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  1. No idea who that American was but i'm guessing he is not too high on their 61kg ladder. Yakhkeshi is literally our number 2 and was even on a senior world team. I'm sure you remember what happened to him in the 2018 bronze match when he hit an American who he couldn't bully around the mat.
  2. lol I have to be honest I am biased against the pushers. I don't like to watch it at all. I will admit he is not the worst one, Yakhkeshi is trying to push at 61kg which I think is a bit ridiculous. Goleij is an age group terror but can he convert to seniors? We have the Takhti cup coming up where all of our top 97kg wrestlers should attend. I don't know who will win but I am almost sure Goleij will do poorly. As Wrestfan said his style is completely ineffective in Iran. I will give an example : He won 2015 junior worlds with ease. The year after they had a trial for him in Iran with 3 other wrestlers and he lost every match. The guy who went to junior worlds in his place lost his first match by tech and was eliminated when his opponent didn't make the final.
  3. Hopefully UWW makes U-25 next because Goleij is unstoppable in age group tournaments
  4. Also if you rewind mat c you can watch Nokhodi's match. It works for me. He wrestled right before Ghasempour and the Turk.
  5. I thought the same thing about Zare. His style is based on pushing but he is showing improvement and can do other things. Goleij is still the same wrestler he was when he won junior worlds in 2015 except he has gained some weight. But are you sure he is 17? That would make him a cadet right now. I doubt it considering he has wrestled juniors and U23.
  6. Wow Ghasempour seems out of form. Worst i've seen him look in a long while. Injury story definitely true. He has a guy in the final he has beat multiple times (destroyed him a few months ago in Georgia) but I could see it being close or him even losing.
  7. One of the most random wins ever lol. if I didn't make that post it wouldn't have happened.
  8. Are Yakhkeshi, Goleij and Zare the product of the same coach? They are all from Mazandaran and wrestle the same style. Honest question.
  9. Interesting to see Suleymanov lose a bunch of weight and go back to 74. He'd been wrestling at 86 for a while now.
  10. Speaking for myself he is boring and has a style that basically makes it impossible for him to make an Iranian senior world team (unless he loses in the trials and they just send him anyway like in 2018). His wins are mostly age level wins, he has been weak on the senior level.
  11. Shahbazi was figured out by Bo Nickal and lost 12-2 in the second period. The American is coached by Cael Sanderson so it was expected that Shahbazi would lose to a very well coached wrestler.
  12. Another thing. Last night I took a quick look thought Nokhodi got a easy draw. Looking again I believe the Hungarian on his side is the same Russian transfer who gave Burroughs a very tough match at worlds. No way Nokhodi beats this guy in my opinion.
  13. Ghasempour starts with a 5-0 comfortable win over Armenia. Got a takedown and turn and then shut down the match. I read an article saying he got injured recently training so it will be interesting to see what happens.
  14. We both know that as long as it is some kind of age group tournament Goleij is invincible, lol. Hard to say because this guy won the Yarygin and was third in their nationals. So he's not just a random age group wrestler. I thought some of the guys Goleij beat looked very poor also. I'll say Musaev wins.
  15. Most of the wrestlers who were succesful against Maia didn't do much grappling with him outside of defending takedowns. Going to the ground with that guy is a bad idea for 99% of fighters.
  16. Hajipour has been pinned by Americwn superstar Eirman
  17. Maghsoudi listed at 70. Does that mean he can only wrestle at that weight? I know there is a weight allowance but he is wrestling in the league at 65 right now and actually beat Biabani last week.
  18. He is their number 2 for the past few years. Although to be fair a few of their guys retired or are trying to wrestle for other countries since 2017. So maybe that elevated him. He was close with Sadulaev in their 2017 trials but the gap is big now.
  19. Whoever that guy was it didn't matter because they sent Bazri anyway and he lost a close one to Naifanov.
  20. Wow never heard of that Iran 86 in my life. Who the hell is that?
  21. Think you have the wrong wrestler maybe. Kurtanidze was born in 72.
  22. Unfortunately he is going in the wrong direction. He wrestled Cox a lot better last year. Maybe because that match was in the middle of the tournament and this time he had a whole night and day to sit around worry about it. Or maybe Khadem gave him a better plan, who knows. Kurtandize was at least a few years older than Heidari. That 2004 match was his third Olympic games. Karimi is a year older than Cox.
  23. Sometimes the other wrestler is just better. Russians have the best coaches in the world and Rahimi eliminated their wrestler in 2014,2015 and 2016. Esmailpour used to do the same thing every match but he always won against Americans except for one loss where he went up to 65 briefly and was too small. If Karimi wrestles Cox at 97 it will be even worse in my opinion. His chance was at 86 where Cox was at least drained from the cut but he lost anyway. I will say it again Karimi almost always loses to good wrestlers who are physically stronger than him, because his style is very based of physicality (not saying he is a pusher like Goleij). Actually I would not be surprised if he won a bronze at 97 with the right draw. He beat Sharifov no problem.
  24. Seeing the same names over and over in these national championships. I thought Goudarzi retired after the trials controversy? Same for Jokar. Saw past cadet world champ Aeini at 57 but it seems he lost anyway.
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