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  1. American Dlagnev is getting the bronze, so Ghasemi has to be moved up to gold I believe.
  2. Lol I was thinking about this after Yasar Dogu. He has wrestled Russians wrestling for other countries but never wrestled a Russian actually representing Russia. Crazy considering he has 3 world medals.
  3. This will be a strong tournament with Russia's 1 and 2 guys attending.
  4. Iranian women may not be the prettiest but they are extremely physically powerful and scary. If the government allowed them to wrestle it would be a massacre. The Japanese domination of women's FS would be over.
  5. Dabir is saying that a big problem is that when he was wrestling there was one million active wrestlers in Iran, now there is less than a hundred thousand. He says it will take 2-3 years to solve this, I don't see how it will happen as to be honest it is not smart to pursue a wrestling career in Iran.
  6. Shabani lost to Yazdani in the trials under the circumstances that he had to wrestle and beat another tough wrestler, Talebi, just to get to wrestle Yazdani who was able to sit and face the winner for no reason. In fact Shabani would have had to wrestle two matches just to face Yazdani but his first round opponent essentially retired from the sport once the draw was released due to the unfairness. So he got to skip that and just wrestle Talebi. Would have been interesting to see what happened under fair circumstances.
  7. Gwizdowski's two bronzes are a result of dream draws. If anyone deserves a terrible draw this worlds it is him.
  8. I believe Akgul said he is retiring after Tokyo. His 2015 world championship run is one of the most impressive things I have ever seen in wrestling.
  9. In the US you have to be subscribed to Flo Wrestling to watch it. Rest of the world its free. Just use a fake VPN to get around it because FLO Wrestling has the rights to this event in America.
  10. Haha I love the Hungarian coaches face after the second inside trip. What a disaster.
  11. Saw the Mohebi match and it did not disappoint. Multiple four point moves. It's actually funny how bad Mohebi is.
  12. Lol I have to see this Mohebi match when I get home. Great job by Shabani.
  13. Unfortunately today our two representatives from Kermanshah failed to make the finals. To be fair to them neither or them was expected to. In fact I thought Teymouri would lose by more to Dieringer who is very in form at the moment. The real Kermanshah wrestler is that Ghiasi guy who won cadet worlds last year. He has everything he needs to go to the top of the sport in a few years if they develop him right.
  14. 7 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze for the Iranian FS cadet team at the Asian championships.
  15. Good tournament for Teymouri.
  16. Surprised Ehsanpour is going without a trial. I think he is better than Yakhkeshi but at the end of the day he has been 3 times and never won a medal. Not the kind of guy i'd send with no trial.
  17. Not an accurate list of who will compete.
  18. Btw I thought this Mohebi guy is supposed to be from a wrestling family. Meaning he has been around wrestling since he was a child. So why does he seem like a big strong guy who started learning wrestling 2 years ago? With Hadi and Ghasemi we had two world class heavyweights (if in shape). Now that Ghasemi is gone hopefully nothing happens to Hadi because they have no other option now. Like 65 when Mohammadi got injured and they still can't find anyone to even win two matches at the world championships.
  19. I saw every match aside from the first two matches at 65. I thought the quality was very poor. They will get a similar result as last year at worlds except for one easy gold because Taylor is injured. At some weights like 65 and 74 they have absolutely no hope of a medal even with an easy draw.
  20. Goudarzi has withdrawn from the trials due to the set up at 97.
  21. Unfortunately it seems they are desperate to have Yazdani on the team despite him being old and having a long injury history. I do not mind Yazdani being the 97 at worlds but they should not go out of their way to make it so. This is what happens when they fail to produce one decent wrestler at a weight in around 10 years. Thankfully we have Mohammad Mohammadian returning next year who has a plan to beat Snyder and Sadulaev.
  22. 74 will be a rough weight to qualify. Unfortunately this isn't 2015 where it was just Burroughs and Gedeuv. Back then a wrestler at the calibre of that Ghasemi guy was able to qualify the weight for Yazdani to get the gold. Will be lot harder now
  23. Mojtaba Goleij is a two time world champion ( Junior and U23) without a leg attack
  24. Who do you predict to win each weight?
  25. I think Downey. Taylor will give Downey the "blueprint" to beat Yazdani.
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