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  1. Oh my god lol we are so bad. Nasiri is making his way through the bracket and I am not even surprised. I thought he retired after 2017 from international?
  2. Foroutan going to HW is a strange choice. Either someone told him to or he gave up on this Olympics and is thinking he will be at 120 long term and wants to start now.
  3. I wonder if that's a sign for things to come for senior greco. Is there a precedent for them trying things in the youth Olympics before they implement it in the real one?
  4. I don't think these are official rankings. I think this site just made their own.
  5. I wouldn't give it to anyone who didn't win worlds but they're obviously trying to incentive participation in their ranking tournaments. The financial reward is pretty good by wrestling standards actually. Especially for some places where the wrestlers get paid very little. Did UWW advertise this at all before giving it out?
  6. That's what I thought too. He has that face where you can't even really class him as a human.
  7. Who's this Nadirzadeh guy? Why am I seeing his face all over the federation page and wrestling news sites these past few months?
  8. Another disastrous outcome for Iranian junior world champions at 96/97.
  9. I loved watching Parris wrestle at junior worlds.
  10. Hopefully Sadeghi goes to the Olympics and randomly beats him before losing to Nigeria or something
  11. OK Guys I found Zare vs Gwiz. Last match on this long stream but the link I put should take you right there.
  12. Agreed. Ebrahimi is a big boy. He has a bigger build than Karimi.
  13. I didn't see it either and couldn't find it but I read it was underhook pushouts and takedowns on the edge of the mat from underhooks.
  14. Oh my god I just looked at the results and saw there is another Hajaghania!
  15. Lol did Nasiri make it to the final or did he lose and also eliminate Sadeghi?
  16. If you want to wrestle like Ebrahimi and win gold medals you need to have J'Den Cox levels of defence. By that I mean don't give up a takedown in over a year, which is what Cox did. Ebrahimi is playing this game for years now and it's not working out. Up to 97 now I am guessing so lets see what happens.
  17. All the bronze matches already happened, should just be finals now.
  18. Someone pay for Zare to train with Cael Sanderson for just 1 or 2 years and I promise he will be unstoppable. Multiple world and Olympic golds if they do this. Who destroys Gwizdowski as a junior?
  19. Thankfully we can see the highly talked about and anticipated Gwiz - Zare match for bronze
  20. Ebrahimi makes the finals Zare loses to Gazzaev 2-2 ( 3-2) after a last second takedown and failed challenge. He controlled the match but could only score due to Gazzaev being put on the shot clock twice, not even one push out. He did get on a single leg but Gazzaev defended it. To be fair Gazzaev did nothing the whole match but we saw Zare's problem scoring against a guy who didn't get tired, or at least if he did get tired he didn't get exhausted.
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