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  1. Did I read correctly that James Green will be the representative at 65kg at Pan Ams? Seems like Metcalf would be the guy to send...
  2. https://arena.unitedworldwrestling.org/weight-category/show/00947823-53f4-11e5-a6a8-0800275a62ce/bracket/print Link to bracket
  3. If I am not off here... Brent could see Kaya (TUR) in round 2.
  4. DIII events- Pete Wilson (Wheaton), Wartburg v. Augsburg, any NCAA region besides the West, Desert Duals, Gator Duals... names a few.
  5. Kyle Snyder is the most interesting story, in my mind, coming out of the Open. IF, Varner or someone else knocks him off at the WTT, would he still be eligible to compete for a spot on the Junior World Team (he is still eligible, correct?)... Coming off a year where many thought we sent our best Junior World Team overseas, the US seems to be reloading. There is a TON of young talent in the US right now. I like how things are looking for the US heading into Vegas... 61 and 86 are a bit of a question mark, but I think it Herbert showed he is able to compete at the level he was at years ago. I agree I wish Logan would make the cut as I think he would be the guy at that weight.
  6. Following the World Championships, didn't Burroughs comment on how Tsargush lead heavy with the right leg to neutralize his double? Seems this is the perfect example to display how we (USA) are not able to attack with the opposite lead leg.
  7. Looks like the listing by Hokie is outdated. I would double check with programs introduced/reinstated in the last few years. I would guess this list was created around 2010.
  8. Isn't the Beat the Streets event on the 21st?
  9. Here is my problem with today... IF Iowa lost in round one, how many people would have been in the stands for the semi-finals? Yes, there were 7,000 people in the stands, but Iowa always puts that many people in Carver. Yes, the duals are exciting. Yes, there was great wrestling today. However, they need to find a way to get more people in the arena.
  10. IMO Virginia need to review their state tournament series anyways. 6 divisions is crazy. However, giving awards to all 8 qualifiers (even those that go 0-2) is crazier.
  11. Alton looked like his lungs stopped working after 3 minutes. Think Cael will pull the plug?
  12. The same problems at large events time and time again. I wish they had a competitor to make them step up to the plate. Until then, they will keep doing the same old dance because they can.
  13. What happened to the series on Tom and Terry Brands they previewed in late November/early December? They put out the preview and within the day it was gone and not mentioned again...
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