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  1. Abdollahi is in the final at 92. I like the way that guy wrestles. Hopefully he wins.
  2. Yazdani made the junior world team one time, when he won Asian and junior world gold. So I assume someone must have been beating him for him not to be on the team until his last year of juniors.
  3. Any time you post something on imgur publically you get people doing random comments. Doubt its from this board.
  4. I uploaded the picture http://imgur.com/gallery/goTxx8t It wasn't the league it was clubs cup
  5. Taghavi beat him after junior worlds in the league if you count that.
  6. I agree Ghasmepour has the same problem almost everyone has against Yazdani which is he gets moved around the mat very easily. That's why I want to see Ghasempour wrestle Taylor at some random tournament because I don't think he can beat Yazdani and get to the world team but i'm just interested to see Ghasempour wrestle Taylor. I am not saying I would pick Ghasempour to win I just want to see the match. Taylor can't move guys around the mat the same way Yazdani can. It's a different match. He's not going to just underhook him and walk him out of the mat whenever he feels like it. lol actually I had not watched that match you posted in a few months. It's crazy how easily Ghasmpour gets moved around. It's like he's a 57kg wrestling and Hassan is a 125.
  7. Yazdani always wrestles that bulldozer style. The Russians described Yazdani as a car that runs over his opponents and I think they are somewhat correct. A lot of his points are from pushouts. A lot of his takedowns are from his opponent mistakenly fighting the push out too hard and getting taken down in the process. He is physically freakish and is able to move everyone he wrestles around the mat with his strength and pace (including Taylor before he gets tired). He must be the physically strongest guy in that weight class by far which is crazy because he went up a weight class a year to get to 86. I think what makes him so effective is that style. He terrorises the opponent from the first whistle and it overwhelms almost everyone. Will Yazdani be as good if he tries to wrestle a slow placed match? Hard to say. That's the total opposite of his style. Very hard to just switch like that. Have to keep in mind Taylor also has his own attacks. Taylor couldn't do much in the first period against Yazdani both times they wrestled because he was being thrown around. Who's to say if Yazdani slows the match down that he doesn't simply lose in a slower paced match and also give Taylor the chance to get some points early. Who knows, that's why we watch. We will probably find out soon anyway since he tried the bulldozer method twice and it ended poorly. I assume they will ask him to slow down the match next time. Another thing to keep in mind, the Iranian coaches have a poor poor record of figuring out foreign wrestlers once they start beating Iranian wrestlers. I don't want to talk about about the coaches when they changed them recently but it's true. I would also like to see Ghasempour wrestle Taylor. I think he could wrestle a slow placed match where he shoots for takedowns a couple times better than Yazdani can. That suits his style more.
  8. I wouldn't worry about Taylor too much, Very small chance that Yazdani beats him. They just need to get on the opposite side of the bracket so that Taylor doesn't beat Yazdani then lose to someone else and Yazdani doesn't get a medal. That almost happened in Budapest and could happen again. Need to get those ranking points.
  9. Is 2016 they said whoever performed better in a few international tournaments between Hadi and Ghasemi would go to the Olympics. They both did not lose at the world cup so then they sent them to the Sarkisian tournament in Armenia ( if I remember right). Hadi got gold and Ghasemi lost to some random Georgian and didn't medal, I forgot his name but it wasn't Geno. So Hadi assumed he was going to the Olympics but a few days later Khadem decided to do a trial between with best 2/3 rules. Hadi won the first match but then Ghasemi won the next two. There was a big fight after. Hadi was already upset at having to do the trial because he thought he was going to Rio after placing higher than Ghasemi in Armenia but then losing made him even more upset. He did an interview after saying Khadem always changes what he says. It was obvious Khadem wanted Ghasemi from the beginning but one bad thing Khadem always did was make the trials over complicated. If he just let them do a normal trial in the first place Ghasemi probably would have won and their would be no drama.
  10. Lol did Hosseinkhani lose at the end again? To who?
  11. Rahimi retired from a video interview I saw. You can watch on the United World Wrestling website but I think if you are in America you have to pay. Reza lost to Andriitsev. I thought Andriitsev retired? Anyway even Goleij is beating Andriitsev at this point. I know I said I was against sending the top team to world cup before but honestly Hassan should have gone to world cup. At least Taylor and Kurugliev are there. 86 looks horrible here. He is beating that Daulatbekov guy again. Everytime I see Daulatbekov wrestle an Iranian he loses 10 - 0.
  12. The Iran federation site says Burroughs and Snyder are going
  13. I don't think we will see Rahimi at the Olympics for the reasons wrestfan said, too big for 57 and small for 65. They have no choice but to stick with Atri. But i'll say again, I don't think we will see anyone at 57 representing Iran in the Olympics. That Hashemi is a talented wrestler but I read him (or his dad) has some problems with the wrestling federation. I think he was meant to wrestle at Takhti but did not weigh in.
  14. Cant say much about Taymouri with a win over Hasanov anyway. Hasanov is good but lets be honest even Yarahmadi beat him in his own country (Islamic games) and then did not do much. I've seen Hasan Tabar get destroyed 10 - 0 before also by Dieringer from American and some Georgian. They should probably send Teymouri to some international tournaments now.
  15. Surprised to see Foroutan lost 10 - 0 to Talebi. Will Foroutan be added to the disastrous list of failed Iranian junior wrestlers around this weight? Talebi is already on this list himself. To me the problem with Foroutan is his slow motion shots. When he goes for leg attacks it looks like there is an invisible rope pulling him the other way. A good young wrestler and I like him but I always thought he was very slow watching him. Shahbazi is also horrible now. I have no idea how some of these guys manage to win junior worlds against good oponents. He can't even beat Mohebi who was on the same team as him. As for the lower weights, I really don't think we will qualify 1 or 2 of them. Maybe even all 3.
  16. Toughest tournament in the world is mostly clever marketing the past few years and depends entirely on the weight class and who participates. At some weights and in some years i'm sure it could be considered tougher than worlds, but you can't just make a blanket statement like that. You think the field at 97 in this year's Yarygin was tougher than worlds? No chance and not even close. If Magomedov is so great, why was he unable to beat this average Mongolian ( can't win medals at Asian championships or Asian games, despite Asia being weak at upper weights) after beating Snyder? Lost 7 - 2.
  17. Lol stop messing around. Iran even sent a guy who doesn't wrestle FS ( he wrestles a traditional Iranian style) to the 2017 Yarygin at 97 and he got a bronze despite it being his first international tournament ever. The field was horrible that year. Next year Magomedov fluked out and was on the opposite side to Baitsaev and Snyder so he got another silver. Trust me Magomedov is far from an elite world class wrestler. I will never forget how bad he was at U23 worlds.
  18. Akgul lost because he kept getting exposed off his own shots. He seems to have fallen off pretty badly. Magomedov has to be the worst wrestler to ever beat Snyder. Wow, I can't believe that. Even Goleij destroyed Magomedov, he is really bad. Snyder will have a tough time at 97 going forward. Gold was already out of the question once Sadulaev adjusted to the weight but this loss plus his performance at worlds (did not look great on the easy side of the bracket) makes me think he may struggle to even medal. Fortunately for Snyder the field at worlds is weak outside of Sadulaev.
  19. Lol, that pic you posted is from the fake weigh in which they hold to hype up the fight. By this time they had already had a few hours to eat and rehydrate. They both looked way worse in the actual weigh in.
  20. Lol out of 57, 65 and 74 I predict that they don't qualify 2 of them for the Olympics and 100% guarantee they don't qualify at least one of those three weights. Out of the bottom 3 weights that they do qualify they have no chance for a medal unless some random young guy comes along which I do not see. That leaves 86, 97 and 125 to get some kind of result.
  21. I really think that with careful planning, organisation, and sending the right wrestlers we have a good chance to win 1 or 2 bronzes in Tokyo 2020. Just need to send the right guys and prepare them well.
  22. Lol, did they give up on Hosseinkhani then? Also Nokhodi was at cadet worlds at 70 this year and could not win a medal, so it's interesting to see him invited here when none of the cadet gold medalists were. What happened to that guy Mozafari in the end? He could have been a good 74. I know he went to 86 for a while but it was a bad idea. I believe he got married and fat after 2015 junior worlds if I remember right.
  23. The official site of the Iranian wrestling federation reported on this event and all the results. Flo wrestling shame on you.
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