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  1. I will say firstly that I saw this fight and thought Romero won. However I think talk of UFC fixing the fight for Whittaker or corruption is silly. Romero is an incredible fighter, his defence and striking depth is far greater than other wrestlers you see in MMA (Cormier, Weidman, etc). However he fights a style that is completely focused on winning fights through securing the finish. He spends minutes and even rounds of the fight doing nothing aside from defending and waiting for his moment. You will drop decisions if you fight this way as while you are waiting your opponent is winning the round, even if he is not doing much damage. In this fight Romero came up against a guy who is just ridiculously hard to finish, which left him vulnerable to losing the decision. Let's remember Romero himself was the beneficiary of a controversial decision over Jacare a few fights ago and the UFC did not even have to give him this fight considering he also missed weight for his previous fight. Hardly the signs of a promotion trying to screw him over. Second, Whittaker is not a draw. He is a great fighter who I expect to run through everyone in the division not named Romero but in terms of promotion ability he is a nobody. He doesn't talk trash, he doesn't have a big personality and he doesn't sell a lot PPVs. He's just a boring guy who can fight. To think the UFC is going to the trouble of fight fixing for Robert Whittaker of all people is silly. The judges simply valued Whittaker's style of winning rounds over Romero's winning moments. I would have loved to see Romero win the fight and retire with the belt after a very long and accomplished athletic career, however he missed weight and so even if he did win it would not have made him champ. It will be interesting to see him at 205. Honeslty he has a very good chance at the belt up there. The horrific cut to 185 ( there is video of him not even being able to stand before the fight without help) could not have been good for his performance. I think see him with 205 with improved cardio, which is a scary thing to think about.
  2. I think that may be a fake page that you saw. I am on his official one now and his last post was on June 14th and unrelated to wrestling.
  3. He has wrestled Sharifov and Marasgashvili twice now and lost to them both twice. I am assuming both will be at worlds at 92kg but who knows. Azerbaijan may send Alborov who beat Cox at world cup and looked gigantic at 97. If Sadulaev is at 97 I think Sharifov is probably the favourite at 92.
  4. I'd say wrestling is probably a very distant third behind football and volleyball but ahead of weightlifting. Although the mens weightlifting team is far more successful recently. Iran is not like America where you have the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc. In Iran it's football and then a gigantic gap to the next sport. So it is hard to compare. But really wrestling is not profitable in Iran. Entry to events like world/olympic team trials and tournaments like the Takhti cup are completely free, as there is not much demand to watch. Still they struggle to fill arenas. This essentially puts the wrestlers at the mercy of the Iranian government for payment as the sport does not generate revenue. Often promises are made regarding rewards for winning tournaments that are then unfulfilled. Sponsors are also hard to come by. For example these is no Hassan Yazdani wrestling shoe or Adidas/Nike/Asics sponsorship like you see for some American wrestlers.
  5. It's football, no other sport even comes close, lol.
  6. Wrestling is not nearly as big in Iran as you think. Yazdani is nowhere near the most popular athlete, nor are Sourian or Burroughs second and third. There are literally football (soccer) players that play in crappy Russian, Qatari and Greek leagues far more popular than all of them.
  7. We will most likely see Yazdani vs Taylor at the Yasar Dogu in less than a month, so there is no long wait for this match.
  8. Remember, Sharifov won 2011 worlds and 2012 Olympics at 84. He spends 4 years at 96kg being a backup in his own country and then goes down to 86 for Rio.
  9. Who says Sadulaev is too big for 86? His own national team coaches want him to go back down. It's him and his personal coach who want to wrestle 92 or 97. We all saw him at 86, he was average sized. He was no bigger than Yasar, Karimi, Kudyamagmedov, Sharifov, etc. Maybe its a tough cut but no way is it a case of he can't make it. Yazdani at 74 was a case of not being able to make it anymore. I feel Sadulaev probably over estimated his own abilities and thought he could keep winning without cutting weight. He loses to Snyder and then 92kg comes in, which is a weight full of guys who will be back at 86 for Tokyo. Did they all suddenly outgrow 86? No. So he stays at 92 and doesn't have to cut down to 86 and he also avoids having to face the bigger 97kg guys. If he keeps losing to Snyder I believe he will go back to 86 for 2020. It is no different from Burroughs trying 86. If Burroughs were to wrestle Sadulaev or Yazdani at 86 and lose by only 1 I would consider it as proof of Burroughs being better if anything.
  10. Snyder better than Sadulaev....No.Sad is a bloated 86 who bumped up and lost a one point match to Snyder after only wrestling trials. At their correct weight Sadulaev is far more impressive, no question. I do not see Sadulaev almost getting teched by Salas like Snyder. Sadulaev is not so much better that he can beat him while outsized, but he is the better wrestler. He went a very long period without even giving up a point. I remember Iranian fans were happy that Karimi even got two pushouts on him. I wonder how the reaction would be if Jordan Burroughs went up to 86 (without putting on the size) and lost 6-5 to Sadulaev back when he was at the weight or Yazdani now. Would everyone here be claiming they are better that JB? I doubt it. In fact it would definitely be the opposite.
  11. Didn't see the match but you are surprised Burroughs didn't show class? This is the same guy who received a gift for the birth of his new born baby from the Iran wrestling federation at the 2016 world cup (when he pulled out at the last second due to the birth and that other American 74 had to wrestle Yazdani) and then went on twitter and posted a pic of the gift saying that Yazdani gave it to him for sparing him by not wrestling at world cup. Very classless, you don't do that when given a gift. A shame we never got to see Yazdani beat him but getting 10-0 by Abdurakhmanov made up for it.
  12. I am surprised. Last year when we saw that video in Paris after the world championships were they were sitting around the table and Khadem was telling them off I thought for sure they would send the best team they could this year no matter what. This is not the same team at most weights but similar level guys.
  13. Yes you are right probably around the same (unless they change the team). But I would not be surprised at all with just one medal again.
  14. What happened to Ghasem Rezaei in greco, did he retire? Also this FS team looks worse than the last one and that one was crap in 2017. Khadem will really be tested as a coach if he does not make any changes from trials.
  15. Now Sadeghi was up 9-1 and gets injured, he is also out of the competition.
  16. Goleij and Akbari lose. Akbari looked awful. Goleij is very very limited so not surprising.
  17. Do you think Khadem will stick with this team?
  18. Emami out, I think he's the one they wanted for worlds at 65. Also some of the GR guys like Abdevali are behaving ridiculously after losing.
  19. Saeid Abdevali - World champion and Olympic bronze Keramat Abdevali - Junior world champion 2017 Saman Abdevali Arman Abevali - Junior Asian champion 2017 Am I missing anyone?
  20. I think Ghasempour is world class. It's easier without Karimi and Ebrahimi there but Ghasempour is a world class opponent for Yazdani in my opinion. Even though Yazdani will probably 10-0 him, but if they sent Ghasempour to worlds he is a guaranteed medal. He is around the same level as Karimi, he loses close matches to him in Iran but based on recent form he is probably wrestling a bit better internationally.
  21. Btw do you know what happened to Rahimi and Ghasemi? They are saying Reza Yazdani is not injured but he is upset because his grandmother died and then his mother got sick. Rahimi and Ghasemi have not wrestled since 2017 world cup. What is this almost 2 year injury?
  22. Looks like Khadem will get a similar team to what Talei had to deal with ( No Rahimi, Ghasemi, R.Yazdani) if they stick with the trials winners here for worlds. We will see if he is a better coach after all or if Talei just had a bad team.
  23. His old coach was. He was an old Cuban guy, not sure what happened to him after the Olympics. The current coach is Russian. I wonder if he coaches the whole Italian MFS team or just Chamizo and Kudyamagomedov?
  24. Pretty surprising to see Akgul beat Petriashvili in the final here. Don't get me wrong I think Akgul is the better wrestler, but he looked very poor by his standards here. A close match with the Azerbaijani HW who he has destroyed multiple times in the past and another one with Russia's Kushkov. Going into today I though Petriashvili might beat him comfortably, I believe he teched his way into the finals. Akgul beats him 2-1 with a pushout off of Petriashvili's shot deciding the match. If he can still beat Petriashvili while seemingly out of form then it may get ugly for Petriashvili at worlds.
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