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  1. Gostiev is Azerbaijan's main 86 right now and he is absolutely horrible. Ghasempour is going U23 again.
  2. I forgot his name. I think it's Karimi or something.
  3. Bajrang's coach is a Georgian. But he only coaches Bajrang and no body else. They have an Iranian also.
  4. Kavianinejad has to be the best young talent in Iran both styles by far.
  5. lol tell that Firouzpour guy from cadets to cut some weight and wrestle at 74
  6. Unfortunately Yakhkeshi is still the exact same wrestler as he was last year. He has a pushout and cardio and not much else. Taymouri lost to one of Georgia's back ups in the final.
  7. Georgian wrestler beat Goygereev 4-3. lol ye they are protecting Atri like Sadulaev. I said before I think Hajaghania is one of the worst wrestlers to represent Iran at any tournament when he went to the Asian championships.
  8. The Georgian beat Goygereev. Not bad for Biabani.
  9. btw where is this guy Reza Atri? I saw he was crying on the podium after he won the gold in Asia. I hope he didn't retire after that because with the way he was celebrating you would think he won the Olympics and decided to move on. He didn't have trials or anything and is not wrestling anywhere.
  10. Biabani beat the guy who beat Sadeghi so I guess he is going to worlds. I'm sure he wont win a medal but none of them would have. I believe he has Goygereev next so he is probably going to be out himself. The other 65 lost to Bajrang on the other side.
  11. I thought reviews took very long at cadet worlds also.
  12. Sadeghi already lost. Time to retire for Sadeghi I believe. 2 x Junior world champion. I definitely couldn't do that but it's not working out for him at the senior level. I would advise him to stop.
  13. Very interested to see Kaviani at worlds
  14. Ehsanpour would have won a medal with Yakhkeshi's draw last year. It also seems Ehsanpour, Hadi , Karimi and Hassan Yazdani are not going to have any further tournaments before worlds. Only Medved is left and I have not heard anything about them going. Obviously they wont wrestle abroad in September except for worlds. Some of them I can understand but I definitely would have sent Ehsanpour somewhere.
  15. They did an interview with the Iranian kid after he won the gold and he claims Poulin was talking trash before the match. https://www.farsnews.com/news/13980513000972/عموزاد-کاری-با-کشتی‌گیر-آمریکایی-کردم-که-دیگر-ایرانی‌ها-را-فراموش
  16. You mean the world team? The coaches can send him if they want. Obviously there is no set in stone process in Iran. I think one of them, Mohsen Kaveh, stated that if Yazdani wants to wrestle at worlds he has to wrestle somewhere before that, so we will see what happens. I am reading an article that says the coaches will have to make a decision and respond to his request, however the tournament starts tomorrow so I think it's a bit late for that now. It's strange because he has been training this whole time at the national team camp with all the national team coaches, how does this come out the day before the tournament?
  17. https://www.isna.ir/news/98051407384/از-نقطه-صفر-مرزی-تا-سکوی-جهانی-یوسفی-پدرم-دیگر-نمی-تواند-حمایتم An interesting back story on Yousefi, who won the cadet gold at 92kg in freestyle. I thought he was from Tehran or Mazandaran or something but turns out he is from Taybad all the way on the Iran/Afghanistan border and has made it to this point. Btw it seems Reza Yazdani is refusing to wrestle in Georgia.
  18. They won the team title for GR and lets be honest they won it in FS also for the second year in a row
  19. Surprised Sheikhi is going to junior worlds at 79. Had a big death in his family with two little girls in a car crash. Looked very good at the Asian championships, though.
  20. It seems they have basically secured the team title for greco
  21. The Tajik winning would be similar to Iran winning it so in a sense you could say we made the finals at 65
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