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  1. Aviator12

    Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?

    Can’t believe no one is mentioning the left handed haymaker club Fix gave Suriano right before the hands to the face call. Luckily for Fix it landed on the back of Suriano’s neck.
  2. Aviator12

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    Which was??
  3. Aviator12

    Michigan vs Ohio State

    I am going to the Michigan Ohio State dual coming up here in a few weeks. I was surprised when comparing lineups to how tight this one is gonna be, in fact Michigan may be favored in as many matches as the Bucks. 125 Michigan 133 Michigan 141 OSU 149 OSU (although Pantaleo has owned Micah) 157 OSU ( Do they pull Lewan’s shirt?) 165 Michigan 174 Michigan 184 Ohio State 197 Ohio State HWT Michigan ( although Singletary did deck Parris earlier this season) Thats splitting 5 matches to 5, and giving Micah the nod over Pantaleo. Michigan is not a good matchup for Ohio State. This match should/will come down to bonus points.
  4. Aviator12

    Ferrari's No Longer @ Blair

    I wonder what Jacob Cardenas and his family think about all this ...? He is only the #2 ranked wrestler at 195 in the country right behind Ferrari. I noticed Bergen Catholic doesn’t have a kid nationally ranked on Flo at 220 so I’m gonna assume 1 of Ferrari/Cardenas move up to 220 rest of the season. Which one?
  5. Aviator12

    Ohio State Recruiting

    The veal is good. Make sure you try it.
  6. Aviator12

    Ohio State Recruiting

    I think Ferrari may be the better fit at 197 unless Amos is certain he can make that cut. For anything else, it looks like the younger Ferrari is gonna be a national recruit/stud as well and now your looking at a 2 for 1 deal potentially. I just hope Amos to Ohio State doesn’t push Ferrari to Penn State... although it would lead to some epic clashes if both hold 197. I slightly favor Ferrari as an Ohio state fan today, and only because 197 is much more realistic as we sit today for A.J. But man those are two fantastic options if the Bucks get to land one of them.
  7. Aviator12

    Wick vs. Cenzo

    Signed, Alex Marinelli
  8. Aviator12

    Ohio State Recruiting

  9. Aviator12

    Ohio State Recruiting

    Anyone know who that is behind Amos and beside Jacob Decatur? I’m pretty sure to the left of Hoffman pointing with his finger is Quinn Kinner and Sasso is most definitely to his left. Behind them one of those guys is Elijah Cleary but I’m not certain on any of the rest if any more are recruits or not.
  10. Aviator12

    Ohio State Recruiting

    Lance Palmer also seated right in the front there fresh off his million dollar fight win last Monday night.
  11. Aviator12

    Fix v. Nick

    I think Gross and Micic are easily part of that class too.
  12. Aviator12

    Ohio State Recruiting

    This would be a helluva haul and fill Ohio state’s needs nicely.. That’s Braxton Amos right in the middle in between Gavin Hoffman and Carson Karchla along with Julian Tagg in between Johnnie DiJullius and Jordan Decatur right in front of them.
  13. Aviator12

    Who are you picking to win 174?

    And if he doesn’t that point will prob make the difference next match. Hall wins again this year. Zahid wins title next season. 2 of the best 74’s ever will split their career national championship totals at 2 a piece. Two guys in any other eras away from each other could have been 4 timers respectively.
  14. Aviator12

    How can another school overtake PSU and OSU?

    The key is to bring in wrestlers who weigh between 125-285 that can beat the wrestlers that OSU and Penn State have at those same weights. Im also an Ohio State fan so please keep this secret between you and I O.P....