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  1. BigTimeFan

    Zain will win arbitration

    Sorry I asked.
  2. BigTimeFan

    Zain will win arbitration

    What happens if Yianni wins the arbitration. I don’t even remember. Didn’t Yianni lose two matches straight ? Wouldn’t the best thing to be to redo the entire best out of three ?
  3. Epic match. Really an epic day for Yianni. There was a moment in his match with HUN where he was down 0-9 and the guy was arguing he got a push out or something when it was clear he hadn’t. I thought to myself “boy that guy wants the tech here and now”. And then he gassed.
  4. BigTimeFan


    Dake In the 1980s the torch was passed twice to guys who were second on the ladder for many years. First Schultz over Kemp and then Monday over Schultz. Both cases were similar. The older world champ was bested after after years of mostly losing.
  5. BigTimeFan

    Thomas Gilman History

    Right. It’s a question of bad intentions as much as the use of the word.
  6. BigTimeFan

    Koll on the Call

    At the bottom of the podcast it says Ben Askren is a world champion and Olympic champ. Where can I protest that ?
  7. BigTimeFan

    Is Nickal done now?

    Ah. That explains it. Did he say why?
  8. BigTimeFan

    If Cox medals at World's...

    My 2c : JDen hasn’t beaten the same level of competition as Snyder. Yes he beat Taylor and Dake but they were both still moving up in weights and while they both won worlds they are the same level as Gadisov and Sadulaev. Internationally the so far as I can tell the best wrestler Cox beat was Karimi (Iran) who is a beast for sure but isn’t a multi time world champ.
  9. BigTimeFan

    Is Nickal done now?

    As for Bo, he’s an interesting one. No question he could have made 184 this year (right?) so his winning at 197 was damn impressive. But why didn’t he go 86kg for worlds? Was it Taylor?
  10. BigTimeFan

    Is Nickal done now?

    Bo and Cox are only one year age difference. The bigger difference is Cox has been out of school longer and has already wrestled in three world games (including the 2016 olympics). If Cox wins worlds this year he’s done more than all but ten of USA’s elite wrestlers (give or take). So it’s easy enough to see Cox finishing up after 2020 no matter what happens.
  11. BigTimeFan

    Final X Rutgers live thread

    Pat Downey’s speech was inspiring. He did it. He made weight and won by forfeit.
  12. BigTimeFan

    Final X Rutgers live thread

    He “glistened”
  13. BigTimeFan

    Final X Rutgers live thread

    Downey at a distance could be a female wrestler.
  14. BigTimeFan

    Final X Rutgers live thread

  15. BigTimeFan

    Final X Rutgers live thread

    What really sucks is that we are missing two awesome matches. Downey Tayler and Dake Ringer.