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  1. Syracuse. It’s sad that Cornell doesn’t have any competition in upstate New York. This thread is great and highlights the awesome knowledge base of people on these threads. It’s also sad because it shows how far wrestling has sunk in the past three or four decades.
  2. BigTimeFan

    USA Stars vs NCAA Champs! BTS

    This lineup would be a home run
  3. BigTimeFan

    The Heavyweight Match was Weird

    Gable looked tentative. Maybe he saw all that braun and feared he’d be crushed by it so didn’t want to shoot. Maybe he has some small injury we don’t know about. Maybe he’s just too damn cocky. Maybe he remembered getting flattened by Coon at open nationals. Whatever it is, he looked like he believe Cassar would never score on him. The result was a defeat.
  4. BigTimeFan

    Can Chance Marsteller Make it to the 165 lb. Finals?

    I would love to see that level of redemption for Chance.
  5. BigTimeFan

    Hands to Face

    I was about to make the same point. The headgear pull though is a bit more consequential. The Lee situation was ridiculous as no coach would ever have complained about that particular hands to face prior to the rule going into effect.
  6. Katie, this thread is thanksgiving. It has its ups and downs but it’s a tradition you wouldn’t miss for the world.
  7. BigTimeFan

    Big Ten Finals Thread

    I agree. It was by the book. But it's a stupid rule when a completely accidental action with no consequence pushes a match into overtime.
  8. BigTimeFan

    Big Ten Finals Thread

    Me too, House. I think though legit based on the rules, the fact that it went to OT because of a non-consequential hand to the face is just BS.
  9. BigTimeFan

    Big Ten Finals Thread

    Lee vs Rivera was crap. The Lee hands to the face was BS. So was, in fact, the stall call on him. Lee controls the whole match, has riding time and then Rivera gets a late TD (great job Rivera) but Lee entering OT with the stall call really hurt him. The whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  10. BigTimeFan

    Penn State is in trouble

    Some bold assertions but I like it. Hall wins too many squeakers and that’s a life by the sword and die by the sword situation
  11. BigTimeFan

    Spencer Lee Interview Going Into The Big 10 Finals

    US wrestling media is different than general media because unlike general media, they love what they report on. They don’t want to destroy wrestling and in general don’t want to destroy individuals. There’s no Trump vs Clinton / Obama side taking. Plus if there were, then Hawk Central would be the Fox News of Wrestling media. PS thanks for posting. I agree Lee stands out as a well poised athlete and a gentleman. No wonder the Hawk fans love him so much.
  12. BigTimeFan

    Big Ten Session 2 Thread

    Lee, well, in between old Lee and new Lee. Toss up tomorrow.
  13. BigTimeFan

    Big Ten Session 2 Thread

    Finally, Spencer Lee in the hole mat 3 !!
  14. BigTimeFan

    Big Ten Session 1 Thread

  15. BigTimeFan

    Big Ten Session 1 Thread

    He and DeSanto both have mega chips on their shoulders. Gable was never like that so far as I can remember at Jr Worlds or in High School.
  16. BigTimeFan

    Big Ten Session 1 Thread

    That's what I am hoping
  17. BigTimeFan

    big 12 session 1

    What happened? He was way ahead of Romero when I was watching.
  18. BigTimeFan

    Big Ten Session 1 Thread

    Are the semis tonight or tomorrow? Anyone know?
  19. BigTimeFan

    Big Ten Session 1 Thread

    What happened?
  20. BigTimeFan

    Big Ten Session 1 Thread

    Gable looked good. I didn't get why he let Stoll go at the end of the first, could he really not hold him down? He put himself in a stupid position because of it though the danger didn't materialize. For a 5-3 win he was in control the entire time.
  21. BigTimeFan

    Big Ten Session 1 Thread

    133 is such a stacked weight class. Who knew it would shake out this way at the beginning of the year.
  22. BigTimeFan

    Big Ten Session 1 Thread

  23. BigTimeFan

    Big Ten Session 1 Thread

    Suriano out to a powerful start with a 6-0 lead vs Lizak. TD and four near fall, damn close to a pin too.
  24. BigTimeFan

    Big Ten Session 1 Thread

    Lee looked good but these days a first period pin doesn't say much. He has to survive a close first period and win. New standard.