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  1. BigTimeFan

    Ohio State- Nebraska

    I’m with you Bar. I was about to post “nobody’s a threat to Cenzo” but you said it better.
  2. BigTimeFan

    Biggest threat to Nickal?

    All this talk should make us pan back and realize how good things are right now for USA wrestling. Coz is a 3x world medalist and the returning world champ having beat some very formidable competition to get there. Just the fact we are discussing and debating whether Bo can beat Cox shows how good we have it. My 2c: the torch always gets passed. Many of our superstars got there by taking out our superstars: Schultz over Kemp, Monday over Schultz. Snyder over Varner. Can Bo do it? Hell yeah. Will he? We shall see. A seriously interesting thing is who takes freestyle seriously during college and who doesn’t. Hard to tell. For example, both Nolf and Bo showed up at the Jr World Team trials. Nolf lost to Hall and Bo lost to Zahid. Nolf lost to Hall when Halll was on high school. My impression was then and is now that Nolf and Bo showed up but didn’t exactly devote themselves to making the team. Just an impression. Don’t ask me to justify it. However, I believ that if either Bo or Nolf decide to wrestle post college, they will do it with all they’ve got and ... watch out.
  3. Yes. He lost to Marinelli but he has a habit of winning at NCAAs and was never top seed. And I think you know what I mean when I say he’ll beat him. I don’t think that he should or would care about being any of those seeds because he wants so win NCAAs and has to go through them all.
  4. I think who you wrestled should break ties but not trump all else. More important, who cares? It makes absolutely difference what Cenzo’s seed is at Big Tens. Let’s work it out: Cenzo first seed, Marinelli second seed and Wick third seed. Then Cenzo meets Marinelli or Wick in the finals. Cenzo is third seed then he meets one of the two in the semifinals. Who cares? He’s not going to lose.
  5. BigTimeFan

    NW vs Mich - Rivera wrestling Micic

    I think on balance Rivera gains a lot more than he loses wrestling Micic. Whatever hypothetical weaknesses Lee of others spot is worth it compared with his learning about his own weaknesses before he faces Lee again. He got taken down three times in essentially three different ways. That’s a lot of learning. More than he’d get from any match at 125 between now and Big Tens.
  6. BigTimeFan

    Daniel Lewis Pins Valencia

    But who would you bet on in a rematch ?
  7. BigTimeFan

    Bo good, 197 bad

    Zahid Valencia absolutely wrecked Bo in Jr world trials not too long ago. Takedown after takedown after takedown.
  8. BigTimeFan

    Best at 157 in College

    Most if people if they invented a time machine would go back and make some money or prevent WWII of something, but not us. We’d arrange fantasy matches.
  9. BigTimeFan

    Did Bo pass Nolf in the Hodge race tonight?

    They both have 14 falls / tech falls but Bo has more falls and just stuck the number two guy, who happened to be undefeated and returning 2x all American. If he keeps this up, he’s the clear favorite. But to keep it up he has to contend with Moore twice more.
  10. BigTimeFan

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    Holy cow. Nickal is simply incredible. Insane. So dominant.
  11. BigTimeFan


    Brands should suspend Lee against Okie state for ducking Rivera.
  12. BigTimeFan

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    I agree. Of course Nickal is the favorite but what’s it going to look like. Nickal’s closest match this year was Eric Schultz (Nebraska), his only decision. Moore is also undefeated with a high bonus rate. Even so.
  13. BigTimeFan

    Iowa vs Nebraska Thread

    What was the score of Lee vs Moisey?
  14. BigTimeFan

    Iowa vs Nebraska Thread

    Anyone know if Lee is wrestling ?