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  1. That’s what a creepy, unhinged poster would say..... Man imagine what the Ohio RTC could have been with both Snyder and Cox there. I know Kerk is no longer on the Ohio State roster, but I wonder if Cox does indeed come to Ohio, if that makes him reconsider. He has multiple redshirt options available to him. Reading the tea leaves, it looks like Kerk is waiting on Steveson and his future at Minny to see if he can slide into his spot if he indeed gets booted from their program.
  2. Thank you for the thread Mr Kier. You were right, the speculation of Stanford’s 133 dilemma had run rampant, appreciate your sorting it all out for us. oh ya... go ahead and make me twit #4. Trust me, there’s more coming....
  3. O.T here, but just wanted to publicly give credit where credit is due to this poster on this site. We made an obscure $100 bet last October 19 2018 regarding Ohio State and Iowa in FOOTBALL on here, which dealt with an end of season type result... so not a bet that would happen quickly. So you all know and understand how often these type of bets are honored nor consummated. I peruse this site often, but mainly in season. I almost never check my inbox. I decided to look at it recently, and was shocked to see what I did, and even more so what happened next. First off, I obviously forgot about the bet. I see 2 missed messages, the first from March 23 asking me how I want to handle this payment, and the second on April 19th, almost a month later, with simply a ?.... I responded literally 5 months after his first message to me, and gave him my pay pal email address, literally expecting nothing in response... I mean it was my fault... I wasn’t even responding to this guy for going on an half of year to collect a hundred bucks! I responded on August 11th, and with in days, I see the $100 received in my Pay Pal. So props to Hammerlock.... a true man of his word. There aren’t a ton of those around.
  4. I just read Hayes May wrestle off with Sasso at 149. If he were to win, I think Sasso goes 157 and Pletcher bumps up to 141 and Decatur goes 133. That scenario depends on Decatur being ready as well. If Hayes loses to Sasso, he may bump down another class to 141, and Pletcher could stay at 133 or even redshirt, along with Kerk and Karchla. I like this scenario the best, having Pletcher redshirt, giving him another year amd join the freshman studs coming off redshirt the following season.
  5. North Carolina where his brother Gabe has already committed. Obviously would make sense to follow his brother but Julian has a lot of ties to Ohio State as well.
  6. Flo has him listed as a UNC commit. I can’t find this actually announced anywhere however . Has he committed to join his brother or is he still a free agent if you will?
  7. They were included in last year’s rankings, and Penn State was #1 and Ohio State #2. 2019 is what this newest Intermat article is referencing. Ohio State has done well for themselves these last two year.. time will tell if it closes the gap. You guys want some competition at some point....right? Lol From Ohio State’s Eleven Warriors: ”PSU was #1 last year and tOSU #2. This is from Intermat. 1. Penn State Top 100 recruits: No. 6 Seth Nevills (Clovis, Calif.), No. 10 Joe Lee (Evansville Mater Dei, Ind./NLWC), No. 12 Michael Beard (Malvern Prep, Pa.), No. 14 Aaron Brooks (North Hagerstown, Md.), No. 15 Roman Bravo-Young (Sunnyside, Ariz.), No. 20 Gavin Teasdale (Jefferson-Morgan, Pa.), and No. 37 Brody Teske (Fort Dodge, Iowa)“
  8. Amother article blurb for those who do t want to click entire article.. “The marquee matchup of the day -- a faceoff between two of the state's best in the 182 -- turned out to be lopsided. Norwayne's Kollin Moore, an Ohio State commit, pinned Elyria's Ben Darmstadt, a Cornell commit, in 3:51. Darmstadt was the runner-up in the state tournament last year, and Moore is a two-time runner-up. But Moore dominated throughout the match. "I was a lot better on my feet and just exploding through my shots," Moore said. "Ben's a really good wrestler so I got really mentally focused for the match." Moore's coach was most impressed with the wrestling IQ put on display.” It was great planning for him to turn him with double arm bars," coach Brent Murray said. "We knew Darmstadt is very good with his hips and he likes to roll. Different opportunities he could have ran halves and he was smart enough not to do them in fear that he would roll us. The kid is very, very intelligent when it comes to wrestling."
  9. He didn’t pin him eh? Fake news http://www.thepostnewspapers.com/northern_wayne/sports/norwayne_sports/moore-wins-anticipated-showdown-with-ease/article_bfcc0f86-492a-57e3-bb19-8a4ca720ce40.html And yes it was at the DIES tournament. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.the-daily-record.com/article/20150315/SPORTS/303159606%3ftemplate=ampart
  10. Why don’t you state the takedown comparison between the 2 that match to go along with the 7-4 score you thought was relevant? May help ya understand why Moore chose neutral, and would 100 out of 100 times. Why go on the mat with Darmstadt when you dominate him from your feet? Pretty simple logic actually.
  11. Darmstadt has some ground to cover if he plans on knocking off Moore. Moore’s style has not matched up well with Darmstadt ever since and dating back to when Moore pinned him in the State Finals in high school. Moore is the clear favorite at 197 IMO. I would say Conel could stand in his way but after I saw Moore take him down at Will in freestyle last summer.... I no longer think that’s the case.
  12. Did anyone notice how Nick immediately took his singlet dowm and walked around with a strut that would have made George Jefferson blush? It was so Jersey Boy cheese...
  13. 125: Lee 133: Suriano 141: McKenna 149: Micah 157: Berger 165: Lewis 174: Zahid 184: Myles Martin * I predict the championship match is so uneventful and boring between Dean/Foster that everyone decides to name MyMar the champ still by default. 197: Moore HWY: White I also predict this to to be the most epic, buzzkill final round and finish that any national championship winning team in history has ever experienced.
  14. Logan Stieber bumped up and beat someone and beat a #1 at an all star match a few years back whose name escapes me right now.
  15. Oh we can’t wait. Please hurry.
  16. Penn State has a puncher’s chance at 7 finalists, 7 champs at 141/157/165/174/184/197/HWY. But they also could potentially only end up with 2 champs. Nolf and Nickal are virtual locks to win, with only colossal upsets keeping this from happening. The other 5 weights have legitiamate roadblocks for the rest of the Nittany Lions. What we do know however is these wrestlers show up when the lights are brightest. 141: McKenna/Eierman/Yianni in the way. 157: Lock 165: Marinelli in the way. 174: Zahid/Lewis/Amine possibly in the way. 184: Myles almost a virtual lock here too. 197: Lock HWY: Steveson/White in the way.
  17. I’m not disputing what you said but did Bo get put to his back in his Big Ten semifinal loss to Myles same as their National Championship match? i don’t remember that match much at all, and it’s for some reason the most difficult match to find online of their previous matches.
  18. Could Penn State only have 2 champs this year? They still win nationals comfortably...but is this a real possibility with just Nolf/Nickal as locks to win? 141 McKenna/Eierman/Yianni 165 Marinelli now keeping Vincenzo not a lock. 174: Zahid 184: MyMar HWY Gable Whats crazy is Penn State has at least a punchers chance at all these weights on top of locks at 157/197 to win it all. They also could blank at all and be left with just 2 champs. We all know Penn State wrestlers show up best when the big bright lights are on.
  19. Is Micah Jordan a lock to beat Ashnault next time since he had a large gap in take downs 4-1 because takedowns are a better indicator of determining the talent gaps in wrestlers? For those who want to bring up Ashnault gassing in the 4th against Micah, couldn’t I argue the same with McKenna vs Lee? Does that take credit away from Lee beating McKenna too?
  20. So McKenna wouldn’t have won if he went OT and won on rideouts ending the match losing the takedown battle 4-2 because takedowns count more?
  21. Micah Jordan took Ashnault down 4 times to 1. Is he a large gap better than Ashnault? Thing is that tilts, escapes, and reversals also count in matches. If McKenna would have taken Yianni down in the last 30 when he was stalling, or 1 of the 3 times getting to his legs deep then it would have been O.T 4 takedowns to 2. Now granted Yianni controlled the match and his takedown defense is absurd. Takedowns don’t determine ‘gaps’ in the end results though however.
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