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  1. Another big blow with Ohio State appears to be Anthony Echemendia being a long shot a best getting admitted to the Buckeyes and wrestling next year. Just like J’Den Cox was Tom Ryan’s counter puncher to Snyder leaving relative to the ORTC, Echemendia was Ryan’s counter to losing Kerkvilet and like I said, appears now to be a long shot at this point. Hope I’m hearing wrong. Would LOVE for someone to correct me if I am.
  2. Lol if Ohio State has 3 bracket busters come March like you just suggested to go along with their Big 3 wrestling up to expectations.. they would be contending for a top 2 spot. Nice in theory, never gonna happen though.
  3. I didn’t ask you . The poster I quoted said he believed it was a tech fall so I corrected him. K tough guy?
  4. Moore pinned Darmstadt at the Bill Dies tournament final in 3:51.
  5. Moore has owned Darmstadt too, ever since high school.
  6. The difference in this Match will be Lee’s dominance from the top position. Whether that makes Pletcher go neutral and sacrifice a point, or Pletcher getting taken down and ridden out a period versus getting that crucial 1 point escape.. one of these scenarios I think will be the difference in the match and in Lee’s favor.
  7. Kind of crazy to consider Ohio State, In what many deemed a semi reload year, could have 3 national champs this season. 141: Luke Pletcher 149: Sammy Sasso 197: Kollin Moore
  8. They have split their last 2 folk style matches just in the past year. Both 6-4 wins by each guy. Sasso beat Lee just 2 folk style matches ago, on 12-2-19 and beat him the same he lost this last past time, 6-4. Lee beat Sasso 6-4 this last time they wrestled on 12-6-19. Your going off freestyle results from this past summer when Sasso. gassed big time but none the less... free style results should never be included when referencing having someone’s number in a completely different style of wrestling like folk IMO.
  9. Schultz could beat Shak. Not saying he will but it’s possible. He’s not 100% back yet.
  10. I’m interested in watching the Kemerer and Romero match as well. I just don’t see Romero taking Kemerer down so I see it being a 3-2 , 4-3 type match that Kemerer wins. That is if we see the same Kemerer that wrestled Labriola last week. He very easily could have lost on that last scramble to Labriola, doesn’t appear as explosive at ‘74 as he did at ‘57 but there’s no question Kemerer is #2 behind Hall at ‘74 this year.
  11. Kind of crazy Hoffman wrestled at 184 just a few weeks ago and he’s weighing in close to 215 today. Hes gonna go from killing himself to feasting like a king diet wise in just a matter of a few weeks.
  12. Ya it involved the Greco guy Nick Boykin also form Ohio State. Interested in hearing how that went down myself.
  13. Won the Purple Raider Open.... at HEAVYWEIGHT. Guess he weighed in at 211. Interesting
  14. Ya... especially considering Romero has never been majored in his college wrestling career to date, not once. But this algorithm had Anthony Valencia doing so first!? Romero went 11-1 his redshirt year in ‘18, and is a combined 33-9 including this redshirt year. Not once has he lost worse than a decision, or a medical forfeit. Predicting a 11-3 major by Valencia was simply laughable.
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