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  1. Mizzou is something like 19-3 in duals against B1G teams over the last 10 years, including 2-0 against Iowa, 3-1 against tOSU, and 1-0 against Michigan and Nebraska. That’s despite a reluctance by most B1G teams to schedule Mizzou. They also have upset or similarly ranked wins against Cornell, VT, and OkSt in that span. I think most Mizzou fans would admit that their NCAA performances have been underwhelming at times. IMO, however, your characterization of Mizzou’s dual success over the years is not accurate. Even this year their early ranking was based partly on guys that aren’t in the lineup. Hats off to SDSU though, they came to wrestle.
  2. Honestly not that worried about that Trumble match. Rocky spent most of the first period on a leg fighting for a takedown. He finally got it, but he usually finishes a lot cleaner that that. He looked totally gassed at the end of the first, and then got ridden for most of the 2nd. Kinda reminded me of his first Woodley match at NCAAs. My guess is he'll finish cleaner next time and may not pick bottom again.
  3. Josh Edmond vs Dom Demas could be entertaining on Thursday. Elam and Woodley should wrestle in that dual too.
  4. Currently wrestling. Up 6-0 after the first two matches. Hart is up 6-2 in the 3rd at 141 right now.
  5. Here’s J’dens perspective of the events. Hopefully I linked it right, but if not, check out the most recent tiger style podcast. Sounds like he’s given up the protest and going down to 92kg for worlds, then back up next year.
  6. I believe Mizzou was ready to jump but balked at the B10 offering a "junior" membership (a lower percentage of conference payouts) for the first 6 years. Nebraska was willing to accept that deal and the B10 didn't give Mizzou a second chance to consider it. The SEC made Mizzou full members from day one.
  7. David Taylor x 2? Kyle Dake x 2? I'd say both of those guys would be at least near the level of Snyder.
  8. CP just posted the article on twitter and said 'not true'
  9. Weird. They definitely awarded a 5 pointer to Josh Edmond today. Will try to post the tweet link. Looked on floarena and it shows a 5. https://mobile.twitter.com/FloWrestling/status/1375850247193247751?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  10. Must not be watching the same match lol.
  11. I like the rule, but I believe the count is only 3 seconds. A really quick 3-count cost Eierman a semi-final match against Yanni a couple years ago.
  12. That’s it, and it looks like 2 before they went OB. Watched several Rider matches and they definitely seemed to get bad calls. Sucks for Walton.
  13. 197: Bulsak (1seed and #9 in coaches ranking) just got upset, so we don't get to see him vs Elam.
  14. Really close, but it looks like they were both out of bounds before the takedown. Sucks for the Rider wrestler because Kent was totally gassed and would've eventually lost if there was more time.
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