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  1. In a certain sense it's like someone locking up a leg lace and hitting four in a row, game over. It's the way it goes.
  2. It’s fun to get worked up. It’s fun to speculate. I’m sure the vast majority of us are too old to compete so what else can we do? As for me, I’m as much puzzled as anything else. What does it mean to seek the greatest challenge? The greatest challenge knows no bounds. As someone pointed out he could go 125kg. He could wrestle with with only one arm. He could not eat for a week prior to the trials. He could deliberately give up nine points at the start of each match before he really starts wrestling. I’m being ridiculous? Yes. But where do you draw the line between a real challenge and nonsense? Bo is a tremendous talent who took on some tremendous challenges in college and prevailed. His junior year he took on Gabe Dean and won. He moved up again his senior year and won. But choosing to go 97kg vs 86kg is a challenge of a different kind and seems closer to spotting everyone nine points than a realistic challenge. When Bo defeated Dean that was the next step. He was already a two time finalist and one time champ. Dean was the man. You could argue that winning another title at 174 was a been there, done that proposition. To rise to the levels of the greats - Dake moving up to take on Taylor, Mark Schultz moving up to take one Banach - he had to seize the moment and take on Dean. It was quite possible that Bo’s senior year would not have presented the same opportunity. Compare to the current situation- Bo’s never made a senior world team, we don’t know how long he’s sticking around, and he clearly has a much better shot of making the team at 86kg even though it will be no cake walk. All else equal - which things hardly are - between the weight disparity and the two domestic world champions in the weight versus one at 86kg who’s coming off a big injury, if the goal is to maximize his chances of getting to the worlds, it makes no sense to go 97kg.
  3. Yes, of course. It’s all part of the same point. There’s truckloads of ego in giving up 20 pounds and trying to make the weight against Snyder and Cox, especially when there’s a weight you can easily make that while no cakewalk is at least your weight class.
  4. It’s really true and Bo kept emphasizing that Rocky is no slouch.
  5. Bo Bickal is a surprisingly good announcer. EDIT: Maybe better said he’s a great commentator.
  6. Verkleeren wrestled a close match but all I saw was a guy holding on and doing a pretty good job defending but it looked the whole time like Sasso would eventually convert.
  7. Is it just me or did Sadualaev look chubby ? He stepped really high into his finish on the single leg. His opponent got him pretty tight. It’s actually amazing Sadulaev got out of it.
  8. I have to say I find the idea that Bo doesn’t want to wrestle his mentor as ludicrous. People keep saying this. Has Bo ever said anything that indicates he refuses to go 86kg in deference to Taylor? Think about it. What does it mean? Is it that he thinks he can win at 86kg and feels it’s unfair to take it away from Taylor? You think Taylor believes Bo has a shot? If Bo believes this then he’s got a might big ego thinking he can make the team at 86kg but is electing instead to go 97kg. Or he really doesn’t care about making the team in which case why is he even going to the trials? This is so thin it kills me. If Bo thought he could make the team at 86kg I think he’d try to make the team at 86kg.
  9. Music to my ears. As a little boy my dad took me and my brother to see that (a retrospective!) and I ran around saying “Gort klaatu barada nikto.” Yes indeed.
  10. I gladly take the other side of that. I think at this point Dake wins 7/10 matches vs JB. He’s gotten better since their last encounter by a big margin. JB is at best as good but certainly not better than he was last go around.
  11. I think that on a bad day for DT and a good day for Bo it’s possible. I mean look at Brandon Slay vs Satiev. Bad day for Satiev. Good day for Slay. Not everyone could have beaten Satiev, someone had to be pretty good to get it done. The skill gap between DT and Bo isn’t nearly as great. DT hasn’t competed a great deal lately and is recovering from an injury. If Bo goes 86kg it’s possible he could win. Same goes for Zahid and perhaps even more so. Totally reasonable.
  12. 65kg is really hard to call. I wouldn’t argue with JO vs Zain but could see any combination of McKenna, Zain, JO and Yianni (two of them) making the finals. Does JB bye to the finals ? If not, I for one think it’s possible there’s a surprise at 74kg with JB not making them. I could see IMart getting it done. At 86kg I think Zahid gets to the finals. I think if enough goes right for him and enough goes wrong for Taylor he could be our guy. It’s a long shot but Zahid’s volume of Strach’s, athleticism and steep learning curve makes it’s possible. There’s an outside chance it’s Ringer but I think that ship has sailed. Snyder VS Cox. Barring no injury no one is getting near these guys. I think it’s Gwiz VS Gable but I wonder whether Gable has really pulled away from the crowd or not. As of recently I he still seems capable of B+ performances.
  13. I’d be fired up to see that. I would consider Bo to be a huge underdog but if anyone is capable of surprising, it’s Bo Nickal.
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