to him in the Olympic final so he's confused giving out wrong information
  20. Think Ghasempour was a lot more on the ball yesterday, that never should have been that close. Maybe thought the same thing I did after he beat Cox. Anyway good performance. Don't see Sarlak holding the spot at 57 until Paris but that was good for him getting a silver. Maybe I just underrate him. And Yazdani won the lottery with his medal. He should go up in weight I think. We can still win the team title if Elahi, Goleij and Sadulaev win. Goleij and Sadulaev are big favourites, we'll see with Elahi.
  21. Is this the same Ukrainian that beat him in Poland?
  22. What's Hadi saying about all the losses haha
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