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  1. Have to subscribe to watch. What did he do?
  2. I think in the history of all drug test failures in sport there have been like 10 times when the B sample came back different. It's the same sample as the A sample, so the chances it comes back as negative when you had a positive are incredibly low. So the team doctor was right in that sense. However obviously the lie they told him to tell made it even worse. So he probably should have just asked them to retest the B sample. After that almost certainly would have came back positive he should have just taken his 2 years or whatever. At the very least you will not get any extra punishment for asking then to test the B sample.
  3. Our guys never have their families with them. Surprised this is even a thing. I'm sure he will survive without his aunt in the crowd.
  4. Hahahaha I wonder what his plan is for Sadulaev. Could you imagine if Mohammad Mohammadian ends up randomly beating Sadulaev for Olympic gold? I'm sure he will give him the famous Iranian kiss on the cheek after the match. Btw his dad is still very good physically.
  5. The Russians since I can't understand their language when they will inevitably mock our team after another catastrophic worlds performance.
  6. No. Too dangerous. Love wrestling but not willing to risk my life over it. Stay safe everyone going over there.
  7. What is Iman Sadeghi doing at 65? Has he won a match in the past 2 years?
  8. I didn't know that actually. That is interesting. Cox loses often to worse wrestlers than Karimi but the Iranian coaches can't figure him out. I think he is too big for Karimi. Cox could wrestle 97 no problem. The weight cut killed him at 86 after just 1 year and he ended up losing to Makoev. Sharifov has beat him twice and Marsagashvili is 2 - 1 against him.
  9. If they want Yazdani to wrestle Taylor before the Olympics i'm sure they can find him in some other tournament. I remember after 2017 worlds Taylor wrestled at world cup, Yarygin and Yasar Dogu . All tournaments they could have entered Yazdani in. Instead Yazdani didn't even wrestle outside of Asia ( Asian championships, Iran world team trials, Asian games). World team trials were against guys he wrestles all the time anyway and the two Asian tournaments were obviously very weak. So just because Taylor is out of worlds doesn't mean Yazdani won't wrestle him again until the Olympics, assuming they both even make the Olympic teams. I assume they will wrestle at some other tournament. In the short term it's probably good for the team. I don't see them competing for gold at any other weight so it's good to get at least one.
  10. Gholam Reza Mohammadi had a press conference today and said they will try and hold a trial at some weights in the end of June, but did not specify further. With Taylor out, either Ghasempour or Yazdani will be a big gold favourite.
  11. Apparently they got into an argument with one of the Iranian coaches at some point during the tournament and so they did this out of retribution. I knew there was a little more to it. Still, Tedeev pushed an official at the last world championships in the 61kg final and his wrestler was still allowed to keep his silver medal. Very unfair but we know how UWW is against the Iranian man.
  12. There was nothing to qualify for. Only ranking points were on the line for seeding at worlds. I assume he lost all of them.
  13. Iran FS at the Sassari ranking tournament. 57 - Hajaghania beat Sarlak then lost to a Canadian. In the end he got a bronze. This guy is very bad. 61 - Yakhkeshi wins gold at 61 but is disqualified for wearing a T shirt on the podium. Apparently you have to be wearing the full track suit. Firstly I am not sure when this rule came about or started to be enforced, as I have seen multiple wrestlers wear a T shirt on the podium and not be disqualified, including Hajaghania in this same tournament when he recieved his bronze. Second, why have this stupid rule? And third, UWW claims they warned Yakhkeshi multiple times. We all know that in the past 40 years Iranian people are very good at listening when somebody tells them how they are allowed to dress! So i am surprised if they told him and he refused. 65 - Lost immediately in controversial fashion to Kazakh. I think he won the match but overall Yazdani is nowhere close to seniors. Even at juniors he would struggle a lot. 70 - Beat a Russian then then lost to Bulgaria. I heard he got disqualified but it seems they let him come back and wrestle as he won bronze. 74 - Nokhodi won 10 - 0 against a wrestler from Turkmenistan ( who looked about as young as him) before losing 6 - 0 against Tsabalov. He mostly just held position and defended against Tsabalov. Tsabalov then lost to Chamizo and eliminated Nokhodi. 86 - Bazri won gold over Daulatbekov 19 - 10. He almost lost by 10 points but came back in the end. Bazri is not bad but not close to the level of Yazdani or Ghasempour. You can't give up that many points to a wrestler at the level of Daulatbekov. 92 - Karimi won comfortably. Including an easy win over Mohebi. I'm sure Karimi will be the 92 at worlds. 97 - All Iran final between Talebi and Foroutan and Talebi again beat him easily. Foroutan had a win over that tough Mongolian on his way to the final.
  14. Yazdani: - Embarrassed in 70kg world finals 2015 - Fluke win over Geduev who was losing his life in the middle of an Olympic gold medal match - "Won" an incredibly weak 86kg class in 2017 since Sadulaev got bored and decided to go up and beat Snyder - Embarrassed himself in 2018 worlds Am I seriously supposed to sit here and think Yazdani is a good win?
  15. Nokhodi not senior material at this point unfortunately. Good for him winning the bronze but Asian championships was weaker this year. I don't think he would particularly stand out against other juniors if they send him to junior worlds. Let's be honest I don't like Hosseinkhani but he would destroy Nokhodi and I doubt that changes in the next year. I assume it will be between Hosseinkhani and Teymouri as I doubt Teymouri will have any desire to go and try his luck at 86 with Yazdani, Ghasempour, Karimi and the rest. I agree those 3 are our best wrestlers and it is not even close. It's nice to see the way Ghasempour wrestles after all this Dast Zir-e Ketf stuff we have in Iran. Definitely my favourite Iranian wrestler at the moment - not saying he's the best.
  16. You mean Hassan Yazdani? No way they move him anywhere a year before the Olympics. There's no reason to move him up.
  17. Atri won gold. Not sure he beat anyone too notable until the final where he beat last years Asian championships gold medalist and asian games silver from north Korea. The North Korean beat world champ Takahashi on his way to the final. Atri won the final 9-3 but most of his points happened in one sequence on the ground where he was able to get some exposure points. He went from 2 to 8 points in that sequence. As for Yazdani, it's Asia and he's wrestling at an upper weight. So it's generally going to be weak. He didn't wrestle anyone who has won a world medal to my knowledge. One more thing, I don't know what UWW's problem is with Asia. Why is the European championships following the new 2 day weigh in rules but in Asia we still wrestle all the matches from qualification to gold medal in one day? Especially in the lighter weights 2 day weigh in can change a lot. I would have preferred the 2 day weigh in rules to get our guys better prepared.
  18. Atri - Gold Biabani - Bronze Emami - Bronze Teymouri - Gold Reza Yazdani - Gold
  19. To me he looks around 15 or 16 in that video. Again I don't know, maybe they faked his passport. But his weight and skill progression seems to line up with him being 22. This match was at 76kg.
  20. So if he's 3 years older then he was 19 here? Hard to believe.
  21. Whittaker is actually on the Australian national team at 97kg. I know its not a wrestling country but just something to note. He was going to wrestle at some international tournament (i think world or asian champs) but the UFC didn't allow it.
  22. I believe that Khabib washed out of wrestling somewhere around the cadet age group level.
  23. Azarshakib lost to Kosovo in the first round! Lol Azerbaijan wasting their time with him.
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