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  1. No i mean 86 lol. Who is better than him from 79 or below? In total would only put Karimi, Ghasempour and Yazdani above him. Hadi and HW is a different situation. I am not saying he is Saitiev or anything but by our weak team in lower weights standards I would say currently he is the best 79 and down.
  2. Is it fair to say Ehsanpour is our best wrestler below 86kg? Was just thinking that now.
  3. They interviewed him after the bronze medal match and he said he would try to go to 65 for the Olympics. He has no choice but to change weight if he wants to wrestle in the Olympics.
  4. Team result was fair with us being behind the USA, obviously Kazakhstan should not be second. They were missing the gold medal favourite at 86, we were missing Hadi who is probably a bronze/silver with a chance for gold but not the favourite. I think Reza might have also lost to Odikadze like Shabani, after all he did lose to him before. They also have better wrestlers who they could have sent at 86 compared to Downey but their trials process does not allow them to do these kind of things. If they had our system where they can pick whoever they want they definitely had options around that weight to send a stronger wrestler than Downey. All in all i'd say the performance was slightly better than last time. Emami from last year would have got a medal in this bracket. Karimi lost to the same guy and did slightly worse against him actually. Yazdani didn't have Taylor in his way. Only reason I say slightly better is Ehsanpour's medal at 61.
  5. Ehsanpour is a really good wrestler just mentally a bit weak. We have way worse wrestlers who have world medals. Now the pressure is on Atri.
  6. I'm reading that the young Indian at 86 isn't going to wrestle due to a shoulder injury. So Hassan has the gold.
  7. 57: I honestly don't think Atri is ever going to win a medal. A good draw is not likely at this weight, too many strong wrestlers. I'm also hearing he has major weight problems. Rahimi got his medal after the third try and this was Atri's third try and he failed. Rahimi was also a junior world champion. Atri failed there also. You could say Rahimi never had to deal with 2 day weighins but when Rahimi was wrestling the weight was 55 now it's 57. Still they have no other choice but to send him. If he got a medal here I am 100% sure he would have gone to the Olympics without any trial but now we will see. I still think there is a high chance they just send him. Who else is there, that Sarlak guy? Amouzad from cadets? lol 61: Hopefully he gets a bronze. I don't like this "haghesh tala bod" rubbish you always hear from Iranian fans but he really could have done it. Still has the same weaknesses but even with those he could have got it. Last Olympics he didn't even try (or wasn't given the chance) to make the team so I wonder if he does this time or if he we are not going to hear from him until 2021. Iran won junior world gold at 60kg juniors in 2012,2014,2015 and 2016. That has so far translated to an incredible 0 senior world medals. 65: Tobier is a good wrestler with world medals and even multiple wins over Haji Aliyev and I thought Yazdani wrestled him well. When the weight is this strong and wrestlers at the calibre of Otoguro can't win a medal then obviously he won't get one either. It's a shame all of our junior world champions from 61 the past few years have been total failures or else we could have had someone more experienced at this weight. 70: Emami had such a good draw. They didn't give his takedown at the end but if he was on the other side i'm not sure he would have even won a medal so maybe a fair result in the end. 74: I knew he was going to lose but he didn't have to lose to 40 year old Garzon. It's really going to have to be Hosseinkhani for Tokyo. They might send him without a trial even. Maybe they'll give Mohammadi another chance. I can't think of anyone else. Emami seems too small for me. 79: Teymouri was hand picked without a trial and lost to an old wrestler. In countries like Russia they basically only send someone without a trial if they are a 99.99% gold chance (Sadulaev 2016) in Iran at this point we are regularly sending average wrestlers to worlds without trials as if Teymouri is a multiple time world champion. The coaches really have to answer for this one because this is a wrestler they hand picked based off of a fluke match in his hometown. 86: I really wish Taylor was here because this weight really has no excitement without him. Hopefully they can wrestle at some random tournament before the Olympics. I wonder if Hassan will go without any trial? I hope they don't do what they did after he won gold in 2017 which is to not enter him into any tournaments outside of Asia! Big question is if Cox will go down or up. I feel confident Hassan would beat Cox at 86 with these weigh in rules so I kind of hope he comes down and beats Taylor, lol. 92: I think whenever Karimi hits someone he isn't physically stronger than it kind of takes him out of the match. A lot of his success is based on how physical he is and Cox is one of those guys he doesn't have that advantage against. Same as when he wrestled Hassan in the trials. Feel bad for him he's good wrestler but Cox is better. Btw what was that takedown at the start? I haven't seen it again but it looked like Cox slapped his knee and he fell over. Match was basically over after that. I'm guessing he goes 97. I'd give him a decent chance to make our Olympic team. 97: I actually thought Odikadze would be a good matchup for Shabani because he gets tired easily but he couldn't beat him. I really hope they just hold a normal trial in this weight and send whoever wins. 125: If Hadi isn't recovered i'm guessing that they use Mohebi to qualify the weight and then just send Hadi.
  8. Great job by Iraq they have really improved their program since Saddam Hussain was hanged
  9. He beat Jokar when they wrestled in New York
  10. Wrestfan what do you think about this little idea I had before worlds: I knew Ghasempour would also win 86 let alone Yazdani. Actually with the Naifanov I saw even Bazri might beat him. I was thinking what if they sent Ghasempour at 86 considering that he would almost certainly win gold and then have Yazdani wrestle 92 and see what he can do with Cox. Maybe they would have got two golds. Worse case scenario they get the same result they got now.
  11. Anytime you ask a question like that after one guy won gold and the other had a somewhat unexpected ( although not overly surprising) loss most will want to answer with the guy who won gold. BUT it has to be said 92 is the weakest weight at worlds by far and in addition to beating Snyder Sharifov is also 2 - 0 against Cox. I don't agree with the comments I see here about Cox being the best American wrestler currently. Great wrestler but your team is strong and I won't say that until he does it at a better weight.
  12. If Karimi was ever going to beat Cox it would have been at 86. Cox is just a better wrestler.
  13. Love the Chamizo - Sidakov rivalry between the two posters on this thread. No joke it is adding to the hype of the match for me.
  14. I have to say outside of a few faces 86 is very very bad weight. Most of the good wrestlers are from the same country so you don't see them at worlds. If Punia wins gold I will send you 500 dollars.
  15. Btw lets just say it. How the **** did Sadeghi beat Rashidov twice? One of the big mysteries of life.
  16. I saw the match, he even grabbed one of the scoring paddles and threw it at an official. Not sure how he isn't disqualified.
  17. To be fair Uguev did not do much either, but his point was at least clear.
  18. I thought Yazdani did very well considering he is a first or second year junior. I was very impressed, he just made a few mistakes against Valdez. Unfortunately Valdez looked "different" against Bahrain (paid off?) and eliminated him. I'd like to see 65 be between Yazdani and Maghsoudi next year. Atri almost never shoots. Going to be hard to win consistently like that.
  19. We have to aim for that top 1 seed so that we can fluke a medal. Our only chances are really fluke draws at this point. At least Otoguru has a rest. But who knows Maybe Amir Yazdani will be this years Otoguru and win the gold aged 19.
  20. I think he's too easy to score and seen him get destroyed too many times. Even our 70kg guy who is a mediocre wrestler was up 8-0 on him before Bajrang's pace got him to a 10-8 win. If he was on the other side i'd be a lot more confident in not picking him but I still don't think he wins it.
  21. I say Bajrang makes it to the final (not a hard prediction) but loses to whoever comes out from the bottom side. Great wrestler but I don't think he's good enough to win a gold at such a tough weight.
  22. Our wrestlers are very weak. Our only chance is to just go to all the ranking tournaments and fight for easy draws. Do what Turkey did with their weak 86kg wrestler .That is what they should do this year.
  23. Younes Emami. They would probably beat him.
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