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  1. I’m going to add Sergei Belaglazov. Incredible from where position. Quick. Strong. Huge tank.
  2. Eat, practice, prepare is the new eat, pray love. I mean DT got better. It happens. Not the first time. He’s a better wrestler now than when Dake and JB beat him. He jumped a level since his early post-college years. We don’t see it a lot which is why I think people have so much trouble seeing it.’I think about Jake Herbert who won a silver after college and never did better. Never improved. Or Pat Smith who won four NCAA titles and never made a world team. Never improved. Metcalf who made a zillion world teams but didn’t medal. Never improved. Taylor improved. He’s a better wrestler now. Can he beat Dake or JB? That’s a different story. Can he beat Sadulaev? I doubt it but not because he lost to Dake so many times rather because Sadulaev is once in a generation. I do think he’d give him one of the best matches we’ve seen.
  3. Taylor and Myles were both extremely complimentary of each other. Dake is never nice.
  4. I’d love to see Taylor Cox in a covid style exhibition match. Come to think of it, a round to robin best of three would be even better. Why fly all the way to Austin to wrestle a single match. It’s hard to predict who’d win but they wrestled three times in 2017 when Taylor was still moving up and Taylor still won one of three. Since then they’ve both won world titles and beaten the best the world had to offer. I’d go into that match with more interest and less of an option than almost any match.
  5. I saw Dake’s expert testimony on sun exposure. People in early 1900s thought radioactivity I’m small doses was good for you. Some still do. Every whacky idea under the sun has a true believer tirelessly explaining that the mainstream doesn’t understand, won’t listen and oh what a shame it is.
  6. Chamizo Dake was pure fun. What a great match. A lot closer than I thought. Dake is so good at coming out on top. That guy wrench !
  7. How they managed to cobble together twenty minutes of Frank I’ll never know.
  8. I’m so looking forward to two rounds of ... trailers.
  9. Tervel needs a refresher on how to wear a mask
  10. Oh man this is going to be ugly. Caldwell gassing.
  11. Caldwell is not going to be able to this pace up.
  12. Perfect. And now I’m getting frustrated by the delays. I need to get up by 4pm tomorrow.
  13. I think he’s at another level and is gong to crush Chamizo. I think he’ll wrestler exactly the way we’ve seen him wrestle. No changes. No adjustments.
  14. Set aside the delays the event is awesome. The production is great. You can see the whole mat. The wrestling is all out. The matchups so far have been interesting and well worth watching. I’ll take it over FITE all day.
  15. So what happens so far? I was at dinner and missed whatever happened. How many matches ? Who won ? Score ?
  16. No luck here. This is insane. I was at dinner and thought it was bad service out. Nope.
  17. He definitely lost twice to Hall prior to winning his first title. In the forward to Giant Killer his head coach says that Haselrig met Hall in NCAA finals and was 2-2 vs him leading to up to it having won the last two.
  18. Stanford has had its issue over the years. In the eighties Dave and Mark Schultz were assistants there. Chris Horpel was head coach. In the summer of 1986 they were “defunded” and demoted to a club sport. Dave left with their star future NCAA champ and went to Wisconsin. Mark went to BYU (I think). They continued to have people on the team and compete. So I am holding out some hope.
  19. Another good thread ends in tears.
  20. By DT’s rules he can’t tech him.
  21. This. After all, he wore down and crushed Yazdani. Twice.
  22. Anyone know why Flo and Track didn’t do this ?
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