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  1. Agreed. I could see a pin happening(either way) if somebody gets caught on their back, but I can't see a big score. I wouldn't be surprised to see Schultz win, as Elam loses some close ones. Really hoped that O'Toole ended up at 157. He looked a bit undersized at 165 and I think he'd get more bonus down a weight.
  2. Actually got a chuckle from that tweet. Probably because the first thing it brought to mind was Ogre.
  3. I agree and it looks like both guys will face enough top guys to have a strong resume. O'Toole should hit Franek (NDSU) this weekend and Carr (ISU) and Teemer (ASU) on Jan 17th. He'd also have Sheets (OkSt) and Dellavecchia (Rider; twice including MACs) later in the season. Depending on the ranking service, that's 2 guys in the top 5 and 3 more in the top 15. Elam should get Noah Adams (WVU), Tanner Sloan (SDSU; this weekend), Bulsak (Clarion at MACs), Norfleet (ASU), Coleman (ISU), and Holschlag (UNI). The number 1 guy, another top 7 guy, and 4 more in the top 15. Hopefully it doesn't happen, but COVID or injury will probably cause some of these guys to miss each other. On the flip side, maybe there will be fewer 'ducks' to protect seed with so few available matches.
  4. Sounds like O’Toole will be at 157 if he beats Jacques (I think he will). He wrestled 70kg at juniors and, per FRL, B Smith indicated it will be Jacques or O’Toole.
  5. Had his wisdom teeth removed right before. I believe Bratke said Smith told him it would be O’Toole or Jacques at 157.
  6. Brian Smith went over Mizzou's schedule on a podcast yesterday, but I can't find it posted anywhere online yet. No duals with BIG10 (going conf only) or ACC teams (limiting travel) this year. Sounds like Mizzou will have the Black and Gold on December 22nd and tri or quad meets on seven straight weekends starting January 3rd. Notable quad on January 17th with Northern Iowa, Iowa State, and Arizona State in Ames. As Jon noted, Mizzou has West Virginia and Oklahoma State on Feb 14th. MAC championships are the last weekend in February.
  7. https://news.stanford.edu/2020/07/08/athletics/?utm_source=athletics&utm_medium=tw&utm_campaign=an
  8. Where was Karissa Schweizer on the list? She might be in the top 2 if not already listed.
  9. "Funky" Ben Askren was pretty appropriate.
  10. I'm sure he meant Max, who as a FS freshman was 28-1 (I believe his only loss was by defensive pin) prior to the 2007 NCAAs.
  11. Eierman majored him 12-4 at NCAAs the only time I can remember they wrestled. Until today.
  12. Looks like transferring has him well on his way ‘to the next level’.
  13. I wondered that too. Also, seemed like a short count to give the takedown. Picc may have been been in "danger" for 3 seconds, but looking strictly at the refs count it appeared that Picc started turning belly down as soon as heard the count (before 3 full swipes). Kind of similar to the Eierman/Yanni match at NCAAs.
  14. I’m pretty sure J’Den was our World rep at 86 kg in 2017 if that means anyhing.
  15. Mizzou forfeited 133, wrestled their backup at 141 (who got pinned) and their 3rd string hwt (Elam is redshirting). No fan of Mizzou (or folks that know anything about the team) are worried based on that dual.
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