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  1. Stanford has had its issue over the years. In the eighties Dave and Mark Schultz were assistants there. Chris Horpel was head coach. In the summer of 1986 they were “defunded” and demoted to a club sport. Dave left with their star future NCAA champ and went to Wisconsin. Mark went to BYU (I think). They continued to have people on the team and compete. So I am holding out some hope.
  2. Another good thread ends in tears.
  3. By DT’s rules he can’t tech him.
  4. This. After all, he wore down and crushed Yazdani. Twice.
  5. Anyone know why Flo and Track didn’t do this ?
  6. Thanks for that. I didn’t see a takedown but it was close. Nolf said in the interview “no offensive points scored” etc etc. It was lame. Flo shows the short clock. It’s all very clear. This was impossible.
  7. I never understood why the losers are never interviewed.
  8. And Nolf wins 2-1 for some reason that someone might explain. He didn’t score but maybe he got another shot clock point. Nolf’s eye is cut. Nolf humble in his speech. Says he didn’t put on a good show because no offensive points. I like his style.
  9. It’s now 1-1. JO got a shot clock. Crazy. JO is doing nothing.
  10. Cael in the corner wearing gloves but no mask.
  11. Nolf is doing all the work but not getting through.
  12. First period ends 1-0 for Nolf.
  13. Nolf is up 1-0. I think shot clock. But they never said.
  14. Kenny Monday in JO’s corner. Cael in Nolf’s. No points so far.
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