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  1. Is there a video of the dual with Yazdani and Mojerlo?
  2. I think he's 19. Wrestfan posted his age in this thread. Or 18 and about to turn 19.
  3. Akgul's cardio is worse than Petriashvili's. Petriashvili can't compete with Akgul when Akgul is fresh. Btw what was Zare's first takedown? I saw the match but looked away at that part. Without that he loses 10 - 0. Definitely a very strong win regardless since Zare is a junior.
  4. Just saw the Maghsoudi - Yazdani match again. Not saying Maghsoudi is a much better wrestler but he definitely won that match. How did they give this as 2 for Yazdani after the challenge? I also thought they didn't give one of Maghsoudi's pushouts for no reason.
  5. He donated all his medals to the shrine of whichever one of those imams is buried in Mashad. I forgot his name.
  6. Our best chance for a Olympic medal at 74 is Hasanov but the weight may be too strong at this point if he goes back down.
  7. Hassan Yazdani wrestled 92 today and beat Shahbazi 10 - 0. Other interesting result was Yazdani beat Maghsoudi 9 - 9 at 65kg.
  8. Also I saw Younes Sarmasti coaching the team with Hasanov on it. I saw he was losing every match badly in the previous weeks so did they just take him off the team and make him a coach? lol or maybe it's because he speaks Turkish.
  9. Thanks. Who is this idiot on the camera? He is filming the crowd half the time and you can't even see the attacks. They did the same thing in the Ghasempour/Yazdani trial.
  10. Do you have the full video of the dual with Yazdani's team? I saw his match but wanted to see Foroutan's loss. I can only find the full dual for the team with Zare and Atri on it.
  11. HW legend Mohebi started age 19 so definitely not too late
  12. This guy could dominate 86kg. Great work by Cael Sanderson.
  13. Ehsanpour didn't have a trial this year but I remember in 2017 he beat Biabani and Sadeghi closely. Maghsoudi's has a lot of size on him also. I'm guessing the same thing happens as this year and they all end up beating and losing to each other. This is assuming they even let Maghsoudi wrestle at 65.
  14. Of the 97s I think there is actually too much drama with Yazdani. I wouldn't send him, too risky. And what is the upside? He isn't beating Sadulaev either, maybe at a stretch he could beat whoever America sends. But I doubt that also. I think we have multiple wrestlers who can just as well without the risk of injury or him decided 2 weeks before that he isn't ready.
  15. Will be interesting to see if we are actually deep at 97 or if we have a bunch of guys who can all beat each other and have big names but probably won't win a medal, like American fans claiming they were deep at 65kg a few years ago. Although i'm sure the wrestler who won bronze on Sadulaev's side of the bracket the recent worlds is weaker than all of our notable 97kg wrestlers. I also want to see how Maghsoudi does at 65. Sadeghi would have to be completely out of their plans at this point.
  16. Wouldn't Zare and Foroutan be an interesting match? He wrestles at HW frequently anyway.
  17. Zare's throwby is deadly. Like a big Asgarov out there, lol. Nice flip celebration.
  18. America's 92 was a class above everyone. No shame in Shabazi losing to him. Maybe they should pay Cael Sanderson to coach the Iranian team because I am really impressed with his guys lol
  19. lol injury or not Magomedsaidov had nothing for Ghasempour
  20. Definitely overrated this Russian wrestling for Hungary. Lost to Mongolia for bronze.
  21. lol what is all this vpo, vsu, vpo1?
  22. No idea who that American was but i'm guessing he is not too high on their 61kg ladder. Yakhkeshi is literally our number 2 and was even on a senior world team. I'm sure you remember what happened to him in the 2018 bronze match when he hit an American who he couldn't bully around the mat.
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