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  1. That’s impossible. He wrestles for Ohio State doesn’t he?
  2. Dude there are more people dying every day at my wife’s hospital of Covid then there HAS EVER BEEN, and it’s not even close. I was one those people who scoffed at what i would read and hear about how bad it used to be because i have a front line witness to it all, and none of it used to match up. Now it does, every day there’s a new story or string of them. It def matches up present day whether you want to hear that or not. And a small % are vaccinated people, albeit immunocompromised. Large % are unvaccinated who are dying.. AND MANY 40-50 years old. God strike me dead I’m telling you the truth and not embellishing at all.
  3. Karchla present day is a podium guy, but not a title contender. But in 2 months once he can take off that giant brace and get some mat rust off him… I think he has as good as chamce as anyone including O’toole.
  4. Romero was seen in a walking boot at the Ohio State - Penn State football game at The Horseshoe. Romero is not healthy enough to wrestle as of now.
  5. Yes because my entire post centered strictly around gas tank with no other strategy suggested. Speaking of laughable… reading comprehension is our friend. And just to ask for my own entertainment sake, when Kyle Snyder beat Saduluev in their first meeting….at what point of the match did Snyder beat the Russian? And a lil further, what was the reason it was won in that point of the match, rather than other parts? Did Snyder at some point become a better overall technician and tactical wrestler, or did he use and have an edge which developed that he took advantage of? Looking forward to this spin doctor masterpiece…
  6. I can’t believe no one else has mentioned this, at least as far as I know and have seen/read. Was I the only person who noticed Saduluev gasping for air, taking deep, labored breaths while laying on his back on the mat with his fists lying on his forehead? Not only was it labored breathing, he was grimacing like he was completely spent. Now one can say who cares how spent he is if he wins the match and has enough energy during the match to win. I get that. But this falls in line with the brutally obvious blueprint for Snyder to beat Saduluev again… the same way he did the first time. Wear him out. Cael was screaming at Kyle to get going in the 1st period, let alone the last 30 secs when the camera caught Cael up close relaying the same to Snyder. Now I’m not suggesting Snyder shoots aimlessly on arguably the best defensive wrestler in the world.. but what I am saying is Kyle needs to convince himself that he is the larger, stronger wrestler OVER AN ENTIRE 2 PERIODS. In the 3 matches I’ve watched, Kyle has shown to me he has the better tank than Saduluev. Saduluev may and can match Snyder’s strength in burst throughout the match, but I absolutely convinced that Kyle can beat Saduluev again if he Gilman’s or even better Desanto’s Saduluev for 2 full periods straight. Saduluev has mentioned Snyder’s size and strength multiple times in interviews as being tops at 97 KG he has wrestled, he actually described Snyder as the much bigger and stronger wrestler than J’Den Cox when asked to compare the two. (Which I don’t agree w at all btw). Saduluev without question has the psychological advantage with Snyder, and he even has cautioned Snyder in interviews in the past to basically slow his roll.. Snyder hypes the meeting between the 2 and Saduluev downplays them. This is important because Saduluev knows Snyder will be impatient and try to score and it plays right into his strength. Instead if trying to score on Saduluev right away, I would like to see him harass and horse Saduluev with heavy hands and snaps, look for early pushouts but the main objective being wear Saduluev down and keep the score low and close. Saduluev has shown twice now his cardio is spent at the end of the 2nd after Snyder goes on an offensive barrage. Freestyle rewards commanding the center of the mat and active forward moving hand fighting more so than offensive shots and moves altogether so this approach also plays into avoiding being put on caution clock1st period as well. So again, I’d like to see Kyle hirse Saduluev and look to score like he has and does … defensively and push outs for the first period and an half. Then with a minute and an half to go, give Saduluev the same offensive onslaught hes been given when Kyle was down and needed to score. I truly believe the key the key to beating him again. Don’t wrestle to his strength, use his size and strength to wear him down, then crush his cardio that Kyle has proven to have the better tank.
  7. So after asking what about Tom Ryan or Logan Stieber screams “I’m going to make you a freestyle world champion?”….you proceed to specifically point out 2 parts of specific folk style wrestling (in top/bottom mat wrestling skills ) that you claim neither Stieber nor Ryan can help Suriano.. At the same time, NEITHER of these two things have absolutely anything to do with what you started saying in your post relative to the freestyle wrestling benefits those two would potentially provide for Suriano (Or not in your opinion). You just sound to me now like a paranoid fan of a particular school you were hoping Suriano would choose, and now with all this Ohio State smoke circulating, this has now caused you to actually post some of the worst takes ever read on this forum as a residual consequence of it all. Why would you bring up mat wrestling with Suriano!?? He’s like 37 years old… I think it’s pretty apparent the school he chooses isn’t going to be because he thinks the coaches there can teach him how to ride someone better for the last year of folk eligibility lol. That is so irrelevant and it just exposes your paranoia. Mat wrestling has nothing to do with freestyle or MMA, which is Suriano’s next step.. so speaking on that is pointless. I’d rather revisit your logic on how a former World Champ at close to Suriano’s weight doesn’t scream or indicate in your world any potential benefit for Suriano because, obviously, Logan can’t handle administrative paperwork duties well or recruit lights out yet. I mean if Logan was an administrative star or recruiting ace, then the situation would be a no brainer for Suriano relative to a decision then. Rock solid logic. Former World Champ, 6 NCAA titles between Logan And Jaggers in same room with Suriano….all that is just fluff and meaningless distraction from what the real issues needing addressed here at stake. What really matters and needs pointed out is Suriano without question can’t learn folk style mat wrestling from these guys, and he’ll never learn how to recruit or even run an administrative office under their tutelage. This is not up for debate. So knowing all this, What here now screams for anyone (again now knowing all this) that Ohio State could prepare Suriano for MMA and Freestyle aspirations if they obviously can’t or won’t provide future benefit in any of it. Name me the last guy you can remember who had clear MMA and Men’s Freestyle future aspirations that picked a school and made the right choice in improving in that area knowing ahead of time it’s former World Freestlyle Champ close to his weight is openly known as someone who can’t recruit 16-17 year old kids very well yet, or even worse, this same guy probably would struggle filling out administrative paperwork correctly at this point in his coaching career?? It’s scientifically impossible to learn under someone who can’t recruit or handle administrative duties and at the same time enhance any future freestyle skill aspirations. Do you not see the obvious?? I now understand where this has argument has headed, and Its now hard to argue your point. Not that it’s a good one, Im just worried now Im potentially close to insulting someone who I now know for certain doesn’t have all their dogs barking. So I’ll leave it at that.
  8. If he chooses The Bucks: 125: Malik Heinselman 133: Nick Suriano 141: Anthony Echemendia or Dylan D’Emilio 149: Sammy Sasso 157: Paddy Gallagher 165: Carson Karchla 174: Ethan Smith 184: Kaleb Romero 197: Rocky Jordan or Gavin Hoffman HWY: Tate Orndorff
  9. Just like Aaron Pico instantly became one in MMA.... i can guarantee you right now Ferrari will be famous in the professional wrestling scene one day... an actual wrestler w that build and his theatrics? He doesn't even have to fake it, including the wrestling lol. If he's not a top prospect they are looking for for their next up n coming... i don't know who is. And I find it hard for anyone to criticize the life Dwayne Johnson or John Cena for example have made for themselves starting in that realm... shoot even if they would have just stayed in that realm and not branched into movies.
  10. Is it not just as blatantly apparent to everyone else as it is to I??? Signed, Big Fan of Self
  11. Yet you still got nothing on me relative to the pig skin and the local mountain ranges in my area... Signed, Uncle Rico
  12. Hearing rumblings he may be out for the season with injury. Can anyone verify what’s going on?
  13. I think it’s been verified Hayes was granted a 6th year, eligibility wise. The question all along with Hayes has been the health of his shoulder. If I recall correctly, I think someone previously mentioned Hayes was still enrolled on campus and maybe in the Fisher school of business for his MBA, which would be his second and last year with that in the program this upcoming season, so the timing and logistics of that seemingly would work out. With the season likely going to be postponed til after the new year, and the season also likely to be condensed and shortened, I don’t see how Tom Ryan could/would ever stand in the way of Hayes giving it one last shot if that’s what he chose. Hayes is best friends with Myles Martin, who still trains and works out in Columbus... which would also help the cause one would think. I don’t know in which order, but if Hayes can make it a go, he along with Sasso and Echemendia give the Bucks their best lineup in some sort of combination between 141, 149 and 157. For all the sacrifices he’s had to endure, I hope he’s healthy and gets a shot, even if it’s not with the Bucks. Even as a grad transfer to Missouri for instance, anywhere I would like to see it.
  14. Two very young, bonafide studs just made available with Stanford folding its wrestling tent among around 10 other sports. Ill take both at Ohio State and call it a day. What say you guys??
  15. Jaggers and his 2 national championships I would think lands him in the top 5.
  16. What are you talking about?? You do realize you could go wrestle anywhere right now at your age as long as you haven’t already burned your college eligibility in having 5 years to play 4.... that’s even if your 50 years old. Echemendia was well known coming out of Cuba, he didn’t take away someone’s dreams because he wrestled a state tournament in Arizona for a year. He was finding a place to wrestle regardless. And his age is irrelevant in wrestling once these kids get past 18-19 years old. There are countless examples of wrestlers who have competed past 25 years old and not won a thing.... it’s not an advantage over a 20 year old like it would be for say a 22 year old wrestling a 15-16 year old kid whose not done developing. If anyone has a problem with Echemendia’ age competing then they should also now with Kemmerer, Cassar, Tanner Hall, and some guys from the recent past like Downey or like that 174 from Penn State who was like 25 years old his senior year. (Matt Brown)
  17. Sasso has had success in both free and folk style hovering around the 157 weight. He also had an odd gas tank issue at times last season, especially early on, where he would literally go to empty tank zero in the 3rd period a couple times. This may have been a weight cut issue, it would make sense if it were anyway.
  18. I think it’s safe to assume we will know where Sasso slots next season once Yanni announces whether he’s going 141, 149, or even 157 next year himself. Im gonna assume Yanni’s going 149 and if that’s the case, Tom Ryan will most assuredly bump Sasso to 157 and take his chances with Sasso going against Carr/Deakin/Hidlay for a title, rather than keep him at Yanni’s weight. Yanni D is now the next most likely 4 timer after Spencer was robbed of his chance this past season cut short. If under the slight chance Yanni stays at 141 for a third consecutive season, Sasso could theoretically stay at 149 which is a much weaker weight minus Yanni, or with the surprise move of Yanni bumping up to 157. The likely scenario however suits Hayes perfect which would a lot him at 149. Not perfect in the sense he’ll be competing at Yanni’s weight, but perfect in the sense 149 IMO is Hayes ideal weight, and he’s never been able to compete yet in his college career at his optimum weight.
  19. Anyone know anything or hear anything regarding to whether he’s attempting for a 6th year medical? Would think he would a slot right in at 149 if Sasso bumps up or 157 if Sasso stays down. He’s basically missed 2 seasons with injury.
  20. Unless he doesn’t get a 6th year, which I would be shocked if he didn’t considering similar requests being granted in recent years, Ke’Shawn Hayes should be the Bucks 157 next season, unless he goes 149 and Sasso bumps up to 157. 125: Malik Heinselman 133: Jordan Decatur 141: Anthony Echemendia 149: Ke’Shawn Hayes 157: Sammy Sasso 165: Carson Karchla 174: Kaleb Romero 184: Rocky Jordan or Ethan Smith 197: Chase Singletary HWY: Tate Orndorff
  21. Bo Jordan is up there. Still can’t believe he didn’t get one.
  22. Man Myles Martin has to have some sleepless nights. Losing to Dean was simply absurd. And that match with Nickal should have been 6-0 if he simply kept his hip lower and not get with that elevator. Could EASILY been a 3X champ and Kollin Moore not winning his Sophomore year has a similar feel to it relative to the disappointment.
  23. Many people have suggested the key to Pletcher beating Lee is getting out from bottom. Pletcher not only got out from bottom at the beginning of the 2nd period, he also did after he was taken down. That was key for him winning this last match.
  24. Another big blow with Ohio State appears to be Anthony Echemendia being a long shot a best getting admitted to the Buckeyes and wrestling next year. Just like J’Den Cox was Tom Ryan’s counter puncher to Snyder leaving relative to the ORTC, Echemendia was Ryan’s counter to losing Kerkvilet and like I said, appears now to be a long shot at this point. Hope I’m hearing wrong. Would LOVE for someone to correct me if I am.
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