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  1. Found a video of the Eierman vs. Yanni match. Just like a lot of his matches, it seems like Jaydin almost lets people in on his legs. The best ones (Heil, Yanni) are able to finish but he makes most pay. Yanni must have serious grip strength or Eierman might have had him in trouble several times. As many times as Yanni was on Eierman's legs (several stoppages with no points), I'm guessing he figured he could stall out those last 10-15 seconds on a leg.
  2. http://mutigers.com/news/2017/9/12/-mizzouwrestling-announces-2017-18-schedule-season-tickets-now-available.aspx Mizzou has good OOC matches with the Illini, OkSt, Cornell, North Carolina, VT, Virginia, and Northern Iowa. No tOSU this year though and no Scuffle.
  3. Cox is unseeded based on the seeding criteria, which includes placements in tournaments that Cox didn't attend. Ultimately, that's all that matters. However, I would argue that Cox has a way better resume than three of four guys seeded ahead of him. Collectively he's 4-1 against the top 4 (lost on criteria to 1-seed Yasar at the Olympics) and finished higher in every tournament he attended with the 2, 3, and 4 seeds. He has two wins over 2-seed Karimi (who won't be there) and beat both Ceballos and Baranowski handily at the Olympic qualifier in Mongolia.
  4. Justin Britt (Seahawks OL) was also a MO state champ (pinned freshman Boehm in the semis of state).
  5. This. If Jordan was the 3, I think he'd also have a competitive match against Collica in the semis. But based on his previous matches against Retherford, Jordan has almost no chance to make the finals as the 4. Plus, he'll have a really tough quarter against Sorenson.
  6. Take a look at NCAA seeding criteria. Mayes has more wins against quality opponents (8 wins against seeded wrestlers vs 6 for Jordan), a higher coaches rank (4 vs 5 in most recent one I could find), a higher placement in conference tournament, a higher win percentage, and a higher RPI ranking (2 vs 6 in most recent one I could find). There were no head-to-head matches and both were undefeated against common opponents. Mayes did have a loss outside the top 5 (7 seed Thomsen is no slouch), but you could also hold Jordan's tech fall losses against him. Even if the committee wanted to hold the MU/tOSU dual against Mayes, his seeding resume was clearly superior. IMO, Suriano's situation isn't really comparable to a dual match between Mayes/Jordan. By rule, Suriano had to wrestle a match at B10s to qualify for NCAAs. He decided to take one loss and have more time to rehabilitate. In the grand scheme of things, unless he won B10s, I'm guessing he wasn't getting the two seed anyway as Dance was ahead of him in several criterion. Duals aren't a pre-requisite for NCAAs, so lineups often change (e.g., Bo Jordan and K Snyder this year). Mayes missed a month of matches during the time of the MU/tOSU dual. It's very doubtful he was ducking Jordan, considering Missouri's Manley beat Micah at 141 a year ago. Mayes wrestled every other tough dual and tourney after returning from injury. I can certainly understand the frustration for tOSU fans, considering the difference between a 3 and 4 seed is huge at 149.
  7. I think you're right here, as Kemerer clearly has better wins than Lavallee. Lavallee and Berger are close for #3, with Lavallee having a slight edge (fewer losses and he has a win against Heffernan too). Will be interesting to see how Lavallee does in the MAC tourney as he looked to have injured his ankle pretty bad against UNI.
  8. Based on previous years, losses (even bad ones) don't seem to have as much of an impact on seed as other variables. On FRL, CP gripes about it every year after the seeds are revealed. Mayes is actually a good example, as he has been seeded very highly (in the eyes of many) the last two years, despite late-season, head-scratching losses. This board went nuts when he was seeded ahead of Carter.
  9. Nothing. But Missouri's backups at 157 haven't done anything notable in college either. Stroker has had better prep and freestyle results. Even took down Retherford a couple times at 2015 junior team trials (before getting stuck) and took Ashnault to the wire (lost 7-6). It's really too early to give up on any of them, and competition is good.
  10. IMO Stroker's body of work is more impressive than DeLoach and Fortuna, so he's definitely worth a shot if he's interested. Hopefully those two guys are much improved since last year and there will be good competition for the spot.
  11. Lewis beat Massa in free In 2015. I've only seen video of part of the match, but Lewis scored some off of Massa's shots. I would think he'd have a bigger advantage in folk, but it depends on his gas tank when they meet. He looked great at NCAAs last year.
  12. Good info AD. In the match notes, they have Brennan and Synon penciled in as projected starters.
  13. Lesnar was a two-time NCAA finalist and one-time champ......
  14. On FLO and Mizzou's schedule, they have it being broadcast on FLO. No listing currently on the SEC network. That's bad news for me.....
  15. Bunch of good matches when Mizzou faces VT in late November. Dance vs McGhee, Manley vs Chishko, Lewis vs McFadden, Miklus vs Zavatsky.
  16. There is a link to what looks like cell phone video of each match on the 2nd to last page of the Iran Trials thread.
  17. XiXiTiger


    Massa beat both Nolf and Smith last summer too, so he apparently didn't need a year at Michigan for that. He was seeded above and expected by everyone to win, yet Lewis took him down at least a couple times on his way to a close win (12-9). Massa may indeed be a better wrestler over time, I was just responding to boconnell's comment that Massa was better all around than Lewis.....
  18. XiXiTiger


    Lewis beat Massa in freestyle last summer.
  19. This guys last name is Bi, while the Chinese wrestler in Mongolia was actually Feng Zhang. I checked out videos of both just in case, and they don't appear to be the same guy.
  20. I think Duck's comment was a jab at one of our Russian posters who gave that scouting report of Cox.
  21. He definitely tried the double in the qrtrs, but Collica did a great job of blocking him. I wish he would've let it fly too.
  22. I also like how Mayes is used as an example. Guy wasn't even ranked as a recruit yet has one of the best doubles in the country and wins matches purely through his offense from neutral.
  23. When did Snyder beat Cox 8-1? Their only freestyle match I know about was at Vegas and Snyder won a tight one 4-3. No doubt though that Cox figured it would be a tougher road at 213, especially after just finishing the college season at 197 and having to beat a rested Snyder 2 of 3.
  24. Most impressive to me is that Cox only gave up one push-out the entire tournament. The only other points scored were shot-clock gifts by the ref in the semi-finals.
  25. He actually dislocated it early in the match against Winn. I think he was down 2-0 and then it all went down hill.
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