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  1. XiXiTiger

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    1032004 posted an article on page 1 that clears up at lot of the confusion. Team was informed before the season regarding the rule and a couple kids (including this one) were specifically warned that they needed to cut their hair or get a cover that attaches to headgear. Sounds like the kid was also warned the weekend before, but allowed to wrestle with improper cover. IMO, the wrestler and his coach had plenty of time to get it right before this match.
  2. XiXiTiger

    Never gave up near fall points in College

    Pretty sure J’den Cox never gave up backs. Definitely wasn’t pinned though he did get DQd.
  3. XiXiTiger

    CKLV Discussion

    Looks like Mizzou's 197 picked up a nice win over the 3 seed and 12th-ranked (FLO) Griego. I didn't see the match, but Koelling pinned him in the first period.
  4. XiXiTiger

    CKLV Discussion

    I think I saw an interview and Jacques said he really didn't want to redshirt. He must be beating Fortuna and others in the room (and Mocco got injured beating Carr earlier this year).
  5. XiXiTiger


    10-4 and for what it's worth, I agree with you. Especially since Cox tends to wrestle everyone close, so there's always a chance for an upset. On another note, gotta wonder what Cox will do in 2020. Go back to 86 or up to 97?
  6. XiXiTiger


    Gadsen has only beaten Cox once ever (3-1 in SV if you consider that controlled) when Gadsen was a RSJr and J'den was a true freshman. Cox's other loss that year was to Phil Wellington. They never faced each other again in college as Cox entered NCAAs undefeated as a sophmore and was beaten by Snyder and McIntosh. I guess I was also surprised that Kyven didn't see an easier path at 92kg, but I'm pretty sure the premise that he beat Cox twice and controlled the matches is flawed.
  7. XiXiTiger


    He won 11-7. I think he was actually up 9-1 at one point.
  8. XiXiTiger


    Lavallee and Erneste were given the most grief about their schedule and both made their critics look right. Eierman was never really in danger, but Headlee didn't do much so Jaydin tried a bunch of big moves at the end to try for bonus. Leeth actually looked good and was headed for a major until the 3rd period. Mizzou guys, outside of Lewis, have definitely been flat so far.
  9. XiXiTiger

    Which top 4 seed will lose first round?

    Lavallee teched Monday at the South Beach duals this year so I’m guessing that would be a long shot.
  10. XiXiTiger

    At Large Bids Announced

    Me too. Looks like the options were limited as Norstrem made it with an 11-14 record. Tough deal for Akins from Buffalo as he wrestled better than Barlow all year, but lost to him at MACs.
  11. XiXiTiger

    UNI vs Missouri

    Lewis always seems to gas. He can get a takedown against just about anyone. If he can’t ride them, he struggles late in matches.
  12. XiXiTiger

    UNI vs Missouri

    It was pretty lopsided last year in UNIs favor. Mizzou’s guys better show up and look better than they did against SIUE.
  13. XiXiTiger

    Dean Heil

    BTF, watch Heil's match against Gulibon in their dual last year. I think many would say that match was the impetus for the new danger rule as it was definitely the most well-known example. Heil spent a considerable amount of time on his back scrambling to avoid a takedown. Another good example is the D Lewis/IMar match from last year. In the first period Lewis gets in deep on a leg and IMar starts scrambling. IMar ends up on his back for over 5 seconds, looks pinned or close to it, but has a leg so no takedown. Because Lewis didn't have "control", the ref doesn't even look for the pin and calls a stalemate.
  14. XiXiTiger

    Flo Apple TV app vs streaming on computer

    I had the same issue when I streamed the FoxGo app through my Chromecast last night. Worked great on my iPhone but kept blinking backwards on the tv. Would love to know the fix.
  15. XiXiTiger

    OkSt vs Mizzou, Sat 1/27

    That was bizarre!