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  1. As a Mizzou fan, I'm hoping your predictions come true Vak! They looked really good at CKLV and scored a bunch of bonus (Lewis had four pins). If they can reproduce that effort, i can see them in the top 5. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if they qualify nine, three or four guys go 0-2, and they end up 10th.
  2. I agree with MSU. The seeding committee fills the brackets strictly by their criteria, creating draws that appear crazy to wrestling fans. Just last year, Josh Kindig was a returning finalist with a win over Houdashelt (and others), and was unseeded (faced #3 Habat in first round). Delgado was a two-time champ with wins over two qualifiers and a fourth place finish at B10s and went unseeded (only non-def losses were to Waters and Tomasello). Snyder may very well end up with a better resume than either of them, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him with a low seed or, if he loses, no seed at all.
  3. Butler wrestled this past Sunday and I haven't heard of any injury, so I suspect he'll be there Friday. I agree that there doesn't look to be much upside to bumping guys. I don't think Mizzou has a backup at 165 or 174, (outside of their redshirt Wisman), that could avoid getting majored or worse by Dierenger or Crutchmer. I will say that Austin Marsden will almost definitely get bonus, if not a pin, against Romero. Romero has been pinned or given up bonus to every decent wrestler he's faced this year.
  4. I thought Askren always wanted to wrestle Taylor in an exhibition match. Would be awesome if Ben would enter too.
  5. IMO, that match is actually a pretty poor example. Waters was only on top for about 45 seconds and all in TB1 (after reversing Gilman) and TB2. In fact, Gilman actually got the riding time point (rode Waters for most of the 2nd period and selected neutral in the 3rd). Waters got a bad rap because he wrestled from his knees at times and was tough on top, but he was far from a staller. I'd bet he was top 5 among 125 lbers in bonus points last year.
  6. Loftin was a very active supporter of Tiger wrestling in person and on twitter during the season. I think he truly enjoys all of the sports programs that Mizzou has to offer and just wants to add another. I don't think he would push to cut one of their most successful programs.....
  7. Yeah, the more I look at it, the worse it looks leading with his head like that. I definitely agree he should have been penalized. Still not sure he should have been DQ'd from the tourney and lost team points, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway.
  8. This Flo All-Access Video for Mizzou is the first time I've actually seen the headbutt. It doesn't show what led up to that point, but Eblen was getting beaten pretty soundly. I'm no doubt a Mizzou homer, but the headbutt wasn't nearly as flagrant/obvious as I expected. Did Eblen deserve to be DQ'd?
  9. It would be terrible logic if I was talking about scenarios like the one you painted, but I was quite obviously talking about Waters wrestling from his knees. He attacks and scores points from there, so it is not stalling. It's up to his opponent to figure out a way to score against him.
  10. Waters takes people down from his knees all the time. Watch the ankle pick on McDonough and explain to me how being on a knee is purely defensive. Here's another in the first period on Peters this year. He's not stalling, he's using that position to get to an attack situation that favors him. If his opponent can't figure out how to score on him, why is that stalling on Waters? Outside of Garrett and Gilman, I'm also pretty sure Waters' has had a takedown in the first period against every top 10 wrestler he's faced this year. And those two haven't exactly been explosive scoring machines when they wrestled other top guys either. Working from the knees isn't that easy and if it was, I'm sure you'd see more doing it. Waters certainly isn't using it as a stall tactic IMO.
  11. Eblen took him down once at the Scuffle. His only points though. Kokesh got one first, a couple escapes, and rode Eblen for like 4 minutes in the match.
  12. This. I think the ref actually believed Waters slammed him as it looked like he hit Alan pretty hard to stop the action. I guess they can't review the slam? Smith said he got a warning for disputing the call. Then the ref gave Gilman a ridiculous reversal at the end. You can clearly see from the FLO footage that Waters still had the leg in. Gotta give the Iowa fans credit, they were a major influence on this ref (reversal, stall calls, etc.).
  13. Yeah, that IMar/Lavallee match was in HS a couple years back. Obviously IMar has improved a lot since then, but Lavallee won a couple matches at NCAAs last year and usually doesn't get roughed up too bad. I think you're right about Morse beating England, he's really struggled this year. Don't think Mellon will bonus Black and it wouldn't even shock me if Black won, but based on their performances this year, Mellon should win. Eblen has only one loss at 174 this year (Kokesh), and has beaten Wilps, Weatherman, Crutchmer, McCulley and Pickett. Brunson has wins against Jackson, Hammond and Welch and wrestles the top guys tough, but IMO Eblen has more impressive wins and should be ranked ahead of him regardless of the bad loss. Outside of Delgado/Waters match, this could be the match of the dual.
  14. It would take a lot of things falling the right way for Illinois to win. Even if Delgado beats Waters, Illinois would have to upset either Mayes at 141 and/or Eblen at 174, and win a tough match at 133 (Richards beat Synon 6-5 earlier this year) just to get to 5 wins. Though IMart is a stud, I don't see bonus at 157 against Lavallee (lost 5-2 to IMart at RenoTOC). Maybe at 165 depending on who goes for Mizzou, though Prazma beat Morse 10-0 a couple years ago. I wouldn't be surprised to see Missouri bonus pts at 149, 184, 197, and maybe even HWY.
  15. Perry beat me to it but Schiller did cut Cox once in the second period using the experimental rules. I think Cox could've done the same to start the third, but elected to try to ride. With that escape point, Cox would've led 4-3 in the third and, assuming that period finished like it did, won. I'm certain Schiller would've pressed the action more if he was down though. The biggest factor in the match was how out of shape Cox appeared. He was in deep on Schiller's legs 6 or 7 times in the second and third periods and couldn't finish (often appeared to give up on the shot). I've never seen him look that gassed during the regular season.
  16. Seems like really reasonable selections except for the statement that "Brooks is MUCH more proven". They have two common opponents this year, Boyd and Dechow. Brooks lost to both and Miklus beat them (Boyd twice with one a MD). IMO, the edge has to go to Miklus here. The 174 match could surprise people too, but I would pick Evans.
  17. Sounds like you're not a fan of Waters. FYI, the guy has never been majored in his entire collegiate career while Gilman has been both majored and pinned. A MD by Waters would be a big surprise but it's not like he hasn't done it to top 10 guys before......
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