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  1. That was hilarious! Very little they got right in that broadcast.
  2. Askren's bracket in 2006 had Herbert (3, 2, 1, 1) and Mark Perry (2, 3, 1, 1) in it. His bracket in 2007 had Keith Gavin (NCAA champ and world team member) and Steve Luke (NCAA champ). Including Pendleton, he's got folkstyle wins against two 2-timers (one of them a hodge trophy winner). None of the guys you listed have resumes like that.
  3. I guess if you only look at the 2-0 score at the U.S. Open. Cox also beat Zillmer 5-2 and 10-0 (in just over a minute) at Final X last year, never giving up a takedown (unlike Bo). Cox doesn't seem to care if he scores a lot or gets a tech, but his matches against Zillmer were never in doubt.
  4. I like this call. Mocco gave Carr his only loss this year. Kinda wonder if he’ll move up and take Flynn’s spot.
  5. I too hated the attempts to win via penalty points. Terrible match to watch. Good job by Suriano to keep wrestling hard.
  6. My question is, would the ref have called that stalemate that quick if Fix hadn’t gotten the controversial stall call in the first ride out? I doubt it. Everyone uses some version of a stall ride in rideouts. Ref felt pressure to give Suriano a better chance to tie it up. IMO, Suriano wasn’t trying to push him away. Fix looked like he had him with the shrug and Suriano gripped/held onto the head gear to keep him from getting behind. Fix immediately reacted so you know he felt the pull, but that reaction cost him the match. Gotta keep wrestling there.
  7. Every Yianni shot was a reattack. He was doing the same thing. Waiting for an Eierman mistake.
  8. Felt like Erneste won that match 3 times before the ref finally gave it to him.
  9. No worries! I hope you're right that it goes the same as last time.
  10. Zahid wasn't winning comfortably in that match. Lewis got the first takedown. Zahid escaped and got a takedown, then two questionable back points. Lewis got a reversal and then Zahid escaped to end the first up 6-4. It was 8-6 Lewis (counting the back points he was going to get) when Zahid got stuck.
  11. Mizzou docked a point too. Couldn’t tell what is was for but looked to be directed at the coaches corner.
  12. I doubt everyone will be happy no matter who is doing the seeding. Every person has inherent biases, even those guys and it's noticeable from time to time in their rankings (and comments). Thus, I feel like a transparent formula that incorporates the best available factors would be the fairest method. It obviously needs some tweeks to both the formula and the input factors. I could certainly see an average ranking from the reputable ranking services as an important one of those factors (instead of coaches rankings). They should also reveal the seeding 'scorecards' at the end too, just to remove doubts about the integrity of the system. Regarding ducking, with the seeding formula known, does anyone else think that Cael and other top coaches probably have the seeding scenarios fairly figured out by the end of the season? How hard would it be to sit dinged up guys like Rasheed and Micic for a B10 match if you knew they could only fall to a 2 or 3 seed?
  13. True freshmen that beat Gfeller, Thompson, Martin and everyone else he faced (not named Degen).
  14. Imar does have 2 or 3 wins against Joseph though.
  15. I've heard Askren make several comments over the years about Perry ducking him, but I thought it was because Askren didn't like Iowa. Didn't know that Perry actually called out Askren in WIN magazine. Also, good story in there about Smith's nervousness before Askren-Herbert and Askren just goofing off and working on his fro. Pretty amazing that there were three future MMA stars in Mizzou's room at the same time.
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