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  1. Snyder is not the youngest. Sadulaev was 18.
  2. These Cubans would be dominating wrestling if they had even close to the same conditions as others. Where else will you find an athlete who can do the things Bonne can at age 35? His balance when Rashidov almost had a takedown on him in the second period was insane. Look at Romero in the UFC, it's crazy. We are all very lucky they train in poverty.
  3. Guys we have to admit the results were somewhat funny 57 - I thought, WOW! He beat the Mongolian! Now i'm almost sure the weight cut killed the Mongolian because he looked like the same Atri in the next match against a weaker opponent. That Russian at 57 was a mouse last year but now he is a lion because of the new weigh in rules, easily handling world champion Takahashi. He seriously looks like a little boy who should be wrestling cadets but it helps him. I wonder if he even cuts weight to make 57. 61 - This guy Yakhkeshi is a joke. I did not see anything from him except underhook and push. I'm not sure he took one shot the whole tournament. He looked like Goleij's son. I swear on my uncle's grave when he was getting Bonne tired I was hoping and praying Bonne would withstand it and beat him (which he did), just because his style is so disgusting. I don't care if we are both Iranian this pushing style of wrestling is unacceptable. I don't know why some of these guys are like this. Is it Khadem? Yakhkeshi did not wrestle like that at trials. I just looked out of my window and saw he is still rolling after the bronze medal match :). Bonne is 35 and won this weight! 65 - He did fine for a 18 year old. When I saw he got Khinchegashvili I thought it would be a quick 10-0. Only surprise was that Khinchegashvili was bigger than him. Maghsoudi wrestled 58kg cadets Khinch spent most of his career at 57 for seniors! Shows what a monstrously big 57 Khinchegashvili was. 70 - Lost to Slovakia or some country like that. Everyone knew he would be a failure. I hope Khadem doesn't plan on him being the 74 for Rio. 74 - Lol this guy Hosseinkhani is unbelievable. In a way I am surprised he was close with Burroughs but he lost in the last second as usual. Even though we have to keep in mind Burroughs is almost finished now. 79 - Hasanov is an old man and still beat him in the last second. In a way i'm happy Akbari did not make the final because that American would have embarrassed him. I think the Russian is still stuck on the ceiling of the arena after his semi final match with dake :)! 86 - Hassan has a big matchup problem with Taylor I doubt he can fix it. All Khadem's plans have blown up in his face it seems. I think some Iranians are misguided because Hassan looked better than Taylor against the same opponents (Belarus, Cuba and Russia) so they think he can beat Taylor next time but I doubt it. He doesn't matchup well with him. Best they can hope for is someone else beats Taylor, which is possible. Where is that guy who was saying Kurugliev would beat him? Kurugliev had the whole second day to sit around playing with his dodool watching Russian pornos on his laptop and still lost easily after Yazdani had to go through the repechage. 92 - Karimi did Cox a big favour taking out Sharifov and the Russian. It's hard to make a plan for Cox, he doesn't do much but wins in these little moments. It's not a nice style of wrestling and it's why he loses so much but Karimi obviously can't figure it out. 97 - Hopefully this is it for him. Awful wrestler, nothing positive to say about him. I am absolutely happy he lost with his kiri style of wrestling. He can go to Japan and do Sumo. 125 - He was lucky and unlucky. Unlucky with that horrible draw. Everyone on the other side was a joke. That American got another bronze just through an easy draw like he did last year. China made the final! In another way he was lucky that Akgul seemed to be not happy only beating him by 1 or 2 points and kept taking completely unnecessary shots, because I highly doubt Hadi would ever be able to score on him with his own attacks. In the end i'm happy for him, with that performance and considering the ridiculous draw he definitely deserved a medal. All in all very weak performance, I think Khadem needs to say bye bye
  4. Goldlover welcome back. Hadi must win gold, nothing else will be acceptable. I expect him to pin or 10 - 0 both Akgul and Petriashvili.
  5. 57 Arri 61 Yakhkeshi 65 Maghsoudi 70 Emami 74 Hosseinkhani 79 Akbari 86 Yazdani 92 Karimi 97 Goleij 125 Hadi
  6. Anyone good enough to make it to the top of international wrestling could have been successful in an American national championships for university students.
  7. What does McGregor have to do with USA Wrestling or American wrestling fans? Khabib even trains with Cormier so if anything they'd be supporting Khabib.
  8. Great choice sending Maghsoudi ( even though he got injured before the junior world final so not sure how he is now). This is the correct situation to ignore trial results, unlike some other weights.
  9. Not sure how they are sending Goleij. Based off of Yasar Dogu? He made the finals and got destroyed by Albarov. Goudarzi, on the other side of the bracket, got destroyed by Snyder who lost on criteria to Albarov. So yes Goleij made it to the podium so would Goudarzi if you switch them in the bracket. I really hope they don't think a win over Andriietsev is worth anything in 2018. Then you consider that Goudarzi beat him as easily as drinking a glass of water in the trials and I don't see why they want to send Goleij. I really hope Khadem doesn't think Goleij has some big potential future if they give him opportunites. Don't get me wrong I don't think Goudarzi is anything special either but if they aren't going to send the trial winner I don't see why they don't just say both of them (Goudarzi and Goleij) were poor internationally and let Karimi go at 97 and Ebrahimi at 92 to avoid all this drama. Who can Goleij beat that Karimi can't? This honestly reminds me of last year when Dadashpour won trials but they sent Hosseinkhani and he lost anyway. If both wrestlers are nothing special there is no reason to create drama, just send the one who won the trials or don't send either if you really have someone better. Also it's Yazdani's second match, remember he destroyed Mojerloo a few weeks ago.
  10. By the way it's a little ridiculous the amount of control these guys have over the wrestlers. In what other country can you tell a wrestler just a few weeks before the world championship to go down a weight class and cut all that weight after he has committed to the weight class above?
  11. Abdevali has great genetics for wrestling. His brain is the problem.
  12. Has any wrestler in Iran ever had so much power over the federation in Iran as Abdevali? He gets into fights, they ban him then bring him back. They let him have a trial in a weight he has never been at just weeks before worlds. He wins the first match but then refuses to do the second match but they beg him to. This guy is incredible.
  13. They won the gold at 92. I wonder if Foroutan will join the long list of failed Iranian wrestlers who won junior worlds around this weight (86/84/96) over the past years or if he can do something at the next level. I think he still has 2 more years of juniors left anyway since he was wrestling cadet last year. Absolute best case scenario they could have won 3 golds this year (65, 86, and 92) but Maghsoudi lost by one point in the final and Hashemi lost on criteria to Turkey who then beat India 2-1 in the final. I am surprised this weak Iran team got top 3 ahead of Azerbaijan.
  14. The Japanese wrestler is very good. I know him, he used to wrestle 86 but was small. 79 is his weight and he did very well to get gold here over a strong American. The Russian wrestler was destroyed by Ukraine for bronze. I bet they were counting on a medal from Gholami. Also where did they find that 125 wrestler? Wow he was bad.
  15. I did not see Maghsoudi's final but I remember his run to the gold in cadet worlds 2016. Every match was crazy and he won a few in the last second himself on his way to gold. To be honest I think he did well, I did not expect him to make the finals here and even have a chance for gold. It seemed we were outclassed when he hit Russia at most weights.For example that Russian at 79kg struggled with France and was beaten easily by Japan but he destroyed Gholami lol.
  16. I don't think it's a good idea to have somebody coaching the coach while he coaches the wrestler. If he also wants to be the junior team coach then he has to power to give himself that job, so it's better to just be on the side of the mat with the wrestler than in the crowd.
  17. LOL Khadem is here coaching the coaches again! I see him in the crowd! He got into an argument with Tavakoli after our 97kg wrestler got pinned by Russia. A few days ago the video popped up on Youtube of Yazdani when he destroyed Yasar at the Islamic games a year ago (his first great tournament at 86) but it was from a different angle. From the angle of this video ( a guy filming in the crowd) you could see Khadem on the opposite side giving instructions to Talei from the crowd while Talei is giving instructions to Yazdani. He seriously can not stay out of it. I doubt it. Let's remember we have had some very dominant junior world champions over the past few years who have failed in seniors. For example I remember in 2016 when Shahbazi won junior worlds very easily at 96kg. The Russian at that weight who he beat without trouble was seen by Russian fans as a strong hope for gold. The weight in Iran was also weak with Yazdani gone. Mohammadi ended up making the world team the year after and he was horrible. So at the time I thought there was some hope for Shahbazi. But he has not been able to do much in seniors outside of a silver medal in the Asian championships, which is nothing special at the higher weights. And he looked very strong at junior worlds but could not even make it through a world team where his competition was Goleij, Tahan and Mohammadi, and in the end a wrestler at the calibre of Mohammadi made the team. This is just one example for you, there are a few more. I would not get my hopes up about these guys even if they win gold. I think we will be weak for a few years. I was impressed with some of the wrestlers on the recent cadet team, though. Especially Abdollahi at 92.
  18. Kaviani who won the gold at 72kg and also won junior worlds last year is an incredible wrestler.
  19. They won the team titles for cadet and junior greco last year also, this year they won cadets again (along with winning the cadet FS team title) and seem to be on course for the junior title again. The junior team for FS flopped last year but they had a very strong tournament at cadet worlds a few months ago. I wonder if the coaches will get fired for junior FS if they have another poor tournament.
  20. Haven't watched GR in a while but had a chance to follow most of this so far. My big takeaway is how stupid the slip throw rule is. I see so many instances of an athlete getting into a bad position where he's about to give up a push out or take down so they just go for a move, for example an arm spin, that they know is never going to land just to have the official reset the match in the centre and save them from giving up a legit point. It really needs to go.
  21. Those updates from Richard's wife are scary stuff. Really hope god decides to help Richard out and save him.
  22. رضا اطری- باقر یخکشی (مازندران) یونس امامی (تهران) حسن یزدانی(مازندران) علیرضا کریمی (البرز) مجتبی گلیج (مازندران) پرویز هادی (آ.شرقی) They put out this list for those invited to training. Do you think this is Khadem announcing his team? Only thing weird is they are missing either a 65 or 70 depending on where they want Emami. Also no one at 74.
  23. Is it possible that Sadulaev and Yazdani wrestle?
  24. Ebadi was here as well even though he was poor. I think we basically know the team now that Yazdani is almost certainly out.
  25. Burroughs over Abdurakhmanov. Abdurakhmanov showed up the Rio in incredible form and I didn't account for it. The boys still remind of that bad pick and make fun of me for it.
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