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  1. Excited to unleash Mohebi in Kazakhstan
  2. Btw Wrestfan that American at juniors was good. If they wrestled again he might not pin Zare but I think he'd beat him. Watch his matches on the way to the final. I think he has a lot of potential.
  3. I'd send Zare. Mohebi is a waste of time, he's been around for a few years now and is not improving at all. Mohebi's losses are also spectacular, i've never seen a HW who gets thrown as much as him. I doubt Zare's style will ever transition to the senior level in terms of being a top top HW , but I could see him stealing a couple bronzes or so over his career just by being tough and getting push outs, obviously assuming he is able to consistently make our world team over the next years. This is HW after all, that style can work with the right draw. No chance for 2019 at his age, though.
  4. I have a bad feeling Mohebi will be the HW
  5. Yazdani is out. Going to send someone else.
  6. Head coach Gholam Reza Mohammadi said it due to constant injuries
  7. Also they are saying Reza Yazdani is in poor form
  8. Matches were behind closed doors. Just some pictures no video to my knowledge.
  9. Yazdani beats Biabani in two matches to make the world team 9 - 3 and 8 - 4
  10. Are they allowed to be on the podium with an Israeli? Like if the Israsli wins gold and the Iranian gets bronze. Are they allowed to stand on the podium while the Israeli anthem plays and the flag is raised?
  11. Ye Yianni is really good. Japan's guy who won gold last year over Bajrang in the final was only 19 also. If Iran doesn't win ( lol as if there is a chance) 65 I hope the Japanese kid wins it here and then again in Tokyo
  12. I consider placing to be a medal
  13. 57 - DNP 61 - DNP 65 - DNP 70 - DNP 74 - DNP 79 - DNP 86 - GOLD 92 - SILVER 97 - DNP 125 - BRONZE
  14. I can already see what you guys are implying. They're going to cut FS and GR and just replace with with beach wrestling in the Olympics. Terrible.
  15. Kurugliev had a bad first period against Yazdani for bronze. Wouldn't say he was out conditioned. They seemed about even in that regard.
  16. He's like 26. He's strong, that's it. You can't learn to wrestle at that age. I have said it before but it is surprising considering he is from a wrestling family. I also think Mohebi is actually getting worse, not improving.
  17. He's saying he took 5 leg attacks. One of the coaches is saying even the American fans consider Jadidi the winner.
  18. Fs far more popular in Iran in terms of participation
  19. Yep, it is true https://www.tasnimnews.com/fa/news/1398/06/01/2081051/تشکیل-کمیسیون-پزشکی-برای-پرویز-هادی-در-روز-شنبه Also Mohebi is horrible
  20. Have the younger Gerai and Kaviani ever wrestled before?
  21. Not annoucned but will probably be 57 : Atri 61: Ehsanpour 65: Biabani 70: Emami 74: Afzali 79: Teymouri 86: Yazdani 92: Karimi 97: Yazdani 125: Hadi I can only see 97 changing. I think the rest are 100%
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