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  1. Is there something to be said for peaking at a world championship. Yanni has been most successful at exhibitions against international competition, then he has found success albeit maybe not as highly at international tournaments and like other Americans (particularly at this weight) the peaking competition is another level come worlds.
  2. One man's trash is another man's treasure. HWC may have picked the wrong horse.
  3. As an admitted IA hater gotta say.....props. Very cool. Now, can they get coaches to lead these women to treat everyone related to the sport with some dignity and respect?!?!
  4. Dude, you said he played the victim by going to trial after quitting. He was on trial as a defendant, as in he was summoned to be there. Take the L.
  5. Class


    To win NCAAs as a 19 year old freshman you are in a class where high school resumes are mind-blowing. No one saw that quick progression to NCAA champ from Starocci as a high schooler. That was the point I was attempting to make, but admit the wording wasn't the best. Point being Kemmerer has already passed a point in his career where he is on a pitch count and CS is coming into his own. This is going to be one sided this year.
  6. Sam Brooks is officially moving on from the club. He was a brawler. I will remember him getting stomped by Bo and also by hand fighting MyMar to death.
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    Agreed. Kemmerer was a finalist threat as a freshman. 5 years later and he is in single takedown matches with guys like Labriola. Starocci is 19 and wasn't much renowned in high school. He is going to be beating Kemmerer comfortably this year.
  8. He just isn't making 79kg is he? Is he even trying to?
  9. The funny thing is Eierman is explaining his absence and missing the point that the entire club has been MIA all year. Like an injury is the explanation.
  10. Pre-emptive move to not have to redraw anything.
  11. It felt like the NLWC was involved in like 1/4 of the bouts at the Olympics. Like a home dual meet or something and their coaching staff and training partners were everywhere. Iowa is not even participating in the qualifying events.
  12. That first period may be the best single period performance I have ever seen. Nolf wrestled those 3 minutes with something to prove, I don’t ever remember seeing him that “up” for a match.
  13. Class


    Well there is the pro-Iowa spin to counterbalance my hate. Look, I think nothing sums it up better than Tom Brands when comparing Lee and Gilman. TB very publicly said to to Cory Clark, in front of a group of reporters, that Gilman didn't wrestle him in the practice room because he didn't want to get whooped. Fast forward to Spencer's 2nd year and his response to some noise that Lee didn't train in the normal Hawkeye grinding way and he said the rules were different for Spencer Lee, of course they were. That may not be exact verbatim but very close. While short term the talent in IC will cover these warts the long term implications of having a golden goose in the program are damning. They also cover up a lot of problems with the roster that Lee's success and timely transfers have also smoothed over. Desanto -- 3 full years in the program and doesn't get to be in the team photos because of behavior. His wrestling has improved but it had to, he was a raw, relentless wrestler with unnatural pace and one move being an overhook to dump/firemans. He was going to improve. That said he just isn't as good as special wrestlers in Fix and RBY. Eirman -- Robin has 2 bright spots in FS since the move. A win over Knich in an exhibition and a US Open win where his toughest competition was Dom Demas. Overall, his freestyle standing has declined since arriving in IC as he was caught (and perhaps passed by Lee), pounded by Evan Henderson and teched in seconds by McKenna. Marinelli -- Would be great if careers were defined by Friday/Sunday doubleheaders with Indiana and Northwestern. I guarantee he can do a 20 minute go in July, but then struggles when the competition peaks for March. Has he developed? Kemmerer -- His body language says one thing, "ouch". His technique and ability to finish are special and unique, however this will be year 7. If he stays at it much longer his rivalry versus that 19 year old from PSU will be similar to the classic one between the hammer and the nail. Warner -- Have you ever witnessed someone who over 4 years has developed less physically, mentally and emotionally? As a high school Sr. he was D1 all american caliber with his physical tools. Cass -- Good kid, good improvements. Bright future with a bit of a ceiling because of his height (no pun intended). The cupboard is a problem. Patrick Kennedy is a beast but he could become a Marinelli, Stoll, Warner problem where over 4 years there is seemingly no development of the body. These guys seem to grind in the room when the weight room would better serve them. Over a 5 year career muscles don't grow, add definition nor lean out. Kennedy may be the type that would rather wrestle live 60 minutes 365 days a year at the expense of physical muscle development. Ayala is also a potential bright spot with his potential. Outside of those 2 things look quite light. This program paid a huge price for that NCAA title. The first and biggest was Spencer's health, the second was the cost to culture by becoming indebted to Spencer's sacrifice. These things are subtle but significant. Spencer was more than willing however he learned a tough lesson of adulthood and that is the world doesn't operate in "what have you done for me lately" but rather "what will you do for me next". As the final session closed on Saturday in March the payout and reward was marred by a clear statement evening by PSU as they stole the show, the wrestling world then very quickly pivoted their attention to the Olympics which both stole the shine from Iowa and highlighted another price they paid, an embarrassing omission from the Olympic Trials. The program and Spencer now have a pressure they didn't anticipate as the problems will be huge if any of the following happen: --Spencer does not win the title this upcoming year. --They do not with the team title. --Spencer's freestyle career is compromised. Any of these happening will damage the program and its reputation for the foreseeable future.
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