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  1. There are so many spelling mistakes on these boards I didn’t even get it. Now I get it. I’m going back to my movie now.
  2. I couldn’t tell who was serious and who wasn’t. Was it pure sarcasm ?
  3. I quibble with the idea that just because the draft had fewer rounds Haselrig would not have been drafted. Simply doesn’t work that way.
  4. Perhaps something was up with Cox. International travel stuff.
  5. The UKR guy looked decent but Cox was just so lethargic. Looked like Cox was going to pull it out at the end. He has UKR’s leg tree-topped but when UKR kicked out he also turned in setting his body at a right angle to Cox so when Cox jumped on him he missed and flew over. That was bad.
  6. I hear that. He’s always been my guy to lift us out of our 65kg losing streak.
  7. Yianni absolutely dismantled McKenna, so much so I called him Kenna and had to add the Mc back. Think about that a moment. 15-4. The match ended with a four pointer on the edge and in second period, for the time it lasted, Yianni took poor Ken down at will.
  8. I admit I didn’t recall that Coon was silver in Greco. My bad.
  9. He won three NCAA titles is what I was referring to.
  10. And both of those guys were another level compared to Coon.
  11. He said in an interview that he’s going to go 92kg for 2021 worlds and I think also 2022 and then head up again. I’m referring to his slash the world interview a few weeks after the trials.
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