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  1. Yeah, what is he talking about. Dake is a two timer.
  2. This is like arguing over which is the best fruit, apples or oranges. Snyder has beaten world champs in Sadulaev and Gadisov. Cox is a two time world champ but it’s at a non Olympic weight and at the worlds in my view the best guy he beat was Karimi who isn’t a world champ. He beat Dake and Taylor but they are both naturally two and one weights (at least) below him. I want to know what weight Cox goes for the Oly trials. Whichever weight he goes he will have to beat a tough world champ domestically to make the team and then he will have to (most likely) beat an even tougher world champ to win. Should he do that, at any weight, I’d say he’s the best.
  3. Dave and Mark Schultz started at UCLA. Gene Mills at Syracuse - here is an article about Syracuse I liked: http://dailyorange.com/2016/03/its-been-15-years-since-syracuses-wrestling-program-folded-gene-mills-is-trying-to-bring-it-back/
  4. “Material typo” Whatever the case, I agree with the idea. Penn State is taking excellent prospects and making them into outstanding D1 wrestlers. Their strategy therefore relies on great recruiting. PSU has the trifecta of recruiting qualities: * legendary coach * dynastic status * great room These all require a lot of upkeep.
  5. Isn’t Nickal planning on 97kg for Oly Trials? Does Nickal stay put if he is serious about that ?
  6. Yeah. Exactly. They don’t show all the times people didn’t medal. Does this help or hurt their rankings ? I also think they way underweight winnings worlds. #22-26 didn’t win a single gold and are ahead of guys like Dake who won two golds just because they had more medals
  7. I wonder how he feels about Mark Hall’s tattoos. I barely wanted to respond. Don’t want to feed the beast. The guy suffers from a lot of self-importance. He’s needy. Wants attention from the players. The media.
  8. Thanks for sharing. I like to see whatever is out there so I’m glad you posted this but ... What and Absurd Lust. Biased toward upper class men, full stop, because clearly placement counts more than anything. Also where is Gable?
  9. Spencer Lee’s family seems completely sane. Compare to another Pennsylvania great. Thanks for sharing, OP
  10. As far as the talk about generational goes, it’s not where you start, it’s where you end up. John Smith went DNP, 2nd, 1st, 1st in NCAAs. Made the world team after his sophomore year but didn’t compete. Won worlds after his junior year. Snyder not only made the world team after his fresh year but he unseated the Olympic champion and then won the worlds. Meanwhile Dake couldn’t make the world team till last year and now has won twice with almost no points scored against him. So ... My gut tells me Gable is our guy for 2020. He’s so young and so close. That said, I see him as a huge underdog against either of Geno or Akgul.
  11. This is going to be an exciting year for the big boys. My instinct is that Gable runs away with it. That last year he was adjusting and that’s behind him. But Kerk is such a great athlete and gave Gable all he could handle a few years back.
  12. Cox is an amazing wrestler and athlete and has continued to improve since college. He’s a two time world champ and four time medalist. Even so I don’t like his chances versus Sadulaev. He’s a once in a generation phenom. Here’s my prediction. Sadulaev dismantles Sharifov in today’s finals. This will give some indication of the gap that’s opened between him and Snyder. If this does happen it would be hard to see Cox as anything but a long shot. If that doesn’t convince you also note that it took Sad two years to come into his own at the higher weight class. He was not crushing the competition (that’s what I recall anyhow) his first go at the new weight. Granted Cox is bigger to begin with and has been wrestling at 92kg, but he was making weight at 86kg two years ago. Also note that his key competition at 92kg, Karimi, was himself an 86kg guy a few years ago. If all that doesn’t convince you, consider that 92kg is a non-Olympic weight and it isn’t populated with a full delight of hammers. Compare to 74kg where there were three world champs starting this tournament two of whom (JB and Chamizo) has won it twice already. Or 125kg with (at least) two world champs (Petro and Algul$
  13. I feel like anyone who was top three says, not incorrectly, that they made the Olympic team. It’s not incorrect but creates the impression they were going to be wrestling as opposed to being an alternate.
  14. I think Lee is such a super talent that when he hits his stride in senior worlds - if he has an injury free and issue free run - he will dominate. But those are some big ifs.
  15. I am not even sure he wins this year. My feeling is that last year was not the greatest lineup internationally.
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