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  1. Yes, Valiev ended up winning junior worlds that year. Karimi finally got to wrestle and beat him 10 - 0 in the tournament in Armenia shortly before the 2016 Olympics
  2. He is very good, I just think he got caught in a tough spot for these Olympics
  3. hmmmmm... not sure lol. He already lost a one sided match to Yazdani in 2017 trials, so at least you could say Mohammadian hasn't wrestled him yet. I think his chances are very low either way.
  4. Yes he has decided to go 97. Interesting choice because if he wanted he could have stayed at 86, even with 2 day weigh in. He was not cutting weight back at 86. Obviously he really doesn't want to wrestle Hassan Yazdani. But this choice was made before Mohammadian did what he did in Italy, lol.
  5. I don't think there is much chance of it happening at all, Russia has influence in UWW but they can't force these countries to send teams. I also wonder why Russia wants it to to happen so bad, their national tournament was just delayed for 20 days due to corona. Even if UWW is able to host tournaments again then they should prioritise the Olympic qualifier tournaments over a world championship. http://iawf.ir/Content/Content.aspx?PageCode=58794&th=
  6. Not to be disrespectful but who?
  7. I didn't see those lol. I'm guessing he just got fat? Doesn't mean with some time and training he couldn't make 86 and do well with the previous day weigh in. But I understand, after he won the Olympics he was invited to a lot of ceremonies, got married and spent some time away from training and then kind of rushed into the world championships.
  8. You don't think he could have stayed at 86 even with day before weigh in? Remember he left before they changed the weigh in rules.
  9. Lol actually some Iranian fans say this (implying he got scared and went up). I think Sadulaev went 97 for the challenge, personally. I really don't think he was too big of an 86. What is he, like 5'9?
  10. Feel like Gazi was better. Got a bit unlucky. Didn't help that the official didn't let him get his takedown at 1:11.
  11. Not saying it as a mark against him really, just saying that Sadulaev has legit dominated 2 weight classes. Hassan was not dominant at 74kg , he did have some very impressive accomplishments and obviously won the most important tournament but he did not dominate the weight class. When comparing p4p wrestlers that is important, which is why I think Sadulaev would still be the best p4p even if Yazdani had not lost to Taylor.
  12. No, I think Yazdani would be a clear p4p number 2 if he'd won the worlds in 2018 instead of losing to Taylor. Still behind Sadulaev as Sadulaev would have dominated both 86 and 97. Yazdani was only at 74 for less than a year and left as soon as he won the Olympic gold.
  13. https://www.instagram.com/clipkoshti/channel/ This guy has some interesting longer interviews with some current and past wrestlers (Talei, , Mohammadian, Zare and more) on his page. I only saw the Goleij and Talei ones so far, thought it would be interesting if you ever want something to watch. I'll just say don't watch the Goleij one lol because the connection is terrible they are mostly just asking if they can hear each other for 1 hour. Talei one was good, though.
  14. I want to see it too. It's interesting to see the different reactions to the way these two match up between Iranians fans and what Taylor felt being in the match. Iranian fans generally say Yazdani is more technical but Taylor is physically stronger, Taylor says he is more technical but Yazdani is physically stronger.
  15. Don't follow MMA too closely any more but from what I read it seems Jackson's MMA (where he trains) is considered a pretty bad camp right now. Had a losing record for years now. Might not be the best place for Pico in the long run considering his problems but i'm far from an MMA expert.
  16. I think 1 team bought all the good wrestlers anyway
  17. Maybe an Iranian will finally beat an old Burroughs if he goes until 2024
  18. Is Greco the only sport in the Olympics that women can not compete in? I am struggling to think of another. That is probably a bigger barrier than making it more exciting. The two styles thing seems like it will be unable to last much longer.
  19. Obviously everyone knows Ghasemi should be handed the only gold. Ghasemi lost to Taymazov because he was unlucky and lost the ball grab thing at the end of both periods, otherwise it could have been the other way. Makhov lost to the silver medalist and is currently banned for taking his wife's steroids. Should be Ghasemi gold and Dlagnev silver.
  20. What does Iran get if Sourian is on the UWW Bureau?
  21. I agree, I don't think it will happen.
  22. What you do not realise is that many countries have had a more severe lockdown in response to the virus than America and it has also devastated their economies. Were all of these countries attempting to get rid of their government or is that just the case for the USA and Trump? Is it just a global thing to get rid of a lot of the current world leaders? If so, why? It's not in the "elites" interest for a large portion of their businesses to be closed.
  23. As we are speaking about crime, Nurmagomed Gadzhiev is under investigation for murder. He is one of Azerbaijan's 97kg guys.
  24. Lol, so following this logic was the covid crisis in Italy where they literally shut down everything except stores that sell food a plot to remove whoever the Italian president is? Because they had one of the most strict lock downs on the planet for a while.
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