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  1. Not a close call. Gabe Dean is a great wrestler. DT is a completely different level. I think Taylor techs him 15/20 times and wins 20/20 80% of the time :)
  2. He did look small in the picture. 268 is shocking.
  3. I always thought he was a superior technician and at one point said he was the future of the weight class. Maybe he’s finally poised to realize his promise.
  4. In summary : There are three things that could happen to massively increase the odds of the Games happening. 1. An effective, safe vaccine. 2. Effective therapeutics, like the kind of thing they gave Trump 3. Cheap, accurate and fast point of care testing. I believe that even if a vaccine isn’t widely available by the Olympics if the other two are in place, they will be game changers. If there are tests available that they can administer 2x per day that provide independent samples then you can test people multiple times prior to competition and establish rules for isolation in case athletes test positive, rules that all athletes and coaches etc agree to abide by. If next generation therapeutics reduce the duration and severity of the disease then the risk/reward curve changes in favor of the games. Lastly on top of all that I feel that because the Olympics take place inside an Olympic village it’s quite different than the French Open or any other competition so far and far closer to the NBA bubble.
  5. Hahaha. Pretty bad. I also left out IMar at 74kg which wasn’t nearly as but still bad.
  6. I was super tired when I wrote it. I mean epically tired. I’m surprised I spelled JO correctly.
  7. That’s a pretty solid argument. I think on softening on this point. I’d add that Freestyle always had that flavor of not everyone shows up. It’s not new. It was just extent this year.
  8. I named myself that a long time ago. I figured I’d get flack for this. It did seem cynical. But what I meant was only about the title. I loved watching it. Glad it happened.
  9. Precisely. I was happy to see it. Happy to see they got it done in a way that was entertaining and more wrestling I will take it all day. Just don’t call the winners national champs.
  10. Is it just me or does it look like it’s easy to drive Valencia three car lengths across the gym?
  11. Senior Nationals has nothing in common with a National Tournament. It determined nothing. We learned almost nothing about the top of the ladder because the top didn’t show up except for Snyder. 57kg — I don’t expect Vitali to beat Lee, Fix, Gilman or Suriano. Maybe one of them but no more. 65kg - Yianni and JO are far far ahead. 74kg - Dake and Burroughs are so far ahead. I don’t think Massa will get to the second period with either of them. 86kg - where does Dean get to ? Cox, Taylor, Zahid and Nickal. 96kg - Moore is interesting having hammered Gadsen 125kg - Mason looked great but damn it would have been nice to see Gable Ahmed Gwiz and the Astronaut among giants not to mention Kerkviolet 9
  12. Gadsden’s takedown reminded me, don’t laugh, is Sadulaev taking Snyder down. Fast and powerful. It was no flukey thing.
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