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  1. Odikadze is here for Georgia at 97 *ignore this, he's not here.
  2. Last time I saw Ben Askren fight he was getting tossed around by some Brazilian before resorting to eye pocking him, which ended the fight. You'd think the Brazilian was the Olympic wrestler watching that fight.
  3. I think they are making a mistake. The Mazandaran team should be going to Alrosa and the Iran team should be going to Alans. Most guys on that Mazandaran team ( probably all of them actually) will never win a medal at worlds or olympics, sending them to Alans is a waste. From what I am hearing in the Alrosa tournament the Russian team will be a young team, similar to ours. Alans will be the far harder tournament. Hopefully they at least send that Russian wrestler who won 97kg at junior worlds this year to Alrosa, he killed everybody. I looked at the list and they are not even sending a 97 to Alans, they should have just put Foroutan there. He is from Mazandaran anyway. I am happy to see Ehsanpour, though. He is a good wrestler despite being mentally unstable.
  4. Would have been nice if they sent them to the Alans tournament instead of Alrosa. I have heard Alans will be like the new Yarygin now that UWW killed the Yarygin with the 3 Russian rule. It is only a few days after Alrosa, I would have liked to see Foroutan wrestle there but it will still be interesting. I think this guy has a big chance to be the 97. Even though I know Russia is paying for them to go to the Alrosa so maybe it was not up to them. Why is Hajaghania going, lol? Btw I would not be surprised if they just stuck with Hosseinkhani at 74 and hoped his close loss against a wrestler like Burroughs turns to a close win.
  5. I saw that Foroutan match. Crazy that he was fresher than Sadghzadeh despite being so much smaller. Sadeghzade probably would have lost if not for the long break. He pinned Amiri as well. I also heard he destroyed Goleij in a practice match before worlds, similar to how Albarov beat Goleij. I know Goleij is not great but when you combine all these things and consider he was just in his first year of juniors then it seems he has a bright future as a 97.
  6. Yazdani and Ghasempour are from the same small city of Juybar in the north of Iran in Mazandaran. They have been training together since childhood.
  7. Wrestfan good to see you. I thought you had enough after the world championships LOL!
  8. Out of the 40 wrestlers to be sent to senior and U23 worlds Iran had one finalist and one gold. Ghasempour is an incredible young wrestler and would be the favourite against anyone at the 86 outside of Taylor and Yazdani. One of the coaches, Jokar, talked about the results and i'm not sure if he is delusional and believes what he says or he's just talking to make it seem like they did a better job. He claims they could have got 4 golds. Sadeghi 61 - Yes, the robbed him in the semi final vs America. This is what happens when you have no lobby in UWW and go up against a country that does. However it has to be said that Sadeghi is a horrible wrestler. I have no idea how this guy won junior worlds twice and not even with much trouble. I'm not sure what his style is. If it's defensive why does he give up points at crucial moments? If it's offensive why doesn't he do anything the entire match unless he's about to lose? They have given him a lot of chances over the past few years and I think after this tournament it is enough. No way he would have beat the Russian if he made the final. Ghiasi 65 - Higuchi has to be the smallest 65 I have ever seen. Jokar claims Higuchi apologised to them after the match and admitted Ghiasi should have been given 2 points. Ghiasi then lost to Russia 6 - 0 for bronze. Higuchi won the gold over Azerbaijan 7 - 4. Shahbazi 92 - The Russian took him down in the last seconds to win on criteria. I'm not sure what they are complaining about. It looked like a clear takedown to me. The Russian then lost to Azerbaijan in the final. 125 - Taheri controlled the match against Russia for six minutes and did nothing with it. When you control a guy for the whole match and move him around the mat if you can't get one takedown then you deserve to lose the match on a last second takedown. They claim the Russian should have been disqualified for punching Taheri.
  9. Mongolian has no shot in the semi. Ghasempour is the one good wrestler on this Iranian team.
  10. I'm guessing he beat Takahashi at some point to make the Olympic team. Takahashi was the on the team for Japan in 14 and 15 worlds but did not medal.
  11. Maybe 57 was just his weight? A year before he was at 61 juniors and did not place (destroyed by Rashidov first round who then lost his next match). Went to 57 for the lead up to Rio and I believe he did not lose a match until the controversial Olympic final with Khinch. Never wrestled at 57 again after Rio.
  12. Hopefully Otoguru holds the weight for a while. If not that then I hope he wins the gold in Tokyo.
  13. RIP brother if true. Some of the lowlifes on this board who gave him a lot of abuse have a lot to think about. One of the smartest and kindest people I knew from wrestling. RIP ol' cletus.
  14. Nothing changed, they will still forfeit the match. This goes beyond the wrestling federation all the way to the top of the corrupt Islamic Republic, who do not care about wrestling. However now the IOC is aware of it and I believe Iran will be punished more severely than what happened last time (Karimi banned for 6 months and his coach for 2 years). It didn't happen this year but it's inevitable (unless UWW starts fixing the brackets to avoid controversy) that they will draw Israel again at some point.
  15. Yes he quit once again, this time due to the poor financial resources available to the wrestling federation. I don't think he will come back this time. He quit a few months ago over the Karimi - Israel thing but then was convinced to come back. Now he quit again and after the news came out a lot of others also resigned, not only in FS but even the GR coaches are gone and also the entire technical committee. If the financial and training conditions are as poor as they say I doubt anyone else will be able to do much better. Maybe some wrestlers who were not friendly wth Khadem will be used more but not much other than that.
  16. Yes he won trials. Unfortunately after these poor results everyone is laughing at Iran wrestling. Due to this I will no longer be able to support them. From now on I will support either the USA or Russia.
  17. He has become completely exhausted wrestling with Taylor both times they have wrestled now. Ok first when he lost in Iran the first time you could say he just came up to 86, but now he is at 86 for 2 years and his conditioning is a strength against literally everyone else. If his conditioning was failing in the last minute or something then you have some hope that he can hold on or manage the match better, but he literally gets completely exhausted after 2 minutes. I don't see how he's going to improve his conditioning that much, considering his conditioning is already one of the best in the sport. It's like asking an Olympic champion weightlifter with already elite strength to add 20kg to his clean and jerk. I hope i'm wrong but I doubt it. Btw I don't think it was a technical issue. He was throwing Taylor around when he was fresh. It is a bit like the opposite of the Gedeuv Olympic final, where Gedeuv was technically superior to Hassan and was dominating the match but then faded.
  18. They'd just get submitted, assuming they don't get knocked out. Anyone who is good enough at MMA (even fighters with a striking background) to become the champion of any major organisation would be competent enough on the ground to submit a freestyle wrestler with no submission grappling knowledge. The ground game in MMA and wrestling are totally different. All these top FS guys could and have done well in MMA but you have to actually take the time to learn MMA.
  19. He has gone up 3 weights but It's probably not accurate to say he gained 16kg just like saying Sadulaev gained 11kg is not accurate, since he obviously does not cut weight to make 97 and didn't weigh exactly 86. To say he gained 16kg is assuming Yazdani cut 0 weight to wrestle at 70 and 74 and now weighs exactly 86, which is obviously not the case. I wonder how much he actually gained. I remember reading at one point that he was walking around at roughly 80kg (this was after his last tournament at 70), and I know for a fact that a few months after the Olympics when he decided to wrestle at 86 he weighed 83kg. And if you look at his pictures from the Olympics it's obvious from his face he'd been cutting weight. I'd guess he weighs around 87-88kg at the absolute most now. No way he has any kind of serious cut to 86. I think the cardio gap is just too big. Sadulaev got tired at the end and lost by 1 point. It was easy to see him making that up. Yazdani has not been able to wrestle with this guy for more than 2-3 minutes and was completely out of it in the second period for 2 matches in a row now. Maybe he beats him and i'm wrong but I see no reason to actually pick him. Anyway the Iranian coaches have a poor track record of reversing losses once a foreign athlete gets a winning streak over their guys.
  20. No reason to think Yazdani beats Taylor in a rematch. I am Iranian but let's be realistic, he could barely even stand up after the match. He is going to improve his conditioning that much? He had nothing for Taylor after just 3 minutes and has lost the same way to him twice now. I can guarantee he's already giving everything he has in training. Actually a lot of this stuff in terms of lung capacity and cardio is largely genetics. He's superior to most of his opponents in this regard, but not when it comes to Taylor. I remember Esmailpour always used to beat Americans the same way. Give up a lot of points in the first period and then his cardio would beat them in the second and he'd win. The Americans never figured it out and they probably have the best conditioning in general. Yazdani has fully adapted to 86 by now. He has not even had a hard match outside of the the 2 with Taylor. I don't see Snyder beating Sadulaev. Sadulaev made the harder side of the bracket look like a joke, he destroyed everyone while Snyder had a tougher time in the easy side of the bracket and then he destroyed Snyder in the final. He lost to Snyder by 1 point in his second tournament at 97 but even Americans have to admit that Sadulaev is a way better wrestler than Snyder, the only question was if Snyder's size, strength and conditioning would able to overcome that. Crazy that Sadulaev has essentialy become a dominant force at 3 weights from 86 and 92 to 97! Sucks for Snyder that he came around at the same time as Sadulaev because it probably means he will be receiving silver and bronze medals for a long time.
  21. Some of them are good enough to make the team for Russia, not sure how the exact process is that they end up wrestling for other countries. Sharifov was winning world and olympic golds for Azerbaijan in a time when Russia couldn't even get on the podium at 84. That 66kg who won the 2007 world gold and 2008 olympic gold for Turkey, I can't remember his name.
  22. Sadulaev had a daughter born a few days ago. What a week for him.
  23. He lost close but it was obvious he has wrestling a far more skilled wrestler. He almost made up for it with cardio. Against Hasanov they were even.
  24. Akbari got outclassed. He only had conditioning.
  25. Snyder is not the youngest. Sadulaev was 18.
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