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  1. Bucky, you are talking about the Iranian football team. 3 X consecutive champions of Asia. Took Spain and Portugal down to the wire. Legends like Ali Daei, Karimi, Beiranvand, Brighton superstar Jahanbaksh. I'm sure Israel has some decent guys but I wouldn't put them on the level of Iran.
  2. Wrestling is not big enough in Iran for it to be a huge story and nobody cares about Judo. The Karimi story was big for a little bit and then it died. If Iran hit Israel at the world cup (football) then that would be huge but unfortunately Israel never qualify for it. Would be interesting, though. Iran and Israel in the same group. Hopefully Israel can step up their football.
  3. Ye I meant FS. I don't follow GR as much as it is hard to watch for me but actually cadet GR is usually more exciting than senior GR. They will probably get first or second again. Then junior worlds starts August 12 with FS again.
  4. Lol not just Amouzad but they pasted the all the 45kg medalists onto the article, so I guess all four medalists at 45kg also got their equivalent medals at 80. The real 80kg medalists had an American named Assad ( distant relative of the famous Syrian president) get bronze.
  5. Tournament over. Hopefully one or two of these guys can do well in seniors one day.
  6. He wasn't there. It was the guy in the grey shirt mat side and the old guy sitting behind him. Also Mohsen Kaveh is shouting for the crowd lol.
  7. Tavakolian was not in the corner
  8. Wow what a 4 to finish the match from the Russian when it looked like he was getting takendown. That is the risk you run when you stick to the opponent
  9. Russia's 60 is an unstoppable force so far. Will see if Elahi can work his underhook game against him.
  10. Probably because there was still a chance he gets exposure or something and gets 2 points. If they challenged immediately and lost he would need 3 points to win. But who knows if you look at Tavakolian in the corner it doesn't seem like he's exactly thinking everything through with a cool head.
  11. 51 got pinned! falling apart on second day!
  12. Lol I don't understand how they can be that upset about losing a close match when they don't even attempt 1 leg attack for 4 minutes. Look how Russia's HW wrestles and this guy weighs 42kg. Take the loss with some class please the American deserved to win.
  13. If we can still win the team title without winning the 71 bronze match I would not mind if the Swedish representative won as he did us a favour and the Swedish people were very friendly when I went there a few years ago.
  14. He was right. Swedish kid beat Israel 10 - 0.
  15. Habibi gets destroyed by India for bronze (gave up in the last minute)
  16. Ghiasi. He lost the match (dominated the match but got caught with a 4 point move in the last second) to a Russian but the Russian failed his doping test so Ghiasi got the gold anyway.
  17. O **** Firouzpour beat him easily. 2 years in a row they win 80 at cadets.
  18. Arab at 45 beats Azerbaijan comfortably to make the finals. Also eliminates Russia ( who lost to Azerbaijan) so should be good for the team race as Iran and Russia are very far ahead of everyone else.
  19. The Uzbek at 55 destroyed Veisi at the Asian cadets less than a month ago if I remember right. Will see if he can turn it around but we will see. He is definitely not the favourite. As for Iranian women, this is very off topic but I think the high rates of plastic surgery makes many of them look ridiculous. Just my honest opinion I am not saying I am the most handsome man ever (but I look ok, LOL)
  20. 3 going for gold tomorrow in the first 5 weights at cadet worlds and 2 going for bronze 48 - Amouzad pretty much beat everyone comfortably similar to how he won 45 last year. Would be a big upset if he does not win gold 55 - Veisi beat a tough American in the semi final to make the gold match. Almost let the match slip out of his hands with a minute to go when he completely stopped attacking. 65 - Motaghi lost to Azerbaijan 4-3 but has a chance for bronze 80 - Firouzpour makes the gold medal match pretty much without any problems but the Russian on the other side looks very strong, I expect a silver 110 - In the end Habibi lost to the constant none stop leg attacks of his Russian opponent in the semi final and will have a chance for bronze which he should win. To be fair I thought the Russian was much better but Habibi almost beat him just by countering his constant leg attacks. He should get the bronze.
  21. How does Ben beat Maia? Those other wrestlers all had a striking advantage and could stop the takedown and just strike with him. Askren can stop the takedown but he is one of the few guys who Maia has better striking than. In a sense you could even argue that it is a nightmare matchup for Askren. Will be an interesting fight.
  22. I remember we had this weightlifter Mohamadpour also in the London Olympics who went from 5th place to gold after drug test failures! All the other weight lifters in the top 7 failed on the retest. Obviously Ghasemi getting gold would be nowhere near as a big jump but interesting to see what happens.
  23. This guy will apparently have the news
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