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  1. Pretty game against Labriola. Dude really has to wait until 2023 to compete in NCAAs?!? That is a bit brutal. He needs to add some muscles. Seems like he could look like Andrew Howe in a few years but afraid he could become a Jacob Warner where you wonder where the physical development could have been.
  2. I think any knowledgeable wrestling fan that has watched enough freestyle should agree criteria is far superior. a casual or ignorant fan might push for sudden death and maybe it is considered for consumerism, but not sure what that makes Tom Ryan. Guy can be a bit odd at times.
  3. They have JDen a month on top!!! Preferential officiating.
  4. Kind of a strange vibe from TB. A little less polished, even for him.
  5. I hear ya, curbing a little enthusiasm just because Turner looked like he was sleep walking through parts of that match. Haven’t watched him much admittedly so maybe that was just him being surprised at the strength of the true frosh. Through 5 matches either NDSU is impressive, OSU is super sluggish or some combo of those.
  6. Anyone hearing how they intend to share opportunities with these 2? The free year makes this interesting as it is a 15 month starting spot battle unless Kemmerer doesn’t return in 21-22. That FS match had to hurt the confidence of Assad.
  7. A sneaky good event. I am loving the Rokfin membership.
  8. Does Cornell being out and no Yanni make Nick Lee to 149 allowing Bartlett to slide into 41 advisable?
  9. Can anyone post a photo showing Kerk from last night. I estimate 15-20 pounds added since the video above and it is GOOD weight. He was also not in the PSU for too long prior to last December. I think the past 12 months have been a marked improvement. In addition to that he was coming off injury at that tournament.
  10. Uh, what is Kerkvliet, my god!
  11. Yep, went away moment ago.
  12. Yeah, if he is even competitive it will be big. Hidlay may be the class of NCAAs at 157 or 165 right now.
  13. I feel as though an upcoming NCAA team race is really going to be impacted by how Berge appears. He has the talent to be a strong contender at 157 or injuries could be too much to overcome. Getting Hadley back out the gates is quite a “test” to put it lightly (times 100). If he can hang that could really add more potential in a line up already defined by that word.
  14. I agree. Thought to myself a few times “that was pretty good CP”
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