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  1. I have a few theories but does anyone know? My angle is that first of all I didn’t understand why he would have sat out this spring from freestyle because of Gilman. If he did it’s like he was penalized for going to Iowa and in any case it didn’t do the Hawkeye Wrestling Club any good. Second, he’s got a legitimate shot of making the team if he trains. I fully understand that Fix is the man of the hour but I just think Lee is that good. Third, there are only so many Olympics someone gets to go for and life has a way of throwing curve balls. Spencer more than anyone seems at risk of career ending injury so why not strike while the iron is hot? The obvious counters are 1) Iowa has a legit shot at the title and team comes first, 2) he could pull a Snyder and train for the Olympics while helping Iowa win NCAAs and/or 3) that personal thing he talked about during the season isn’t entirely over for him, whatever it was and he’s got priorities that are more important than wrestling (in which case all bets are off and we should wish him the very best).
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    Dake is amazing and just happened to be behind JB. But his time has come. Barring injury or Mekhi Lewis surprising the hell out of everyone, I wager on Dake for 2020. I hope he not only wind world this year but does it in the same fashion as last year. .
  3. That’s a good point. I should probably add that I don’t think in the scheme of things it’s the worst there is. I generally get the impression that Nolf and Snyder and Nickal do a lot more good than harm.
  4. That’s more or less my point. We should not think that the wrestlers who talk less about their faith are less faithful. For that matter there were certainly many very faithful wrestlers from prior eras (think Athletes in Action) who I do not think were nearly as outspoken.
  5. Does it mean you are more religious than the next guy just because you answer every question with “I will win if the Lord Jesus my savior wants me to win. I’m humbled by his glory and except whatever he has in store for me.”? I think this thread is a good one but I think the real question is more like “are top wrestlers more vocal about the faith. Feel free to disagree with me but I think there’s a certain lack of humility in using every second of camera time to make sure no one forgets just how damn much you love Christ. To me it ends up seeming like shameless self-promotion (look at me; I’m a world beater wrestler but humble before Christ) in their absolutely refusal to admit any part in their success. To the vanquished the message is ”you just because God loves me me than you.”
  6. BigTimeFan

    Ringer had absolutely zero for Dake

    So what weight will Dake go for the Olympic trials ? I think he’s understood for 86kg and have trouble thinking he is too big for the cut to 74kg. If he does go 74kg - which I think he should - does anyone think he can finally dethrone JB? I’ve said a few times before that Dave Schultz deliberately didn’t wrestle Kemp for a period of time, even going up a weight for the 1982 worlds, just to reboot vs Kemp. Kemp took off ‘83 and then Schultz finally beat Kemp. Of note was the the patter was simply. Schultz was mostly (if not always) losing to Kemp. Schultz took a world bronze up a weight in 1982 and then won the worlds in 1983 when Kemp sat out. So by 1984 Schultz vs Kemp was world champ vs world champ.
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    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    The thing is in other sports multiple competitors can compete at once with one set of judges. There’s a lot more throughout vs wrestling and judo where it’s two at a time with a full set of judges.
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    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    For what it’s worth I thought this was yet another demonstration of just how freakin talented Dake is on the one hand and just how uninspirational his style is on the other hand. The way we know Dake is amazing is because of everyone he’s been able to beat. He’s beaten at least three world champions (this includes his win over Cox), two hodge trophy winners, countless NCAA champs of the ordinary variety, and so on. Yet for all that he’s always about to be dethroned. Even people who bet on him do it “only because you can’t bet against him” or “my heart says X but logic says Dake”. Meanwhile guys like Yianni and Taylor, both amazing, are consistently amazing on the other side of that logic. Despite many more losses and fewer high level wins (obviously Taylor has somewhat elevated past that) there are far more people betting on them. And this is naturally because of style. Taylor and Yianni far more often impress and look like world beaters when they win. Perhaps Dake knows more about winning and less about impressing ?
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    Anything from arbitration?

    Well said. I think that the way it should and does work is that coaches should be allowed to vigorously advocate for their athletes through any and all means allowed by the rules. There should be neutral adjudicators who decide which challenges, which appeals and so forth get a hearing and then neutral judges to hear the outcomes. That’s the setup. Then there has to be an overlay of yet other people who work to ensure that the parties are all sticking to the script. Coaches should not be allowed to abuse their rights to challenge and appeal. The judges must be reviewed to insure they are indeed neutral and not being influenced. And so on. The system will end up pretty good but from time to time there will be major issues. In this case the system at matside, in my view, failed us by allowing an extremely aggressive challenge to be heard and the overturn the initial result of the match. I have no quibble with Penn State attempting their challenge. It’s simply not their job to determine the legitimacy of their own challenges. They had their rationale, no matter how much of a stretch it was. I think the decision to the reverse the outcome was extremely odd. Even so system still worked to some degree. The appeals process allowed Yianni to get a hearing and now he and Zain get to wrestle again. Last point: one poster said the result still favored Zain because he went from losing the match (the original outcome) to having to re-wrestle the match. I agree. But this simply means that the arbitration’s conclusion was consistent with “we aren’t sure who won” as opposed to “Yianni won”. I’m not sure I agree with that.
  10. BigTimeFan

    Anything from arbitration?

    I haven’t read all the posts but these kinds of arbitrations aren’t new. Lee Roy Smith and Randy Lewis for example. The system has to allow for some kind of mechanism to right egregious wrongs. It prevents corruption but sadly not without the potential for corruption too.
  11. BigTimeFan

    2019 Medved International Line-Up

    This event is barely being reported on in the entire world. The UWW site notes its existence but has nothing about it. Worldwide there’s been a few articles from India and one ESPN article. USA wrestling so far only reported on yesterday’s action. What’s up with that ?
  12. BigTimeFan

    Worst practice partners

    Fun topic. Here are two more. The spastic guy. He has a lot of potential but live goes with him are like wrestling a wind mill. You are getting whacked in the head and then slapped on your thigh and then he head butts you a few thousand times. The insecure guy. He’s maybe a walk on or one of the less heralded guys. If he takes you down he’s going to wear a **** eating grin for the rest of practice and then want to discuss it with you after practice and want assurance that you were giving it your all and that it was a “real” takedown
  13. Everything up to and including the end of the universe.
  14. BigTimeFan

    Spencer Lee isn’t redshirting

    I still wish we could get to the bottom of why he didn’t compete in the world team trials. If it’s because only one HWC wrestler can compete at a time, well that’s just dumb. It got them zero wrestlers on the team.
  15. BigTimeFan

    Spencer Lee isn’t redshirting

    Lol. I didn’t see this when I sent mine
  16. BigTimeFan

    Spencer Lee isn’t redshirting

    It seemed like a friendly jab as opposed to outright hostility.
  17. BigTimeFan

    Zain will win arbitration

    Sorry I asked.
  18. BigTimeFan

    Zain will win arbitration

    What happens if Yianni wins the arbitration. I don’t even remember. Didn’t Yianni lose two matches straight ? Wouldn’t the best thing to be to redo the entire best out of three ?
  19. Epic match. Really an epic day for Yianni. There was a moment in his match with HUN where he was down 0-9 and the guy was arguing he got a push out or something when it was clear he hadn’t. I thought to myself “boy that guy wants the tech here and now”. And then he gassed.
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    Dake In the 1980s the torch was passed twice to guys who were second on the ladder for many years. First Schultz over Kemp and then Monday over Schultz. Both cases were similar. The older world champ was bested after after years of mostly losing.
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    Thomas Gilman History

    Right. It’s a question of bad intentions as much as the use of the word.
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    Koll on the Call

    At the bottom of the podcast it says Ben Askren is a world champion and Olympic champ. Where can I protest that ?
  23. BigTimeFan

    Is Nickal done now?

    Ah. That explains it. Did he say why?
  24. BigTimeFan

    If Cox medals at World's...

    My 2c : JDen hasn’t beaten the same level of competition as Snyder. Yes he beat Taylor and Dake but they were both still moving up in weights and while they both won worlds they are the same level as Gadisov and Sadulaev. Internationally the so far as I can tell the best wrestler Cox beat was Karimi (Iran) who is a beast for sure but isn’t a multi time world champ.
  25. BigTimeFan

    Is Nickal done now?

    As for Bo, he’s an interesting one. No question he could have made 184 this year (right?) so his winning at 197 was damn impressive. But why didn’t he go 86kg for worlds? Was it Taylor?