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  1. Cletus is very knowledgeable about the sport and a great guy.
  2. Yazdani has basically no ranking points as far as I know, he has been to none of the ranking tournaments. I think Taylor is number 2 behind a Turk. So they could wrestle first match I believe.
  3. They are poor in a lot of weights. Let's be honest (outside of Karimi and Yazdani) everybody lost to the first good wrestler they hit in the bracket. Only Atri beat Tomar before losing to Erdenbat. Tomar is not bad so you can say Atri got one OK win before losing. Hosseinkhani lost to both of the good wrestlers he faced and it showed no matter who is beside the mat, Khadem or Talai, he will still make the same mistake again and again and again. I think it showed we have absolutely no chance for a medal at 57 - 65 - 74 and that's not even counting the non-olympic weights that were not wrestled here. We will see what Hadi does tomorrow.
  4. Iran is so bad at 74. We have Hosseinkhani and Dadashpour. Both of them are a waste of time. The guys Hosseinkhani lost to have a small chance for a medal at worlds. Abdurakhmanov could not get one in Rio or Paris so it show it shows how far he is from the medal threats. Karimi shut the mouths of the people crying about Khadem sending him. I even saw some before saying why did they not sent Goleij or Goudarzi? He is 10 X the wrestler they are, especially compared to Goleij.
  5. Reza Atri got the spot at 57 for Asian games. This is probably the only interesting weight at Asian games in terms of giving an idea for success at worlds. Takahashi and Erdenbat (Mongolia) were by far the 2 best wrestlers at 57kg worlds last year and got gold and bronze. They were head and shoulders above everyone else and I know Takahashi will wrestle here and hopefully Erdenbat does also. I think Reza has absolutely no chance but we will see if he can surprise everyone.
  6. Depends how you view it. Valiev was the closest in score with a 4 point difference but it looked like he came to that match not to win but to not lose too badly. He defended for pretty much the whole 6 minutes despite being behind. Outside of that in actual match were both are trying to win Yazdani's next closest is a 5-0 win over Ghasempour in the world team trials a month or two ago. Ghasempour is a very good wrestler and has recent wins over Kudyamagomedov and Gostiev. At worst Ghasempour would be a toss up in a match with Kurugliev and he's Yazdani's back up. So no he has not been challenged since losing to Taylor. I admit the fan reaction from Iranian and American fans would be funny if Kurugliev were to win since all the talk is Yazdani/Taylor but I think it's unlikely and wfan is overrating him pretty heavily. Kurugliev squeeked by another one of Yazdani's backups in Ebrahimi at the Yarygin a couple years ago also. Outside of that I think Russia has a realistic chance at 5 golds if everything goes great : 61, 65, 70, 79 and 97. Reminds of 2013 worlds when Iran won the team title then in 2014 Russia came out with a monster performance and won 5 golds by winning every weight from 65 to 97. Worst case scenario they should win 2 golds in Budapest.
  7. Kurugliev beat Yazdani.. I will remember to bump this up after worlds.
  8. He isn't the head coach just one of the coaches. Khadem is the head coach.
  9. Lol who is Reza Atri to train 50%? Does he know he has a very very small chance to even win a bronze even if he gives 100% of himself in training?
  10. Yazdani is almost guaranteed to make the team unless he gets injured. I wonder if Atri has some issues with the weight? I think that's why he missed the asian championships and they send Hajaghania.
  11. What happened to Jamal Ebadi? Talented wrestler.
  12. Funnily enough I looked at the team points and we only finished 4 points behind this supposedly incredible Team USA. Take into account we did not enter a wrestler at 2 weights and had 9 wrestlers total compared to their 10. Also that was their A team, a few of these guys were the B guy for Iran. That surprised me that we were that close in points ( USA 150, Iran 146). Regardless after watching most of the tournament I am not encouraged about Iran. The American team is probably nothing special. I agree with you on Ebrahimi. I remember in Tbilisi a few weeks ago he killed himself to beat Marsagashvili on criteria 2 - 2 then Karimi easily took Marsagashvili down multiple times to win like 8 - 0 very very comfortabtly in the repechage.
  13. We are talking about the Asian games you Mongoloid.
  14. Yazdani should win 86 easily. Other than that they probably get 1 more gold from 97 or 125. I say 2 golds, one bronze or silver.
  15. Yes I saw Younes at 70 also. We will see what he can do there. 70 is not a great weight. Whoever wins this weight since 2014 usually goes to 74, and most of the best guys are Russian so you only have to wrestle one of them at worlds. This is why you see some wrestlers at the level of James Green, Hosseinkhani and Yakup Gor winning medals here. Maybe Emami can do something but even here I doubt it. Regardless I think the coaches like Emami as they are giving him a lot of chances to show himself, so they will send him over Eshfaghi in my opinion. Very funny that they let a wrestler as bad as Nasiri skip the trials and now he doesn't want to be on the team. I actually laughed when I read that.
  16. This team is weak, you can see from the results here and in Georgia. Khadem is a good coach but I don't think he can do anything with them. Sometimes the guys don't have the talent. Honestly Iran will probably be weak for the next few years, including the next Olympics. I do not see anyone really coming up. I know they won cadet worlds easily even despite some fluke losses to worse opponents and had some very talented wrestlers but those guys will not get to seniors for another few years. I predict 1 medal at worlds this year.
  17. Will DC go back to 205 after fighting Brock? I doubt it. I think if he fights 205 again it's before the Brock fight not after. Remember Brock is not even allowed to fight until January due to USADA so DC has some waiting to do. I honestly don't see him taking the risk of a Romero or Gus fight. You are right that is the far tougher fight and it's what I would like to see but that's why it is not happening. An old past his prime Shogun is a relatively safe pay day and another title defence on his record which is why he called him out specifically. Romero breaks guys orbitals, detaches retinas, etc. Gus not as brutal but also has a good chance at beating DC also. Way too much of a risk before a Brock fight which is a big money fight for DC. Keep in mind DC on his own is not a draw, he needs a big name opponent to draw. It isn't like McGregor where he will get big PPV buys no matter who he fights. As far as Jones, he isn't even cleared. I'm sure DC would drop these other fights to get another shot at him but we'll have to see what punishment USADA hands him. By the time Jones comes back DC may be retired.
  18. DC isn't fighting Romero or Gus. He doesn't want to do it (said so himself) and neither are particularly big fights to the point where the UFC will want to strong arm him into doing it. In fact DC's first fight with Gus was a flop and Romero isn't a draw. DC says he is willing to fight Shogun at LHW which is kind of laughable considering how past it Shogun is but understandable from his perspective. I'm guessing he wants a relatively easy win at then to fight Brock. First fight with Gus was a tough 5 round fight which he won by split decision and almost got finished when Gus connected with a knee, why go through that again? And to be honest I really think Romero beats him. DC too poor defensively and Romero too smart. Either way win or lose Romero hurts guys badly. I don't see the UFC making him fight Gus or Romero even though those are the two best fights. I think we see Gus vs Romero and DC just sits out until the Lesnar fight.
  19. Romero probably kills DC lets be honest
  20. Saw a clip of Cormier burying the sport of wrestling on some interview he did after the fight. Recalled losing to Sanderson, Gatsalov and "the Iranian" and said he now sees he was meant to lose to those guys because wrestling is a small time sport and he was destined for bigger things.
  21. Yeah yeah, Zare is 35 years old. When he wrestles seniors in a few years he will be in his 40s. Just like every other cadet who beats an American wrestler and goes on to have a long senior career.
  22. Crazy to see American superstar Kirkvilet lose to Zare. One of the biggest upsets in wrestling history?
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