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  1. Kollin Moore is on record saying Hoffman is on a completely different level and Tom Ryan just said in his interview Hoffman is a MUCH improved wrestler from his AA showing just this past March. I know working with Moore exclusively has worked wonders for Hoffman. The improvement is just something I guess we will all just have to wait and see. I will say however that the info relative to Hoffman was offered by Ryan himself, not asked out of him… which makes a difference to me for it to be truly believable ..
  2. Basically you aren’t supposed to discuss a specific dollar amount to recruits, only talk about its specific schools NIL set up and opportunities to explore once on campus. Ohio State’s football team was recently named as a school from an excellent source who doesn’t discuss $ amounts with their recruits, and it’s cost them a prospect or 2 already via decommitment and also outright recruiting losses with some southern schools who are absolutely offering $ amounts and essentially paying for recruits before they even step on campus. That is not allowed… theoretically, but it’s being done all across the country with no governing body other than that schools compliance department allowing it or not.
  3. The plan is whoever they decide and feel between Mendez and Bouzakis has the better chance of ending up at 141 after taking a redshirt next season and taking in that extra year of maturity and weight room growth will be the starter at 133 this year, and the other will redshirt. Mendez, according to his own father, has a hard time putting on weight. He’s a few inches taller than Bouzakis, but I think Bouzakis will end up starting at 133 this year, Mendez redshirts, then next season Mendez takes over at 133 and Bouzakis redshirts, and then Bouzakis takes over the graduates Dylan DeMilio the following season slotting in at 141 . There also has been talk of everyone bumping up a weight in 2 years because of Sasso and DeMilio’s cut now which would have Gallagher at 165, Karchla 174, with Sasso going 57, Demilio 49, and then Bouzakis 41 with Mendez 33 which wouldn’t require Bouzakis to redshirt DeMilio’s senior season. But that’s a lot of moving and shaking. 157 is Sasso’s best weight though right now and he’s going 149 for the team, as Tom Ryan said in his interview. 57 not only avoids the tough cut in weight for Sasso, it also takes him out of the weight class Yianni is in for 2 years instead of 1.
  4. O’Malley is literally on tap to fight the top #1 contender in his division Petr Yan, an unprecedented jump in matchup and highly criticized of Dana White for making it considering O’Malley barely cracks the top 15 at his weight currently. One could argue this is throwing O’Malley to the wolves…
  5. Beard would have looked good sliding in there at 197 for the Cowboys,
  6. I see there was no mention of Jesse Mendez at Ohio State. Was that simply becaise you were just going with one guy at a weight per school? I ask cuz I was interested in seeing where you projected him weight wise (133/141) whether he redshirts or not
  7. Unconfirmed but it appears the guy Nickal fought last 3 fights were at The Blue Oyster.
  8. That often becomes attached 3 schools later, whether warranted or not.
  9. There is nothing better than someone who responds to paragraphs of facts and examples, which all corroborate what a poster is trying to say, and do so in one sentence saying it’s simply inaccurate…. all under the excuse umbrella of not knowing where to start, yet not refuting a single part of it with their own evidence lol…. That’s not convenient at all.
  10. I totally see where you’re going with that, and actually mostly agree with what you’re saying, as I do with most of your posts. But only thing contrary I may add if you will, is that Chittum without question looks to be very underdeveloped physically from a muscular standpoint… and I could also venture a guess that a year or 2 in a college weight program and weight room could catapult Chittum even further. Guess we’ll see.
  11. How is he only ranked #25 overall for class of ‘23? That seems drastically low.
  12. Knowing Tom Ryan’s history, there is a TREMENDOUS chance this season starts out this way with Gonzalez manning 133 and both Mendez and Bouzakis doing the Open thing to guage their readiness and where the team sits come first of the year. They have done the exact same thing with almost every top wrestler they have had , minus a few, like Kyle Snyder etc..
  13. I’m thinking Ohio State. If he reclassifies that would give Ohio State 4 out of the top 5 recruits in ‘22, right? Mendez/Feldman/Bouzakis/Chittum/Swiderski in whatever order.
  14. How can a guy who you say yourself ‘disappeared’ for a few years off the grid be called a guy who seems to love the attention in the same sentence?? Especially a guy who has no social media footprint that would jive with this accusation ?
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