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  1. I agree with but he hardly owned Fadzaev. In fact it reminded me a lot of when Snyder beat Sad the first time around. Everyone looking knew Sad was the better wrestler. If Fadzaev had committed to 74kg he would have owned the weight.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. Desanto was good but no one expected him to win. There’s also a possibility that Lee injures himself further during the season setting up for another final match fiasco.
  3. I think five time world champ sounds better than four. I think he becomes the first eleven time world and Olympic champ n
  4. This comes down to some really fundamental questions in the field of logic. Who do we defer to on that ?
  5. It’s completely valid. I ask you which 125 pounder reminds you most of Santa Claus you can go ahead and answer but it’s going to be pretty dumb.
  6. Dan admitting you’re wrong is a sign of something. Not sure what but show us a sign.
  7. What ? I’m not talking about DT’s Yazdani. I’m talking about THIS guy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reza_Yazdani
  8. Cael has more prestige but that’s because he did the impossible. But he’s not better. It’s a wash. If Cael had not retired he would been a multi time medalist with one more gold at best. I seriously doubt he would have been able to consistently win gold with Romero, Sazhidov and Yazdani in the mix year after year. He split with Sazhidov, beat Romero 3-2 and never wrestled Yazdani (so far as I know). He likely would have ended up looking worse than Taylor. Taylor beat Yazdani three times before he succumbed. Also Sanderson never faced anyone near as good as Dake in college. The closest was Cormier who was no Kyle Dake and he’s one of the guys who Sanderson didn’t bonus every time. It’s perfectly conceivable that in another era he might not have won every match. I can see a Kyle Snyder, J’Den Cox giving him a run for his money in college.
  9. I like this supportive reply but don’t see what it has to do with the post you quoted.
  10. Can the recently diminished Sir Spenser Lee defeat the new and improved King Gilman?
  11. This. Time blurs our memories. If this board had been when Smith won the gold but lost a match, oh, the things that people would have said.
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