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  1. By the way, anyone know what happened to the plan to scrap the singlet? They scrap that idea or still working on a new uniform?
  2. Then again, Russia sent almost all their best guys to Yasar Dogu and USA and Iran sent weaker teams, so it works both ways. I have heard that the Russian's have a very specific schedule they stick to in terms of when the top guys compete, but the two tournaments were held relatively close to each other. Would have been nice if they'd sent that Yasar Dogu team to the world cup.
  3. That Russian HW is not good. It really seems like HW is Russia's weak point. Obviously it's Russia so they can still medal there, but their best guy is a past his prime Gatsalov. I know this isn't even their B-team, let alone A-team, but they should have been able to find someone better than that. Varner looked similar to how he did in the world championships. I don't think he's a threat to gold at 97kg.
  4. So is it a Russia/Iran final then? Wanted to see U.S and Iran in the final.
  5. Go on UWW website and press freestyle world cup. Stream is there
  6. Boooooooring. This is so drawn out. Just start the wrestling.
  7. I'll give them credit for having the HD stream, I did not expect that. However the commentary was so messed up. First of all they only had commentary for one mat. Second you couldn't even hear the guy. Maybe it's like you said, the "commentator" was really just a fan sitting near the camera who was talking to himself and the camera picked it up.
  8. Ruth shot a single right off the whistle for the first period and Salas countered it and got a push out. Messed up his ankle in the process of doing so. I'd say I was wrong in saying Salas is clearly the superior wrestler, but i'd definitely pick him to win if they wrestle again.
  9. Salas is clearly the superior wrestler here. Shame that he's hurt.
  10. WOW. Horrendous sound quality on commentary for Mat A. Is the commentator under water or something?
  11. Wow, terrible start for U.S. Iran doing great
  12. Mat B stream is working. Mat A still down, lol.
  13. Weren't the excuses before that the tournaments were held in places where internet sucks?
  14. It's started but the stream is broken. Fila is a troll company, they always do stuff like this. I guarantee stream will also be on 240p even though sports like Judo stream in HD for every tournament via youtube.
  15. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/world-cup-senior-7 Stream link
  16. He does not look good, carrying around a lot of extra weight it seems. I hear he barely made the weight for last years world championships. Won the asian games right after pretty easily, though.
  17. I really don't see any reason to pick Ruth over Salas. Not saying it's impossible or anything, but Salas is the clear favourite. Salas gets in bad positions but is so athletic he manages to find a way out. Very talented guy, wonder how his career would have gone if he wasn't part of a system that regularly throws matches.
  18. Yes, I'd agree with Akgul being the favourite. Would like to see the full roster. I wonder if Makhov will give it a try. I'd like to see him give freestyle another try. In Greco he's just another guy who will never beat Lopez. Some interesting match ups here, like how some top 97kg guys do at heavyweight. Wonder if anyone else is going besides Yazdani.
  19. Read on twitter that this tournament will take place in Dagestan on june 27. Heavyweights being invited from multiple countries. 34 wrestlers invited from Russia, Iran, USA, Turkey, Georgia etc. 40K for first place, 30K for second place and 10K for third place. Some names mentioned among the invite list were Yazdani and Ghasemi from Iran, Akgul for Turkey and Tervel for the U.S. This really seems like what wrestling needs. https://twitter.com/sikom_d/status/585395410937765888 Anyone heard more about this?
  20. Do you guys see Metcalf being able to medal in the next two years? And I wonder if he continues beyond 2016.
  21. Yep. And the video literally looks like CCTV footage. The names and countries on the scoreboard are also unreadable, you can only see the numbers. It's 2015, sad that it's still like this.
  22. This tournament didn't even have the new mat, which is being in a lot of major tournaments now. It will probably take a while for the new rules to take effect to the point that every tournament in every country is using the new mat/uniform/whatever. But I was watching some videos of the very recent under-23 European championships. They had the blue mats but refs were still wearing the jackets and ties, so maybe the scrapped that idea or haven't come up with a uniform for the officials yet.
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