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  1. You speak truth. When Lee was winning his 50kg titles I looked up how the 50kg junior world champions did in senior competition. The short answer is, they didn’t. Every other junior weight has multiple examples of medalists moving onto become senior level medalists but not 50kg. And when Mark Hall won his second junior world gold Lee tweeted Something out like “welcome to the club” and I thought that beneath that nice tweet was a bit of wishful thinking So Lee’s junior world tittles didn’t excite me. Another negative is is completely absence from freestyle since then. What’s the logic? Your self-declared dream is to win an Olympic gold and you don’t compete for several summers? This can’t be a plan and therefore must be circumstance, eg injury or worse. Lifting weights? Some crazy training plan? Recovery ? Personal issues that are too private to share? Doesn’t matter, it’s a lot of time off the mat. Meanwhile Fix and Gilman have been competing like mad and all that competition makes you better. Plain and simple. All of the above means whatever natural talent Lee has better be that much more above Fix and Gilman not to mention Gross and Micic and Suriano and Picc for that matter. All of the above is my head taking. The other posts are my heart talking. Lee the supremely gifted competitor who can just beat everyone because he’s a student of the sport and a true master. I have a feeling a lot of us who go on a about Lee feel this way to some extent. So far it’s paid off at NCAAs which does nothing to discourage more of the same wildly optimistic thinking.
  2. I was afraid to see the update. This is wonderful.
  3. I am with people who think Lee can medal. Spladle your points are well taken and his record doesn’t itself support the claim that Lee is that good. For me it’s just watching Lee when he’s on. He’s just that good. And for me I also think of how many times Snyder lost every year. He didn’t make Jr World finals his second crack at it. He lost to some Russian each year he won the worlds (or most of the years). Back to Lee, when he’s on he’s just that good.
  4. Yes ! I remember that now. Incredible.
  5. Forget about his gassing. That can mean anything or nothing at all this early in the season. What about the brace ? Only rare forms of interstellar plague result in a knee brace.
  6. I just looked up some Gross facts a lot of which I didn’t know (apologies in advance to those who did) Three time state champ at 120, 132 and 138 as a senior. All at Apple Valley, home of Mark Hall and Gable Steveson. 2014-2015: Wrestled at Iowa as a freshmen at 142. Redshirted. Compiled a 12-4 record including a 12-4 loss to Dean Heil. 2015-2016: Transferred to SDSU and wrestled 141 as a redshirt frosh. Compiled a 27-13 record and lost to every ranked opponent except Bryce Meredith who he beat 8-3. He lost twice to Heil but both times by two. 2016-2017: still at SDSU. Moves down to 133. He lost twice. Once early in the season in SV to Eric Montoya who he subsequently beat at NCAAs 11-1. Loses in NCAAs 4-3 to Cory Clark. 2017-2018: still at 133 at SDSU. Loses once. To Bryce Meredith 4-2, who was ranked one at the time (January). Wins NCAAs defeating Micic 13-8 in the finals. Now he transferred to Wisconsin. He’s a Badger.
  7. Short work. Short work. Imart didn’t give him a chance. Hard to even see how the leg mattered but who knows.
  8. Imart is just man handling Nolf here. I hate this challenge.
  9. Wow. That was close. How did Nolf get away from that ?
  10. What exactly is Gross’s status. Was last year a medical redshirt ?
  11. Wow. What the heck just happened ? We’ve got to be thinking of Gross as a serious contender if he can hold the weight.
  12. Me too. Gross is uber impressive as of right now.
  13. Apologies as I didn’t wade through all the early posts, but does anyone know why Nickal didn’t show? I’m also surprised that neither Fix nor Lee showed. I mean there was the whole Iowa recruiting day thing that Lee is going to be working toward the Olympics all year.
  14. I always thought Nolf was the better of him and Cenzo. Nolf also seems to be committing to Freestyle and this is good because all through college he would show up at junior nationals and junior world team trials always looking like a guy who hadn’t heard of freestyle. It seemed to me he lost on push outs and exposures and if only he bothered to figure out freestyle he might do well.
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