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  1. Mat B stream is working. Mat A still down, lol.
  2. Weren't the excuses before that the tournaments were held in places where internet sucks?
  3. It's started but the stream is broken. Fila is a troll company, they always do stuff like this. I guarantee stream will also be on 240p even though sports like Judo stream in HD for every tournament via youtube.
  4. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/world-cup-senior-7 Stream link
  5. He does not look good, carrying around a lot of extra weight it seems. I hear he barely made the weight for last years world championships. Won the asian games right after pretty easily, though.
  6. I really don't see any reason to pick Ruth over Salas. Not saying it's impossible or anything, but Salas is the clear favourite. Salas gets in bad positions but is so athletic he manages to find a way out. Very talented guy, wonder how his career would have gone if he wasn't part of a system that regularly throws matches.
  7. Yes, I'd agree with Akgul being the favourite. Would like to see the full roster. I wonder if Makhov will give it a try. I'd like to see him give freestyle another try. In Greco he's just another guy who will never beat Lopez. Some interesting match ups here, like how some top 97kg guys do at heavyweight. Wonder if anyone else is going besides Yazdani.
  8. Read on twitter that this tournament will take place in Dagestan on june 27. Heavyweights being invited from multiple countries. 34 wrestlers invited from Russia, Iran, USA, Turkey, Georgia etc. 40K for first place, 30K for second place and 10K for third place. Some names mentioned among the invite list were Yazdani and Ghasemi from Iran, Akgul for Turkey and Tervel for the U.S. This really seems like what wrestling needs. https://twitter.com/sikom_d/status/585395410937765888 Anyone heard more about this?
  9. Do you guys see Metcalf being able to medal in the next two years? And I wonder if he continues beyond 2016.
  10. Yep. And the video literally looks like CCTV footage. The names and countries on the scoreboard are also unreadable, you can only see the numbers. It's 2015, sad that it's still like this.
  11. This tournament didn't even have the new mat, which is being in a lot of major tournaments now. It will probably take a while for the new rules to take effect to the point that every tournament in every country is using the new mat/uniform/whatever. But I was watching some videos of the very recent under-23 European championships. They had the blue mats but refs were still wearing the jackets and ties, so maybe the scrapped that idea or haven't come up with a uniform for the officials yet.
  12. So he has under 500 days left as a wrestler. Sucks for American wrestling fans. Ruth is like 24/25? His weight is stacked but he had time to improve. I doubt he'd have ever become a world/olympic champ even if he wasn't going into MMA, but he probably would have been a guy who could somewhat consistently bring back medals, which the USA team really needs. Now he has two tournaments left to do so. And I also agree with MMA maybe being a problem on his wrestling progress. From everything I seen he's really excited to go into MMA and eventually the UFC. If his heart isn't in wrestling then that's a problem.
  13. How do you not even put Cejudo on the poster when he's the biggest name out of all these guys? This has been promoted so poorly.
  14. Yes, he's the one whose father died.
  15. I've heard it before as well, multiple times. Not sure where the source is, but there might be some truth to it. I read once that it was the Cowboys who wanted him, or at least showed some interest.
  16. He got beat by Tsabalov , the 2014 70kg world champ for bronze. Lost 9-1 I think.
  17. Would be good if they'd sent this team to the world cup. Iran and USA both bringing A teams.
  18. Ghasem Rezai started at 15. He's Iran's 2012 olympic champ at 96kg in greco.
  19. Not saying i'm surprised, just that I highly doubt 70kg is his optimum weight class. No doubt he accomplished something amazing and is enjoying it, which it totally fine. I'm just saying from a competition stand point this probably isn't what's best for him. He's young and still growing but it is not usual for someone to go up this many weight classes so quickly. That's more like early to late-teen growth than it is from 19 to 22.
  20. Hassan Yazdani smokes him in the world cup at 70kg if they wrestle. He was at the Paris GP and didn't medal. I don't know what's going on with Asgarov, he's gone from 55kg all the way to 70kg. That's like a new weight class every year.
  21. The easiest comparison to Karelin would be Mijain Lopez. Just as dominant in a age with less weight classes. Only difference is Lopez sells matches.
  22. Not sure how Gadzhiev at 70kg is so much higher than Yazdani when Yazdani beat him 8-0 in Paris.
  23. 57 KG-1. JONG Hak-Jin (PRK) – Asian Games No.1 (1) 61KG-1. Aleksander BOGOMOEV (RUS) Yarygin GP No.1 (1) 65KG-1. Soslan RAMONOV (RUS) – World No.1 (1) 70KG-1. Khetik TSABOLOV (RUS) – World No.1 (1) 74KG-1. Denis TSARGUSH (RUS) – World No.1 (1) 86KG-1. Abdulrashid SADULAEV (RUS) – World No.1 (1) 97KG-1. Abdusalam GADISOV (RUS) – World No.1 (1) 120KG- 1. Taha AKGUL (TUR) – World No.1 (1) http://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/winners-in-tehran-havana-grab-places-on-world-freestyle-rankings
  24. He was actually training with Weidman a couple weeks ago. Looks like he's doing the rounds at MMA gyms, since he was with Jones before the Cormier fight. The area he's moving to has a lot of MMA gyms, same place where Ben Askren started training.
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