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  1. I think anyone who thinks Suriano is going to bear Lee isn’t orbiting planet earth.
  2. I think there will be too. Let’s hope your right about everything else. Cases are dropping now but there is that new variant.
  3. It will come down to whether or not any of the virus variants take hold here. Right now the prevalence of the UK variant is low but growing and the Brazil and South Africa variants have now been detected. These variants are reputed to be much more transmissible but not more deadly (though recently the UK cast some doubt on that). The good news today is cases are going down. The bad news is that if the UK and other variants are here and spread like they did in other countries the case rate reductions may slow down or possibly reverse. There are two big unknowns: 1. Will the US have the same experience as the UK and other countries with the new variant. The experience they had was rapid increases in new cases and the new variant becoming the dominant strain. 2. If the new variants “take over” what will federal, state and local governments do about it and when will they do it. I think even if the new strains rapidly progress it will take till mid March for them to be dominant. In the meantime, if the pace of vaccinations coil up due to two new vaccines coming to market and increase production, then this should help. Also, no one knows for sure how rapidly the UK variance is spreading in the US because we don’t sequence very many of the samples we get when someone tests positive. A grim take on what things might look like can be found in Denmark where they are sequencing every sample. Right now case rates are dropping there too but what they are finding is that cases of the new variant are rapidly increasing, but since they currently represent a small fraction of all cases, the overall effect swamped by the reducing number of cases of “old school Corona” (Corona classic?). But the UK variant is growing so rapidly that they predict this whole situation will reverse by mid February. Meanwhile in the US the CDC forecasts the UK variant will take till March to become dominant but their models are necessarily going to have bigger variance simply because they have less hard data to go one. And our vaccination is going to slowly now though we can hope that things may speed up it would be wise to take a “believe it when we see it” stance.
  4. Does anyone have insight on what the Cornell guys will do after this year? Seems like the facts are as follows. 1. Ivy League is not having sports this year. So no wrestling season for Cornell wrestlers. 2. NCAA gives all athletes a "free year" so whethet an athlete competes this year or not does not change their eligibility. So this means Yianni, for example, will have two years eligibility after this year. Is that right? My assumption is he will stick around and seek his four titles.
  5. My point is that whether or not he thinks Gilman was robbed, it hardly matters. He left the front door open. Made it easy. Robbed himself. Maybe all that made it worse but he had the match won
  6. Gracious. Did Nick just wrestle? He’s boring too.
  7. Does someone with inside knowledge know if Lee is going to beat Gilman ?
  8. Maybe so but he was an accessory after the fact in that one. Aided and abetted.
  9. Meanwhile Suriano looks skinny and tan. If he were starting his acting career I’d be excited for him.
  10. Talk about defeat out of the jaws of victory
  11. This is so purely dumb. Did he really chase the guy out with his head ?
  12. Wow. Another dubious pro USA call if you ask me.
  13. Gilman is tough. But Yianni is fun to watch.
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