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  1. I'm Iranian but if I don't like the guys style I will root for the other country to win. Bonne - Yakheshi is an example where I was pleased to see the Iranian lose.
  2. He came this year just to scare everyone. Next year he will wrestle.
  3. Your summation of Yazdani's career is incorrect. With the way you're acting you'd think he destroys people during the year at random tournaments but was a 0 x world medalist. I can actually recall a wrestler who fits this exact description - Brent Metcalf. Was he cycling off at worlds? Yazdani won 2 world championships and looked great in 2012 and probably would have got gold but got injured. Its not like he got destroyed by a nobody. 2016 they stole a clear takedown from him against Gazyumov. Snyder beat Gaz in a close match with a pushout. The officials easily could have decided to not give that pushout to Snyder and Gaz would have been Olympic champ. This year he was not particularly dominant. He only won the Asian championships and even then the final was close. On the other hand you guys have to realise this is Olympic level sports. Its foolish to be overly defensive when an athlete gets accused of using PEDs. I guarantee all the top teams have multiple guys using/have used at some point.
  4. Standing in my living room singing Ey Iran after reading your post about being a top 10 team. Doroooooooooooood
  5. Last time Iran won a gold medal in GR is Sourian in 2014 if I am not mistaken
  6. World championships already a disaster and FS will be even worse. Mods, go ahead and lock this thread and ban us Iranian boys from this forum. We're done here.
  7. Actually five for Atri if you consider he could not win a medal at junior worlds. At least Ehsanpour won junior worlds.
  8. I think next year Atri will become the first to go to 4 worlds/Olympics without a medal
  9. If you believe you can achieve! I can see Ehsanpour receiving his gold medal at the top of the podium right now. He is going to his fourth world championship. 3 times without a medal!
  10. Thats one of those low probablity troll picks you make to look smart on the low chance it happens
  11. I demand multiple golds from this Iranian team. 86 FS.61 FS. 70. At least get some golds in these sosool easy weights
  12. It's the guy who won 61 I believe. The close match you are referring to was the 57 final. This guy basically ran through junior worlds.
  13. 57: Uguev 61: The Japanese wrestler. Can't remember his name. 65: Otoguru 70: Baev 74: Sidakov 79: Dake 86: Naifanov 92: Cox 97: Sadulaev 125: Akguuuuuuul
  14. Is the Japanese wrestler at 61 the 2019 junior world champion?
  15. I have not paid much attention to the rankings but I doubt he's seeded. Where did you see that?
  16. Afzali got bronze in Georgia but he is very poor
  17. Could Mohebi win a medal at 97 if UWW let him wrestle without weighing in? I seriously doubt it even with the size advantage. Snyder and Sadulaev definitely beat him. I remember when Baitsaev beat him in Iran.
  18. More people being involved in wrestling would definitely result in more good wrestlers as obviously most people who get involved in a sport just don't have the genetics/talent to compete at the elite level. So in that sense it would definitely help if wrestling was as big in every province in Iran as it is in Mazandaran. But I don't think that that is the main problem. Russia's team is mostly Dagestanis and Ossetians. Russia would also be a lot stronger if wrestling was popular all across the country .Dagestan has a similar (slightly lower) population than Mazandaran. There's 700,000 people in Ossetia. They have wrestlers from other areas but those two regions are always the bulk of their team. Similar to how we have had guys like Lashgari (Qazvin) or Hadi (East Azerbaijan). I'd say our main problem is lack of finances and poor coaches. Look at what a change of coaching and financial backing did for Bajrang. He went from a guy losing to Nasiri to consistent medalist at various tournaments in probably the hardest weight class at the moment.
  19. 65 کیلوگرم: ابوالفضل حاجی پور (مازندران) پیمان بیابانی (تهران) 70 کیلوگرم: امیررضا اکبرزاده (مازندران) با برنده (محمدصادق فیروز پور (مازندران) – امیر حسین مقصودی (تهران) فرهاد نوری (تهران) سعید چهاردولی (همدان) امیرحسین حسینی تهران)) 74 کیلوگرم: نیما اشقاقی (مازندران) با برنده (جمال خدابنده لو (همدان) محمد نخودی (مازندران)) 92 کیلوگرم: حسین شهبازی (تهران) با برنده (محمدحسین میرباغبان (تهران) ارشک محبی (کرمانشاه)) 97 کیلوگرم: دانیال شریعتی نیا (همدان) میثم عبدی (تهران) مجتبی گلیج (مازندران) عباس فروتن (مازندران) 125 کیلوگرم: مهدی هاشمی (مازندران) امیرحسین زارع (مازندران) U23 Trials announced in certain weights
  20. Excited to unleash Mohebi in Kazakhstan
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